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  1. Story now gaining momentum, on the BBC news and Shetland news has an updated story. Someone killing 27 new born lambs and their ewes in one night is certainly what I'd term 'unstable' - and not someone who should have access to a firearm.
  2. Based on your reply you're now top of the suspects list Rabbits are vermin and can be legally shot - as long as you have the landowners permission. I'm no lawyer but shooting sheep owned by someone else on their land without their permission is probably not legal - unless someone mistook the sheep for rabbits - and that'd be a difficult defence methinks.
  3. Bit baffling how this isn't a bigger news story? Surely anyone responsible for shooting over 100 sheep must be considered unstable - and they have access to a firearm and seemingly plenty ammunition.
  4. Presumably there's a similar statement in the credits saying that all the accents are fictitious? Once you ignore the accents, the locations and the storyline it's not bad....hang on, what does that leave... I do actually quite like it, I do think it could be more realistic, but the camera work is excellent and as always any publicity is good.
  5. Thistle airways to the rescue...perhaps? Loganair reliability being discussed on this forum; http://www.pprune.org/rumours-news/568567-loganair-sf34-rotterdam-hydraulic-failure.html Be careful how much you read into some of the posts, the egos and politics on PPRUNE make Shetlink look like a well balanced friendly forum...
  6. Worst driving I saw in 20 years commuting up and down the kames was a local who should've known better - she was a local doctors wife...she passed us in a leisurely overtaking maneuvere on the outside of a blind bend. I was lucky enough never to witness an accident, but did come upon the aftermath of a number of fatal accidents in that time - pretty sobering.
  7. I suspect there's good reason why all these companies are based outside the UK, their practices are probably illegal for companies operating within the UK. I wonder who's behind the companies that receive the containers loaded with the mass mail and then pass them onward into the Royal Mail system? From my understanding, once posted into the Royal Mail system they are then obliged to deliver the mail by law (restricted items excepted). I've seen plenty of this type of mail and it's pretty easy to identify. All the posties are asked to do is to report if they believe an address is being deliberately targeted. Colin - a mail shot to all addresses wouldn't work, you underestimate the devious and intensive nature of the scammers and the folk being targeted struggle to remember their date of birth from day to day. Have a look at the 'Think Jessica' website - it might seem a bit Daily Mail headline, but it's astonishing how widespread the issue really is, and because of the nature of the issue I believe most of the folk who lose money never report it because they realise they've been done over. Maybe we need to enlist the help of the scambaiters - I posted this before in 2008... https://thescambaiter.com/forum/index.php/topic/17878-anus-laptops-the-martins-cole-saga-complete/
  8. ^ What is new is that the mail scammers are now deliberately targeting the elderly and the infirm knowing full-well the individuals in many cases are easy targets, where they may be suffering dementia, have lost the grasp of the true value of money and have no one to turn to, or just don't want to admit to needing help. The mailing is the start, if they then get a phone number the hard sell bully tactics can become relentless. Why is it that when the Post Office and the trading standards start a new initiative to assist real people who need help with a genuine growing problem there seems to be folk on here that just think there's a hidden agenda?
  9. ^Try engaging your brain before posting a rant. 10 seconds on Google finds this. http://www.royalmailgroup.com/media/press-releases/royal-mail-and-trading-standards-launch-new-joint-initiative-tackle-scam-mail This is a major issue for the elderly and infirm and costs them tens of millions each year, you clearly have no idea of how this affects people and how the post office are trying very hard to help with their hands tied behind their backs. Little wonder this place is turning into a wasteland with attitude like yours.
  10. For anyone plagued by regular scam mail this is good news - I was aware the training was planned, good to see the initiative is now underway. http://www.shetnews.co.uk/newsbites/10342-scam-mail-training My elderly father has been targeted by some of these companies, and once one starts other similar companies soon follow. From what I've seen the worst offenders are Belgium or Southern Ireland based, outside of the UK, but seemingly the EU are powerless to stop these crooks. The Royal Mail are powerless to stop delivering this mail as it arrives in containers into the UK and as its then posted inside the UK the post office must make the delivery. I'd also recommend the BT 'reject anonymous callers' service, costs £5 a month but has stopped 95% of cold calls. Downside is that anyone trying to call you from inside a private network (e.g. SIC maybe?) might not get through as their number is seen as anonymous. You can also buy a BT phone with call barring facilities with no monthly cost, but this requires you to maintain a list of numbers that can be accepted.
  11. ^ I remember January 93 very well, I remember struggling out the sooth road after a squad meeting thinking when in gods name will this wind stop - think it was 27 days of force 9 or above, there again the weather played a large part in dispersing the oil from the braer. I remember a BA ATP landing a day or so after the braer grounding in atrocious conditions packed with journalists on only one engine - that must've been fun - not BAE's greatest moment the ATP......doubled up nicely for ploughing furrows at the side of the airstrip though.
  12. I was there today at the height of the wind, the wind direction was straight through the skip shed and it was like a wind tunnel, almost impossible to keep your feet let alone trying to open the door or boot of the car to dump stuff - were I in charge I'd have closed it - but I'm a southern softie nowadays.
  13. Fitted 32m2 a year ago to out kitchen/dining room - maintain? Just sweep up and wash. Strangely we fitted it over a real oak floor, we knocked the wall down between the 2 rooms only to be left with a gap between the 2 floors, but there was also a step of about 15mm in height and the boards didn't line up so there was no simple way to keep the oak floor. We do have a couple of small dents in the floor that were caused by metal feet on a dining chair, other than that it copes well with family life incl dogs and cats. Might be worth looking at the new quik step stuff, similar idea but slots together rather than glueing it down - only released in uk last sept so too late for us.
  14. For sale, never even knew it existed, fascinating property, good for anyone looking for real peace and quiet. Good to see it was modernised in the 60's with the building of an outside toilet Can't be many such houses in this condition and as isolated as this, is there? http://www.d-s-r.co.uk/property/historic-house-54-acres-at-binna-ness.htm
  15. What a warm welcome this thread has become, this couple are planning to move to shetland and the focus of the thread has become folks experiences with irresponsible dog owners who have nothing to do with this couple, as a born a bred shetlander I'm appalled at some of the above replies - given this might be their first contact with folk from the isles.
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