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  1. Hardly ironclad, maybe barely brown wrapping paper clad at best. You're assuming that the electorate deemed Scottish Independence and holding another referendum for it was something they deemed important enough that it was a deal breaker when deciding whom they gave their vote to. There's an equal chance that the electorate didn't give a stuff one way of the other for Independence and a referendum and voted the way they did for other reasons entirely, and the outcome of who got elected would have been no different if independence and a referendum hadn't been in anyone's manifesto. The same mandate to hold a referendum existed last time they had one, and the outcome didn't exactly go the way those who wanted one hoped or predicted. We shall see, come 2023, *if* the threatened referendum actually materialises, a week is a long time in politics let alone 15+ months....... Things have moved on a bit for sure, no argument there, however I'd say public opinion now has far less stomach for independence than at the last referendum, but who knows. This close to the last one though, is always going to attract accusations of 'Keep on voting until you vote the *right* way'. If Nikki is relying on 'Boris hate' to give her extra oomph, she'd best also keep a wadder ee on the more obvious too. The Nats are a one trick pony party, were it not for independence they have nothing in their policies to distinguish or elevate the fro any other Socialist outfit, and keeping on chasing independence while making no progress towards it has only a limited shelf life, which is running short now. she needs to win a referendum, and relatively soon, or she and her party are history. So, suppose she has her referendum, and wins this time. What then? Unless Westminster recognises and accepts the result, which they may or may not do, nothing changes. She could declare UDI, or go whinging to the UN, neither of which is going to have any odds in her lifetime, or she could station her military along her border......Ahhh.....that's maybe not that easy for her.
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