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  1. I have an old 16mm film by BP titled 'Sullom Voe Project', I've never watched it (lacking a suitable projector..), I'm guessing it's the same film that the museum have on loop. I am planning to get it copied to DVD, just never got around to it yet. I've also got a box of Sullom Voe scene's - but laterly they were a bit people focussed. I had intended to try to get a full set of Sullom Voe scenes and scan them onto a DVD - maybe even website, so if anyone has any old Sullom Voe scene's they like to sell or donate, drop me a PM. I know the Lerwick library have a full set but they've been bound and can't really be scanned.
  2. Agree completely, I thought Shetland was good - till we moved south. When we travel back each Summer it's really difficult to find somewhere suitable to let the dogs run off the lead.
  3. Busta House, stunning location, very romantic and good setup for small wedding parties - 40 is probably the max. We were married here and the entire day was perfect. Accomodation in summer might be difficult as it's very popular, so book well in advance. And lets not forget about the ghost..
  4. Maybe not what you'd class a typical tourist Agree with the Orkney comments, I've always thought they seemed to have a better integrated tourism business. Also agree with the problem of the cost of getting to Shetland - and because of this, I'd suggest that the large majority of visitors to Shetland have a clear reason to visit, whether it be relatives, bird watching, diving, etc. There's probably a much smaller percentage that visit just as a more general holiday and maybe not knowing what they'll be doing or visiting on their trip.
  5. Tourism in Shetland, in my opinion, probably the biggest sustainable untapped resource that the Islands have to offer. Earning a good living in Shetland over the last 30-40 years has been relatively easy, and as a result, I think the local tourism industry hasn't seen the development to exploit the massive increase in disposable income that the average family has seen over this same timeframe. A few examples; The Clickimin Broch - not even a car or bus park, tourists have to dodge traffic on the main road to see what is a unique pictish settlement. What about some sort of visitor centre, I'd like to understand more about how these people lived, where the came from and where they went. A local Aquarium - not to everyone's taste but an excellent showcase for Shetlands rich marine life. There's an excellent one in Macduff that isn't huge, it's very well designed and seems to draw crowds on a steady basis. Also a good education facility. The Mousa Broch - I know it's an RSPB site, the boat trip and Broch are spot on, but how about a facilty on Mousa for folk to buy a snack or souvenirs. Properly managed, it needn't have any impact on the island itself. The new museum is a fantastic facility and showcase and certainly shows what is possible - although maybe more 'live' exhibits and demonstrations could be considered? On this summers visit, I took an elderly relative out for a daytrip. Last year we did Eshaness and on the way back we visited the Braewick cafe. A very friendly atmosphere, helpful staff, excellent food and impressive campsite and facilities. This year we went down to Sumburgh - struggled to think of a similar eating facility? Finally stopped off in Bigton at the cafe there and had possibly the biggest cafe disapointment in my entire life. A nice cafe on a lovely spot - but the welcome was lacking, as was the choice and quality of food - the pudding or cake was a Kitkat. No signs on the main road advertising that a cafe even existed. This experience to me demonstrated what is wrong with tourism in Shetland today - a small business in desperate need of some professional advice and an injection of enthusiasm. p.s. and don't get me started on about the windmills, living away from the islands (still in a rural location though) actually helps you appreciate a truly unspoiled remote locoation like Shetland. Cover it in windmills and bye bye tourists.
  6. From 1881 Census, not his birthdate but at least his birthplace - Bradford. Wonder what a 'Stuff Merchant' sold? Dwelling: Bolton Rd. Bolton Grange Census Place: Bolton In Bradford, York, England Source: FHL Film 1342064 PRO Ref RG11 Piece 4450 Folio 75 Page 20 Marr Age Sex Birthplace John BANKART M 58 M Bradford, York, England Rel: Head Occ: Stuff Merchant Catherine BANKART M 48 F Tyntern, Monmouth, England Rel: Wife Charles BANKART U 24 M Bradford, York, England Rel: Son Occ: Stuff Merchant Eustace BANKART U 22 M Bradford, York, England Rel: Son Occ: Stuff Merchant Florence BANKART U 21 F Bradford, York, England Rel: Daur Eliza KINGSLEY U 36 F Ireland
  7. Greenpeace are clearly trying to get as much attention as possible to highlight their cause. Rather than discuss their actions on a public forum, lets just ignore them and give them the attention they really deserve - none.
  8. Quote from local spokeswoman Leila Deen "The activists plan to be there as long as they can. It obviously depends on their supplies and on the weather. But they are very skilled.†How about a sweepstake, I'll give them 48 hours before a mix of hypothermia and the lack of ability to hold on any longer means they'll abandon after 'having made their point' How about Greenpeace targetting what's happening in Nigeria if they want to get some real support - oh, that's right, it's dangerous in Nigeria and wouldn't get the same media attention.
