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  1. The EU is a poor partner to have for energy security, seeing as they're as much a conduit for Chinese energy, and up until earlier this year, were for Russian energy, as they are a producer. Defence, yeah, well, its an arguable point whether mutterings about an 'EU Army' was the final straw when added to all the Yank military shenanigans in Europe that convinced Putin it was time to do a bit of sabre rattling. Twice in just over 200 years Russia has been invaded, once by the French and once by the Germans, is it any wonder that when the two get in cahoots and start appearing to be organising an army, that ole Russki gets a bit miffed and puts on an attempted show of strength with a sacrificial neighbour. Unwise, probably, but surprising, no. The UK lacked labour pre-EU, the so-called hospitality industry was rattling full of Philippinos back in the day, as was the NHS, along with an ever increasing number of Indian Doctors. EU labour just filled a gap that was caused by the EU preventing those nationalities working in the UK any longer. We don't necessarily need to source people from the EU, there are numerous nations worldwide who have crowds of people who'd give their right arm to be able to come here and work, even for half the posted salary, we just need to facilitate capable people to come here, their nationality is irrelevant.
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