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  1. Why should they be (assume you must know more than is in the news story?) - and what do you mean by not understanding joined up writing?
  2. I'm impressed, while driving your car at 30 mph, you can tell whether the cars travelling towards you in the distance are doing 20 mph or 30 mph, I know I couldn't and I've been driving 20+ yrs.
  3. Surely no more bizarre than the whole Up Helly Aa festival and it's adopted Viking heritage? I think Up Helly Aa is a perfect demonstration of Shetlands heritage - Shetlanders like a good excuse to party hard and long, as well as an excuse to dress up and parade around in public, regardless whether it's as a Viking or Pamela Anderson in a striking red bikini And yes I've done both....
  4. A few years ago, a 'good friend' of mine was charged with speeding along the top road at Gulberwick. When the charge came through the location was the Tingwall straights? He checked with a local solicitor who advised to plead not guilty, as he clearly wasn't on the Tingwall straights, and let it go to court. The court date was a few days after the 6 month limit where they can't recharge you for the same offence. On the day of the court case they realised there were inconsictencies between the police notes and the charges and they accepted the not guilty plea. Moral here is that the charge needs to be rock solid - if the sign isn't/wasn't working I'd suggest getting some evidence.
  5. Is the 2,800 post the restructure? It was reported as 3,800 full time post in 2009. http://www.scottish.parliament.uk/Apps2/Business/PQA/default.aspx?pq=S3W-20360
  6. Opening delayed till next year and it isn't even wind and watertight yet No doubt the budget will follow the same pattern - you can't add 9 months to a project this size and expect the original budget to remain on target. Pi55 up, brewery, etc
  7. Personally I think the council have already had these extra couple of years (I'd suggest probably 5 years actually), it's only now that the council finally have someone with the balls to push these cuts through. I've pointed out before that 1 in 3 folk in employment in Shetland work directly for the council, there's not enough new money coming into the isles through the private sector, this can't be sustainable given the current economics.
  8. Good for the pipe band Encouraging to see that some folks are prepared to give up their own time to make an effort for the tourists. I suspect most tourists aren't aware of the right wing element of Shetlink that seem to think Shetland has nothing to do with Scotland. If anyone has ever met the tourists as they depart @ 8:00 in the morning on a grey, damp, misty August morning with a temperature about 10 or 11 deg C, you'll know how much cheering up they need.
  9. It's flared not flaired - and no they won't be flaring any LPG, things have moved on somewhat from the 1970's. The liquids are going over the fence to BP. Quick google reveals the answer. http://www.uk.total.com/activities/Laggan-TormoreProject.asp Understand your frustration - but did the councillors even consider this as an option?
  10. What was their response? - you suggest they didn't give you an answer that you found satisfactory, maybe you should take up your complaint and Northlinks response with ZetTrans.
  11. 81 mph gust recorded at Inverbervie this evening - if you ever start your own passenger ferry service to Shetland remind me to avoid it.
  12. I don't doubt it - but what do you expect us to do? Take what you've posted above and forward it to Northlink - or else nothing will change.
  13. Rather than whinging on here (yet again ), if you feel strongly about how the ferry service is being (mis?)managed, how about writing to Northlink or even to the masters of the vessels and ask them to explain themselves. We'll be all ears on the reply.
  14. Will the torch be travelling through the independant state of Forvik as well?
  15. Fussy 10 year old = Pizza Hut or TGI's. LOL at all the suggestions for Chinese, Thai and even Indian Presumably none of you lot have tried feeding a fussy 10 year old? I love Wagamama's, but our fussy 13 yr old was left still hungry after 'trying' something and pushing it around the plate for 20 mins.
  16. If the house didn't exist at all, the history surrounding Belmont would lose any link to reality at all and become little more than pages in a history book or two. But surely the very fact that the house will now still exist for many, many years to come, this will then keep the story alive and by virtue it will become a memorial to those that suffered? Plus, anything that can bring more tourists to Unst can only be a good thing, as well as the restoration being an excellent project to help keep many rare building skills alive. Shame you can't rent rooms on their own, quite fancied staying there this summer for a couple of nights.
  17. You might not have mentioned it - but it's still the fundamental difference between the drugs being discussed. Bit wrong there, the title of the string is Drugs in Shetland. Don't think so, the phrase under question in Para Handy's post was 'drug dealers'- if someone will point me to a recognised reference where the phrase 'drug dealers' is widely accepted to include publicans and tocacconists then I'll accept maybe I'm out of touch with modern society.
  18. You might not have mentioned it - but it's still the fundamental difference between the drugs being discussed. So you would have classed Hughie who owned the Lounge in the 80's in the same 'broad' group along with drug dealers?
  19. Last time I looked both these businesses were still legal.
  20. Disparity between where? Aberdeen diesel today is 138.9p/litre and according to petrolprices.com, Lerwick is 152.9p/litre. I make that a 14p difference, these were lowest reported prices. Are these Lerwick prices out of date?
  21. I'd suggest the differential between mainland prices and Shetland prices has actually improved. Aberdeen at the weekend (and again on Tuesday ) was 139.9 for Diesel, Aviemore was 144.9. I'm sure the differential when it was 100 - 110 was more like 15p a litre.
  22. Why is it each census brings out a flood of folk who decide they need to make some sort of political, religous or civil rights protest?
  23. SVT fuel for site vehicles is red diesel supplied by S&JD Robertson. Nothing even close to fuel oil suitable for combustion engines is processed at the terminal.
  24. At the last tall ships, you could hear the band playing at the Holmsgarth stage from Upper Sound
  25. Aha, full HD, that explains the quality. Thanks, nice looking piece of kit, I'm looking to replace my Sony DV camera with something like this.
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