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Scottish Government's proposed Hate Crime legislation


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Next Christmas when goofy things like this start appearing in peoples houses these will be a spate of arrests for NAZI literature.


There was a giant meme about drawing the Christchurch shooter as a Japanese Woman and in the weeks following the event these got more and more Absurd, Raunchy and Anti-Semitic.


Would people in possession of these Tarrantchan memes have contraband (terrorist material) ?


The line is NOT drawn at obvious jokes as was demonstrated in Count Dankulas Nazi Pug trail and going after humor is a good way to curry favor with the Germans as is their want!


There is even a theory that humans evolved humor as a potential indicator that one was sufficiently inquisitive to see flaws in something especially something highly respected.

some jokes spicier than others

authority and things that they take very seriously being annoyed can make for spicy jokes,

Swearing only has the same psychological effect if there is some taboo or baggage associated with the word and said words are often humorous.


my point is the stricter they get the more people they are going to find themselves locking up because so many things are going to be tempting jokers precisely because they have become forbidden fruit

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This year Franklin Graham son of the famous preacher Billy Graham was banned from preaching in Scotland due to his ''unacceptable views '' so much for freedom of religious beliefs  https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-glasgow-west-51302490

There is no Liberal Left or Libertarian Right in the UK government or the Scottish so the fact that nobody is doing anything about people without the state approved opinion being denied permission to host events they have booked and paid for themselves is sad but really no surprise.


Venue is 91% owned by Glasgow City Council


Earlier this week the Reverend Bryan Kerr, a Church of Scotland minister in Lanark, launched a petition to pressure the SEC to rethink Mr Graham's appearance.

Backed by Glasgow's LGBT+ Interfaith Network, it said Mr Graham's views were "not mainstream" and did not "sit comfortably with many Christians in Scotland".


The Bible and Koran BOTH say homosexuality is forbidden/deserving of punishment and you will find examples of people saying the same thing that got him canceled with impunity,

Therefore they can keep their events and say the same thing for no other reason than their demographic.

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SNP plan to make ''sexism'' a criminal offence punishable by 7 years in jail . https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/news/politics/3316760/snp-conference-humza-yousaf-misogyny-law/

Where in the article does it say anything about making sexism "punishable by 7 years in jail"?


The seven year maximum 'hate' sentence is usually reserved for assault or other serious crimes which are deemed to have 'hate' as a primary motivation.

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Looks like we are going to get the Scottish equivalent of Pakistan's Blasphemy Law.  


Going to get hell for saying this but....  given that the proposed bill's main sponsor is not a "real" Scot anyway (the son of a Pakistani father and Kenyan mother), just what do we expect ?


Expecting a 5am knock on the door anytime now.  Somebody will probably want to "check my thinking".

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^Because of this, we need to consider the Chancellor of the Exchequer. The man who's father came from Kenya and his mother from Tanzania. His grandparents were both born in Punjab, India.


Somebody may well check my thinking but you can never be sure.

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Well George, I have to agree, but I was only thinking from the Scottish perspective.


Now that you mentioned it though, a member of the Welsh cabinet was born in Zambia. 


What's the odds on an American PM after Boris ?  :ponders:

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^The odds, in my opinion, are not too good. After all, Boris himself was born in Upper East Side, New York, United States of America. It also brings to mind, "What is the question brought up on this thread when there are a lot more British problems than there are Scottish?"


IMO, of course.

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While Lord Bracadale, in his review of hate crime legislation, recommended that gender should be added to hate crime law, leading women’s organisations were strongly opposed to this approach. They proposed a standalone offence on misogynistic harassment be developed, which the Scottish Government is committed to in principle. A working group will be established to take this forward and consider how the criminal justice system deals with misogyny, including whether there are gaps in the law that could be filled with a specific offence on misogynistic harassment.
The group will also consider whether a statutory aggravation and/or stirring up of hatred offences in relation to the characteristic of sex should be included within hate crime law. The Bill includes a power to allow the characteristic of sex to be added by regulations, at a future date, to the lists of characteristics to which the new hate crime legislation will apply.

Mr Yousaf continued:

“I am also clear that we must do more to tackle misogyny and the Scottish Government is committed in principle to developing a standalone offence which would criminalise serious misogynistic harassment. We are establishing a working group to take this forward and further details of this will be announced in due course.”


The "Progressives" who are in the drivers seat do NOT want equal rights among race/gender,

If you make a race/gender discrimination law you could hypothetically have a man sue over services and opportunities offered to women only or a job advert that excludes whites.




Either the law or enforcement thereof is designed to only affect the target and not the assailant.


Hence the law specifies who is more equal than others or more "oppressed" as seen in the progressive stack


Other territories are further along the same far left trajectory so we can see what is doing the road,

The far left activists are imposing a Jizya on the "Kufir" thus Dhimmi are being extorted to pay

Similar to the basque Revolutionary tax imposed by terrorist group ETA

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