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  1. We had a car accident due to black ice and insured with Admiral. Just a few pointers to note regarding the claim They said we had not used one of their garages for recovery so we're not covered. This was OK when they realised that their garage was in the North of Scotland BUT if you have an accident it may be safer to contact your insurance before recovery is booked. The body repairs - again they do not have a garage on Shetland, note if they give the go ahead to use a garage here who said that, date and time, as every call we make they seem to have missed reading this. In their notes. There is a difference between hire car and courtesy car. This may be obvious to most people BUT if your car can be repaired and you have fully comp your insurance may state you can have a courtesy car. 1 From their arranged garage and if they don't have one, from their chosen car hire firm ... admiral use Enterprise .. That is not in the small print but they insist we cannot have one at the moment. I've suggested them putting an enterprise car on the boat in that case! So they are 'considering' local firms, but worth checking with your insurance. 2. If the car is a write off you cannot have a courtesy car .. If you took out the extra hire car insurance you can have a hire car if the car is written off or stolen. THAT IS AN EXTRA. Hope this helpful, oh and a courtesy car only comes into operation once the work commences. So Christmas or a time with lots of accidents is very inconvenient!
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