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Jo Biden (& US Election)

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He has to fight the Democrats on everything but still has done more than either Obama or Clinton.


How so? What, specifically, has he 'done'?


And is it any different from any other president who has to 'fight' the opposition party? As I mentioned a couple of posts ago, he holds the Whitehouse, Senate, has a majority conservative Supreme Court, and held Congress for the first two years of his presidency so didn't have to do too much fighting if he'd actually had some policies he wanted to get through.

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He did manage to deftly wipe $100 billion off the stock market with his H-1B nonsense.


And he has consistantly spooked the markets with ill-considered tweets and his 'sanctions' on China (which are not sanctions at all - they are import taxes on american businesses that he had to reimburse through tax funded handouts to the affected businesses - all, aparently, done in the name of appearing to be tough with China).

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Watter (in particular), please give up with spamming the discussion forums. Consider this post as a warning

As a last resort, folk who persistently don't play by the rules will be warned, temporarily banned, and potentially permanently banned.
Engage in discussion - don't just bomb-in your point without taking the time to engage with what other forum members have written. And don't just post links without explanation or comment. Our aim is to provide a space for discussion that develops over time as ideas and opinions are posed and reflected upon. This isn't Twitter!
The Shetlink team

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^ completely agree Wheelsup.


Ironically, I find that the level of propaganda is part of the fascination. There seems to be an endless appetite for absorbing and spreading information that folk must know is heavily biased or manipulated. It seems we have moved into a 'post truth' era where facts and balanced viewpoints count for very little.


What I find most interesting, and disappointing, is that there is very little in the way of discussion about actual policy. The focus is scandal, sensationalism and populist soundbite friendly rhetoric.


This thread seems to be anti-Biden and pro-Trump so I ask again, can anyone who supports Trump explain, in terms of policy, what he has achieved in the past 4 years and what you expect his policies will achieve if he is re-elected?

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Jo Biden has yet another verbal car crash . How come the media never show any of this .https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FlfKv3KNxDE


He was Obviously talking about Specimen 7 AKA Truinternationalprzre.

An Obama Era Frankenstein monster designed to defeat Cornpop and his 4 Pony Soldiers of the apocalypse

Conquest, Deception, Famine and Plague are all DOG FACED pony cavalry.

When he called a group of people "Poor boys" which is a cryptic message referencing Bohemian rhapsody to communicate the idea one loses his life in  non literal sense yet they are "gone" and when he said code for Sandwiches he meant something Similar to  Kyrgyz legend of the mankurt but with slices of bread that enslave them.


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