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    Online civility

    I agree entirely DavieP. Whilst there have always been avenues to express negative views publicly it can be done so much easier nowadays and the increasing prevalence of it on social media just seems to validate that it’s ok to do. The thing that astounds me about it all is the lack of midder wit some folk have before embarking on a keyboard rant. We live in a peerie place and I’m sure I’m not the only one that has formed a less than favourable opinion of some of the most notable local Facebook commentators despite never having met them in person. Do these folk not realise that if I was (say) an employer or a landlord that I might be unlikely to offer them a job or consider renting a house to them purely because of their online conduct? I could - but obviously won’t - name an individual who I distinctly remember calling a local female politician a ‘bimbo’ and another - who happens to be a local business owner - calling a group of public sector workers ‘c***s’. They’re not saying this in a private conversation but in a forum viewable by millions of folk. Do they not think that mightn’t be appropriate or, in the case of the local businessman, that it might discourage folk - as it has for me - from wanting to support them? I’m not sure Shetlanders are necessarily any more negative than folk elsewhere. But I do think there’s an increasing air that we’re always hard done by and we’ve never been treated so badly by politicians and infrastructure/public service providers. I used to think o wis as resilient and accepting that due to wir isolation, geography and weather that things don’t and can’t always work the way they do elsewhere but I do sense that’s starting to slip. That all said, there are 20,000 odd adults here and the negativity still just comes from a vocal minority. I’m always heartened that a single post from a brave soul who sticks their head above the parapet and applies some positivity, truth and perspective among a sea of misinformed, negative twaddle very often attracts a much higher number of ‘likes’ than some of the crap spouted by others.
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