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  1. Except that while we (the UK) have substantial quantities of oil & gas being produced daily, control of it seems to be completely in the hands of the oil and gas companies. When it was reported that a Russian tanker was entering a UK port, many social media keyboard warriors assumed it was with a load of Russian oil coming to Britain. As we know it was the opposite – it was for a load of oil from Sullom Voe to leave the UK, as many (most?) loads of oil from Sullom Voe seem to do. How much “UK oil” is actually consumed in the UK? The argument to increase oil production to avoid using foreign oil doesn’t really seem to play out in practice. And prices. It has been quoted that the UK only gets about 5% of it gas from Russia. But all gas has gone up massively in price, not least because the present government decided a few years ago that keeping a decent sized reserve in storage was too expensive. That is market forces; if the North Sea /west of Shetland produced twice as much gas as it does, it wouldn’t reduce UK gas prices; it would just mean that the oil and gas companies would make twice the eye watering profits they are getting just now. There is piece in the Guardian reporting and commenting on the case made by the government minister Kwasi Kwarteng setting out his case for a clean energy future for the UK. I am pleasantly surprised to see someone in government giving what to me is a reasonably rounded summary of the situation. https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2022/mar/01/kwasi-kwartengs-stand-for-green-energy-isnt-everything-but-it-helps
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