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  1. Behave Alex and Nicola are Scotland's Arthur scargill they are willing to sell out the people for a a place in history Shetlands vote won't swing the result but it can leave a door open for our future, a high no vote will leave us options to go it solo or rejoin the UK If all the queues of people warning us are correct If we are split 50/ 50 And we do go independent shetland is screwed we will have nailed our wonderful shetland flag to the saltire flagpole Shetland vote no and leave a door a little ajar to peek through
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  2. mellow

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    wow that went well lol
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  3. Graeme_Storey

    Sovereign Shetland

    You make some pretty sweeping assumptions about people, icepick. It may be more, it may be less, but it really is not a figure that matters, or should matter. Some of us have expressed our support, on this forum, for Stuart taking a stand against the 'establishment'. Some of what he does I am personally unsure about, some I can see the reasons, some I remain to be convinced. I support some of what 'goes on' in Shetland, but does that make me a 'Shetlander', a member of Shetland? No, it doesn't, and I would never pretend that I ever was, even though I have lived here for well over 30 years
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