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  1. i would say that if you get work and leave a good job and dont take the piss you will get more work than you can manage, on the other hand if you leave a bad job it will not take long to get a bad name and word travels fast in shetland
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  2. Are you a time served joiner, have you worked for any local joinery firms? Familiarity and reputation goes a long way in getting work. Folk tend to be reluctant to hire anyone, either self-employed or a business, without knowing something about them. Its not impossible for an unknown to get started and build reputation and familiarity, especially if there's a shortage in their trade at the time, but its the long slow way.
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  3. They import the natural grain spirit so no they do not distill it on Unst rather they re cook it adding ingredients so yea bit of a con really http://www.ginfoundry.com/interviews/stuart-nickerson-shetland-reel/
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