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Scottish Government's proposed Hate Crime legislation

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Some o you guys are amusin. Wan o you posts a link tae a story in a right wing comic lik da Sun or da Daily Mail and exaggerates whit it says, den folk add dir ain exaggerations to each idders exagger

As i have said in the past this is how police states start and some of you lot took me to task over it.

And here I was thinking that police states were all about drumming up hate, not trying to stop it. Any other nuggests of wisdom you'd like to share with us?

^ or perhaps it's just the standard use of a third-person personal pronoun

What about the people using Theyself as their pronoun


Probably a matter of anonymity of the person making the accusation,

I think its unfair they don't both get that privilege since if the guy turns out to be innocent his name is out there and the fact that he was a "31-year-old" at the time which seriously helps you narrow it down.


Shetland Times should Redact his name until his trial is set for 29th October Whatever happened to Innocent until proven Guilty?




Elizabeth Ward dabbed her eyes with water to make herself appear upset before reporting the entirely innocent 22-year-old to the police.


The officers inspected CCTV footage at the premises, which proved her allegation was false.

They were aware of previous false rape accusations against the same victim.


Keep in mind that modern progressivism incentivizes people to score Victim points




People do bad things when rewarded with perverse incentives just look at famous dentist Howard Schneider,

Performed unnecessary caping, extractions and cutting gums ear to ear with scalpel for unknown reason,

Because the payment system paid per tooth/procedure thus doing as much work as possible was prioritized over the safety of the child patients

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"I think its unfair they don't both get that privilege since if the guy turns out to be innocent his name is out there and the fact that he was a "31-year-old" at the time which seriously helps you narrow it down."


If a person is charged with a crime and he/she is to be prosecuted, then it is "right" that their name should be released into the public domain. 

On the other hand, I believe that, unless there are exceptional circumstances, the name of his/her victim/accuser should also be released.

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Problem is in these cases the defendants name is almost invariably into the public domain and the plaintiff is almost invariably anonymous.


Release both names or neither and if anything the accused is the one at the most risk.


They should have waited until the trial has weighed up weather or not it happened and weather or not it was nonconsentual based on evidence and testimony.


For example If there is evidence that the man or woman accusing him was trying to extort him or an alterior motive for the accusation over some unrelated issue that would be a big deal.


And his chance to argue the case for his innocence should be brought before a court of law before the court of public opinion.

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On a baser level, and I could be wrong here, but common law says that in order to have a "crime", then you must also have a "victim".


Name both parties or neither has to be the rule.


These days we seem to have trial by (social)media before any case ever gets to be heard by a court.  This makes a fair(?) trial virtually impossible as jurors will have been exposed to (and possibly influenced by) so much "evidence"(?) well in advance of any hearing.

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