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Avoid sweeping statements and generalised moaning, particularly with regard to whole local authorities, governments or organisations

- These activities translate as "blah, blah, moan, moan" and do nothing to encourage constructive debate. If you have specific examples and/or reasoning, please refer to them and keep them relevant to the topic's subject matter.


Some 'generalised moaning' posts and comments have been removed

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£2.5 Million p/a per Council for Council for the first 10 years......


The SIC budget is +/- £2 Million p/w.


Yea, sure, its a 'great' deal giving us enough to pay for 9 days of council expenditure each year, when the Government contribution to the SIC budget has been falling for years.


It doesn't even start to make a dent in the cumulative historic underfunding deficit.

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