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  1. There's a person called selkie72 that's posted a number of Mumford songs from the concert on youtube. They're pretty good quality - I'd like to know what sort of camera he was using to get such decent quality video given the typical poor lighting at concerts. Concert looked incredible, they're pretty high on my hitlist of must see bands.
  2. I do have the 1881 census on CD's if there's anyone you want me to search for.
  3. Do it the easy way and stick them on Ebay - I've done this with 3 concerts I couldn't manage, starting price was what I paid which seems fair to me. If someone is prepared to pay two or three times what they cost me, I wouldn't lose any sleep over it
  4. I had expected a simple answer to my query about Erik's statement that VE will bring in much more money to Shetland than Sullom Voe has. I thought someone would supply the data or a weblink. I didn't realise it was clouded by so many issues - somewhat ironic then that Erik's letter was titled 'Misinformation'
  5. I'd like someone to explain the below quote from Erik's letter on the SN letters. 'They don't mention the fact that the 45 per cent community share of this windfarm will bring in more money than the vast Sullom Voe oil terminal ever did' This is quite a claim given the VE income will be based on current government policy. SVT has probably had an average of 3-400 local staff for the last 30 years, all of whom have ploughed much of their income back into the local economy. VE will employ a fraction of this in full time local staff.
  6. We saw an Abba tribute band in the Aberdeen Music Hall - think it was Bjorn Again. The chap who acted as as Bjorn couldn't play the guitar he was holding and it looked like he was wearing someone else's wig and suit (both too big for him). In one of the acoustic songs, the real guitar player (looked philippino or hawaiian to me) was showing him how to hold and strum the guitar The other were good, but when you spotted how bad the chap's mime was you couldn't take your eyes off him How about Red Hot Chilli Pipers - there's a group that knows how to get a crowd dancing.
  7. Ghostrider - that's a well balanced view from someone who has a serious physical disability. As for Mumford - well done if you got a ticket. Them playing live in such a small venue will be something special.
  8. The gig was at short notice and clickamin will be booked out for that weekend allready which is probably why there doing it in Whiteness & Weisdale! Worth checking - I got the impression that the band were booking smaller venues. Like I said, that's fine for them, but they probably don't realise how difficult it is for youngsters in Shetland to see bands like them - wonder if they know how many folk are likely to be disappointed? One of Mumford and sons big attarctions are that their music appeals to such a wide age range.
  9. Why not ask some of the Shetland youngsters - would they rather see Mumford and sons in the Clickimin with not so good acoustics - or would they rather not see them cause they can't get tickets but know that at least the whiteness hall made good money from the gig
  10. I can understand that Mumford and sons want to play smaller venues as part of their tour - but how often do a band of this calibre come to Shetland? They could easy sell out the Clickimin and there'd still be a lot of unhappy folk that couldn't get tickets. C'mon Davie G - use your infulence to convince the band and the Clickimin that it would be something very special for Shetland this.
  11. The US are also a huge importer of coal - and guess who has one of the largest coal reserves in the world, yep, the US.
  12. This thread was started to bolster support for Shetland Coastguard - they now have their own website for this and this thread has now drifted and degraded to arguments of almost a personal nature due to the small number of individuals involved. Personally I have no opinion as yet on this, I just think this thread has run it's course now there's a website for this very purpose. I'll also thank you not to quote my post and then to give the impression that I've posted insults aimed at you, I've been polite in my responses and I really don't think I deserved your response which was almost of a vociferous nature.
  13. I could have guessed it was that route. I used to do that road regularly and saw some appalling driving - not only speeding though. Scariest thing I saw was following a doctors wife and watching her overtaking slowly on the outside of a blind bend Drove past the recent aftermath of 4 or 5 fatal accidents in that time - that tends to focus the mind somewhat.
  14. Can we just lock this thread now, too many recently registered posters with hidden agendas. This thread is going nowhere constructively. C'mon mods, wake up.
  15. They're definitely wooden kits - the one on Bressay is the white one at the North end, you can see it clearly when you come down Ladies Drive into Lerwick. They both went up about 4 or 5 years ago.
  16. Pretty sure there's a Skye house in Bressay and a similar one in Yell, don't know if they're the coastal range though?
  17. Really, I must have missed this story - is there a news story anywhere on this? I don't believe it's sinking yet, however I do believe the ship is way too grand, has too many crew compared to the number of passengers and the captain hasn't a clue where he's headed p.s. if the Captain's not careful he might collide head on with the windmill covered iceberg just up ahead
  18. Possibly of interest here. Reuters today: Tue Dec 14, 2010 8:43am GMT Shares in Scottish & Southern Energy (SSE) (SSE.L) are among the top UK blue-chip .FTSE risers, adding 1.2 percent, with traders citing takeover talk surrounding the British utility. It's up on "bid rumours yesterday and today," Alwyn Phillips, a sales trader at IG Index, says. "(The talk is) very vague (and there's) not much substance behind it," he says. SSE on Tuesday sticks to its policy of declining to comment on market speculation. The Financial Times says in its market report on Tuesday SSE has long been rumoured to be a potential target for Vattenfall [VATN.UL], Sweden's state-owned energy producer
  19. LOL, just seemed a bit excessive given there's only a couple of miles of roads. There again, maybe the 4wd will come in useful.
  20. Off topic a bit... There's a WRX on Skerries
  21. Try telling Northlink that, the prices don't reflect a lifeline service.
  22. Care to expand on your losses - is this fresh stuff? isn't it insured? Not being funny, just always assumed that the delays were little more than inconvience.
  23. First flight up and last flight down are usually cheapest, can't get £45, but £49 is close. Your total fare including taxes and charges is shown below. Departing Mon 29 Nov 2010Dep 19:50 Arr 20:50Sumburgh ‭(LSI)‬ to Aberdeen ‭(ABZ)‬ Fare 34.00GBP Taxes and Charges 14.63GBP Seats GBP Bags GBP Check In GBP Insurance (inc. IPT tax) GBP Car hire GBP Transaction Fee GBP Credit Card Supplement GBP Discount funded by Loganair GBP Total so far (GBP 48.63)
  24. Spot on - you wouldn't have got me on the boat last night
  25. I don't believe where a Shetland resident was born is really an issue, some of the strongest members in the local communities are people who have moved to Shetland. The bigger issue facing Shetland is trying to maintain or grow the current population, while facing an economy that the islands local resources is struggling to maintain. I've said before that I believe the windfarm is all to do with revenue to maintain the local economy and to stem further depopulation.
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