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Jo Biden (& US Election)

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Now, before going full-caps-lock, let me preface the next link by saying, yes, it is from The Guardian; but it's referencing articles from warm, fuzzy and historically Trump loving sources of Fox, New York Post and WSJ. It even has clips of Fox telling the truth and stating Trump claims to be false. Yikes.




It looks like all-round nice-guy, Rupert Murdoch, has got his knives out for Trump.

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Its been 2 days longer than it normally takes,

Given that fact one could reasonably think there may be something going on.

It's worth noting that the delays in counting in the remaining states are in part the result of state legislatures refusing requests for mail-in ballot counting to begin before election day. The majority of these refusals came from Republican legislatures.


Given that, and the unprecedented number of mail-in ballots, the delays are inevitable.


Luckily for the conspiracy theorists, each state has well defined legal processes for appeals, recounts and legal challenges, and these can be taken to the Supreme Court should there be a requirement. It will be interesting to see how much of the 'evidence' of malpractice circulating on the internet is robust enough to stand up to legal scrutiny.



One theory I have is that there has been minimal malpractice, any malpractice won't have had a significant effect on results, and that Joe Biden has actually have won the election.

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Even with a multitude of legal challenges, Trump will have a hard time in chipping into Biden's current leads of 4,256,303 in the popular vote and 70 in the electoral college.


Hopefully Trump will accept the inevitable with some degree of decorum. He can save face by noting he's just had the 2nd highest vote in US election history.

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It would appear that the Republicans have lost the last election they could ever win on the federal level and thus their Opposition will have no motive to compromise since they will henceforth be running unopposed.


A compromise could be to exchange Conservative/Republican like areas of Canada for Democrat/ Liberal areas in the US.

This would give both the governments they want without having to fight each other





The Republicans will attribute their loss solely to demographic shift therefore they will see no reason to engage democratically and must find an alternative way to campaign for their interests or else they will have no voice whatsoever.


This will give their opposition a blank cheque to do whatever they want for the democrats will not receive any push back because the republicans simply cannot win ever again.


Yugoslavia 2: Electric Boogaloo

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Still haven’t got the all the ballots counted yet? All the new votes seem to be for Biden what an amazing coincidence!

So many states have a 10k or 30k difference, some shifty guys sneaking in 100 or more votes in 100 districts couldn’t possibly have had any impact.


And it isn’t as if anyone cares about the election enough to be emotionally invested to the point where getting arrested wouldn’t be worth the risk.


When I send an important letter I send it tracked and if it is important enough to be worth the money I pay for next day delivery,

Either way I get a tracking number that tells me when it got there and even a signature furthermore tracking numbers can be prepared for reply envelopes or when you pay for postage online and get a print out label, as soon as that barcode gets scanned you know which sorting office it is in.


The alt-right propaganda alleging US fraud has been more ridiculous than all the anti-Belarusian propaganda smearing Alexander Lukashenko’s win,

Every source telling us otherwise seems to be talking about those alternative candidates arrested for reasons unrelated to their candidacy anyhow and even if there were irregularities of up to 10% he would still have won.


Probably just Amerigoblins being bitter because Alexander Lukashenko refused to cooperate with the Iraq war that the Bush Republicans wanted everyone to join them on or something.


Since the electoral impact of Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 and "former" Lifelong democrat Reagan’s amnesty has come home to roost we can look forward to the republicans nolonger being able to mount any meaningful opposition and democrats taking their constituents votes for granted, at least they wont have to pander anymore soon.


What we can look forward to is the more Bolshevik left types butting heads with the “Democratic” far left old guard.


Now for the matter of punishing any opposition not fitting cleanly into those 2 categories since they will never have federal power and cannot push back if they lose states rights.

I hope they treat them like the Francophones in pre-referendum Quebec, Germans in the Ruhr during the interwar period, Catholics in pre-troubles Northern Ireland, Non Americo-Liberians in Liberia, Singaporean Chinese in Malaysia etc.


Better exclude them from as much of society as possible until they are forced to establish black markets, Support organizations, co-operatives and competing services for mere survival, cant see this backfire in any way.

Better yet why not go after the old guard left who will “betray the revolution” at the same time forcing even moderate liberals to kowtow to ideas that they see as a bit too fare out of left field.


Democracy helps both sides come to a compromise by debating both sides of an issue so it is important to exclude sides you don’t like from the process altogether no matter how legitimate their grievances my be as nothing bad has ever come from doing this.



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Watter, yet again.... and your 1st post back after a 7 day ban! That'll be another 7 days then




Watter (in particular), please give up with spamming the discussion forums. Consider this post as a warning

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Nope - just for the man making the claims that an entire election has been stolen from him, to prove it.


I would urge anyone looking to make some sense out of the Trump team booking a landscape gardening outfit's car park to hold a press conference, to check out this detailed summation of the thought process behind such a demonstration of his true awesome power https://www.tiktok.com/@fashiongirl42069/video/6892598366325230853


I've had to watch it over a few times to appreciate the finer points being made.

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