  9. lol - I saw the damned at the barrowlands in the early ninties - and again twice in aberdeen since, last time was end of may this year. best recent concert was the editors in the music hall three years ago - music hall is an odd venue but good atmosphere. maybe mareel could buy in some atmosphere
  10. Can you expand on this? What is it that they are doing that so many loathe? How about turning good old fashioned entertainment into a art form and putting it on (or maybe in) a very expensive gold plated plinth. In my 40 years in Shetland, probably the best two nights entertainment I can remember was Pete Stack and the Raeburns in the Clickimin - probably their 1st or 2nd time, musically maybe 4 out of 10, entertainment was 20 out of 10. The other decent night was the open air night at the Marts about 8 years ago, loads of decent local bands and many beer tents The Tall Ships in 99 was pretty good as well. Anther definition of the 'arty farty' brigade could be defined by the last time I bothered with the Folk Festival at the Clickimin - where we were constantly told to shush every time we tried to show our appreciation or even talked too loudly I get the feeling that if you like your entertainment to be a bit of a spree then maybe Mareel won't be for you. However, if you're the sort that likes to listen to a South American trio playing traditional pipe music through a dead Wombat while sipping a glass of Chateauneaf de pape then maybe Mareel is the place for you I'm sure Mareel will eventually find it's way in the same way that Baroc eventually found it's natural place.. 1) Dress code and entrance fee 2) No dress code but entrance fee 3) No dress code and no entrance fee 4) Anybody at all now welcome 5) Chinese retaurant...
  11. I tried to post a link to here but I can't even post a comment let alone a link?
  12. Someone (not me) has posted and old cine film clip on youtube and is looking for help to identify the locations. Interesting old film, I'd guess late 60's http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5FJPq1piCew (***Mod Edit - Youtubified***)
  13. Dolphins wear trainers They're cleverer than I thought - maybe you should say what size you're looking for? in the off chance someone might have a pair
  14. I started to wonder about this during the Ex CE threads, I wondered if the views were perhaps a bit unbalanced and not representative of the average islanders views. However, following my recent trip home and various discussions with friends who don't even know about Shetlink I now realise that if anything the views on here were quite tame in comparison. My faith in the Shetlink forum and all the whingers that contribute has now been restored The forum is purely a replacement for the old local shop or street gossip.
  15. Errr, here's lesson 1 for people who've moved to Shetland. http://www.shetlink.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=663&highlight=shetlands Dolphinarium in Shetland - good luck, you'll need it.
  16. If your not in already then I'd say it's still a safe punt - still well undervalued. http://www.dailymarkets.com/stock/2010/07/15/bp-on-the-block-which-of-bps-assets-would-pique-buyer-interest/
  17. yup, via selftrade - use the free forum at advfn for research and tips.
  18. Guess I'll need to take an O2 sim on my next visit, shame because the Vodafone service in Shetland used to be the best - hence the reason I've been with them for years now.
  19. I'm with Vodafone and I picked up a patchy 3G service last week. I found 3G when at the Knab and near the GBH, also occassionally picked it up in Tingwall near the school. Best 3G signal I managed was when steaming through Lerwick harbour on the way back south again I found the whole Vodafone service much patchier than I remember from 5-6 years ago - poss just me being used to getting a good signal where I live now?
  20. Signed the petition but I don't think it'll make any difference. Northlink have made it clear that it's all about saving costs now, so clearly they've already decided that there's no other profitable business available for the boats. I thought the Summer capacity was already stretched without sending one of them off to Norway a couple of times a week?
  21. Ultimately I think this is where we'll end up. They've tried the 'lets attract more tourists' route and it clearly isn't working. This is now headed back to where P&O left it with it being a lifeline service with some seasonal additional tourist demand.
  22. Maybe the LCTA should follow Inga's lead and diversify and move with the technology - rather than digging their heels in and trying to force people back through their shop doors. http://www.shetland-news.co.uk/features/The%20enterprising%20socialite.htm
  23. No it doesn't happen already - you'll notice I said people should start to plan for their own social care. This is the bit that's missing, many people still look for a way around having to fund their own care because they think it should be funded by the council/government. Surely it should be a bit like planning for your pension years, if you can afford it, and you'd like to be comfortable during your pension years, you take out a private pension earlier in your life.
  24. And therein I believe lies the problem. Reduce the well paid council jobs and ultimately the Shetland population will reduce. The council I'm sure are well aware of this and I believe it's one of the big drivers for the windfarm - this would then allow the council to carry on as normal and maintain the current population levels.
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