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    Inter Island Ferry Service

    Hi George I Agree some your points but future of Islands depend on people and Numbers If they keep falling or not going up Government will stop Giving more monies on ferries service it go to few ferries per day, and only way to get numbers up and family’s to stay on islands give conditions work places good transport links, but I am seeing that Sic try to centralize things that people are encouragement to move to lerwick Rural areas will slowly come fewer over time, Anderson High school is great 50 plus Million Costs for prefab building 25-max 30 years live span ,but same time they closed small schools, in rural areas, that’s how communities survive is by having schools post offices shops, when they close means village life is slowly stopping I sorry to say Rural Villages to me is very important in any country if their good means Government are good if there slow down means special program to cut them and centralization to town and they don’t want rural developments or work places or housing in that areas. this reality and Budgets go to Lerwick areas more for them . this Wrong in My books, Budgets are for all Shetlands, to develop Time people opened there eyes see this situation,even unst Airport could operate flight 1- 2 times per week to Aberdeen save people going all way south end by way weres marketing of transport to get people in out isles millions go to budget to zetrans what they do hire in counsultants give big fees, communites can give same advice even better there needs free of charge this airport is on hold by some people give it to airline operate service Get it working,such airlines operate all over world small airports List goes on Old saying if you depend on a fool represent you whats results end of day?? Zero thats why isles are 10 years behind sorry to say about my homeland
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