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  1. Its not about taking part, its about not being allowed to take part. for what its worth I have no desire to partake of the festival, but I resent not being allowed to join in the festivities if I so desired simply because I am female. This is what needs addressing.
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  2. The article witters on about all sorts of stuff, but ignores the elephant in the room... there is no place for girls or women in Up Helly Aa.. just about says it all for the female of the species in Shetland. https://www.shetnews.co.uk/2020/01/23/isles-in-top-five-places-to-grow-up-as-a-girl/
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  3. Any woman whose life is made perfect or destroyed by whether or not they're a part of the annual LUHA piss up, needs to get a life. The mentality of any female wanting to be part of this event that allegedly hates them so much is a mystery to me, unless they're a hard core masochist. While I appreciate that LUHA is a very big deal to a minority of toonies and a few more, and that's okay as its their privilegei. But the flip side is its a significant embarrassment to many other Shetlanders, who'd be more than delighted to see it cancelled immediately. But theres less chance of that happening anytime soon than there is a chance of there being a female Jarl at its head. We don't all get what we want or what we'd like. LUHA, is LUHA, You can either embrace it, or you can ignore it, but you won't change it. It'll evolve (or not) when its ready and as it sees fit.
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