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  1. Capeesh

    Energy bills.

    The energy providers: "We need to up the bills to provide energy to you." "We have just made record breaking profits." Zombie Tory Government: "We can't do anything because we haven't chosen a new leader yet." "No we couldn't possibly cut vat on your bills or tax the energy companies." "What we might do to stop the riots is con you by using your own taxes and/or print more money to 'gift' you a few hundred pounds to help you pay your energy bill thus maintaining the massive profits and share dividends both us and our backers enjoy." The whole thing is a massive con, what the companies do (legally) is create subsidiaries that show a loss thus protecting them from paying tax. At the same time the parent company rakes in the profits. The doo doo is about to hit the fan this winter so what will probably happen is the government will (yet again) use public money to bail out private companies and package it as a 'gift' to us from the Chancellor so the gullible keep voting for them. One thing's for certain, privatisation is very expensive for us and highly profitable for companies, the only thing that stops the whole house of cards from collapsing is a large number of (better off) voters in addition to most of those in government are shareholders in these businesses collecting annual dividends in the biggest sure thing you can possibly get... 'Privatised' companies that get bailed out with public money every time their profit margins don't satisfy the shareholders.
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