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  1. Aaron Foord

    Broadband speed

    I have just read the article mentioned in the previous post - what absolute crap. So 'Bob' lives in a remote part of Shetland 9 miles up a single track road does he? Funny how he has such amazing BT coverage then for somewhere so apparently remote. 'Bob' wants to take responsibility for this story and remove it, as it simply promotes/pretends that all Shetland, however far away, has a wonderful broadband service which could not be further from the truth. I emailed Brendon Dick, the BT man from the SCDI and he was seemingly far too busy to reply to me, simply getting a secretary to email me telling me that BT were checking my line before responding further - an act that was made even more amazing in that I did not state my home address or telephone number in the initial email.
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