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Jo Biden (& US Election)

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Well fair enough! But hey! if the russians were so eager to get Trump elected in 2016, and apparently they were interfering, would it not be fair to assume they would like the imbecile to get another 4 years?

I would think they'd be pretty chuffed if they got him in again.


*** walks off whistling "like a puppet on a string" ***

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Journalists refuse to cover Biden corruption story to help his election chances


Most journalists aren't covering the story because the sources and evidence aren't reliable or credible.


I note that the media organisations you have linked to Watter (Daily Mail and NY Post) are themselves not reliable or credible.


The FBI are looking into the case so hopefully the evidence will go through due process rather than just being rinsed through the rightwing scandal rags.

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It's not really a story though. It's just news agencies reporting on how other news agencies reported the 'story'. It's vapour, and elements of the right are getting their knickers in a knot because the centralist 'mainstream' media aren't taking the bait.


Unfortunately for the right, Biden's politics is so moderate and he is so uncontroversial that there's few labels or dirt they can get to stick. Calling him a member of the 'radical left' is quite frankly laughable - he's so centralist that he might as well be a moderate Republican than a moderate Democrat.

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