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  1. You are kidding, aren't you? The biker community in Shetland is huge and legendary - you're sure it was Shetland you were in and not the Faroes? Did you go out socialising much when you were here, you're usually never more than 6 foot from a local biker in Shetland. When were you here last?
  2. Well the police now think there's enough evidence to report DC to the fiscal, maybe we will get to the bottom of this after all. The convenors position is really starting to look shaky. http://www.shetland-news.co.uk/2010/February/news/Dave%20Clark%20reported%20to%20procurator%20fiscal.htm
  3. Clark snr talks about rumours being spread in order to raise question to his own integrity. I'm afraid it's facts, not rumour, that brought DC's integrity into question.
  4. Alistair Carmichael is very scathing of the way the council has been run - “If you think you can change that by putting in a new chief executive and changing nothing else then you fail to understand the true nature of the gravity of the problem" There speaks a man who has a good grasp of the problem. http://www.shetland-news.co.uk/2010/February/news/MP%20calls%20for%20change%20of%20culture%20at%20SIC.htm
  5. So what sort of biker are you - assuming your name has some relevance?
  6. I mentioned before, and I still believe, that the fact that there is a 'sizeable' settlement, and it's been settled quickly, is to bury the facts and to hide the mistakes that occurred on both sides. The mistakes made by the council gave the ex CE the leverage to negotiate a decent package and in return no further details will be made public. Where's Mainlander with all this? He was after £1.7 million and settled for £250k, I'd suggest the latter applies in this case
  7. There has to be something in his contract? Are you telling me that our next CE could go down the 'Frank Bough' route and we'd be stuck with him There again, maybe this is where JW's perseverance over the phone call is coming from?
  8. Absolutely. None of us have the right to make moral judgements on Dave Clark's private life (which have been a consistent feature of this situation). Attempts to demean the man in this fashion are truly contemptuous. Stick to the material (and germane) facts, few though they may be! And although I agree with both the above, someone with the status of CE of the local council is (surely?) expected to maintain a high standard of integrity as an individual both inside and outside of work. Good leaders earn respect and are seen as role models - there's a few MP's (& a football captain now) who have lost their positions following revelations into their private lives. Although his private life is precisely his own business, there seems to be enough facts in the public domain about his private life, for people to question his integrity, and therefore his suitabilty, for such a high profile post in a small tight knit community.
  9. Can I just point out that the sentiment on this forum should be nothing more than a reflection of what local people are talking about. The bulletin board is nothing more than the 21st century equivalent of the corner shop - or meeting someone on the street. I don't live on the isles any more, but I heard most of the stories and facts long before reading them on here or in the press. The stories were usually delivered with more than their fair share of profanities and anger, that would have the mods on here heading for the lifeboats I'd also suggest that the feelings that have led to some of the 'stronger' posts, are possibly the result of years of vented frustration aimed at the council - the CE affair is just the straw that finally broke the shetland ponies back.
  10. How much do you want rid of him? http://www.shetlandtimes.co.uk/2010/02/19/council-to-offer-250000-payoff-to-controversial-chief-executive
  11. Well here's the header from the petition which, according to Shetland News, is finding much support locally. “We, the undersigned, call for Shetland Islands Council to dismiss the Chief Executive, David Clark, for his conduct since taking office to that post which has brought the Council and the community of Shetland into disrepute. Examples of such conduct being his admission of a drinking party in his office, appointment of a close associate as an independent consultant, deletion of a senior council post without authority, consultation or compliance with Council procedures, failure to allow a Council instruction to renegotiate the return of the post holder to said post with input from ACAS, and generally his conduct in his public and private life which has caused embarrassment at a local and national level to this community. We also demand that Mr Clark should be paid no more than the minimum statutory payment due to him for termination of his employment with the Council.†It wasn't really an argument with a colleague - it was an abusive phone call threatening violence.
  12. Good to see they're starting to get to the real truth now. I'd guess that the unnamed official had realised that his/her testimony was key to the council getting out of this without having to fork out more cash. And it's likely that the officials identity would've leaked out eventually. p.s. could the Shetland Times news story have found a more unsuitable picture for the story
  13. quickly and keep quiet and waive any right to further claims - is my bet as I think an investigation will find fault on both sides and the council will want a quick end to the whole affair.
  14. ^ Ok, on that basis that not all is as it seems I'll edit my last post.
  15. Edited as no-one seems to know where the 2 versions quoted by ghostrider came from?
  16. Stick around, this is Shetland, there'll be one along shortly
  17. You say you're not interested in the whole business anymore - I'm really baffled why someone who doesn't live on the isles or have any direct link would be interested in the first place? especially to the detailed level that you've involved yourself. When you first registered in Sept last year and immediately started posting on this thread in defense of the CE, I asked at the time if you were closer to this whole affair than you were letting on - you stated you weren't. So maybe you're the Sun journalist?
  18. Website still exists, here's the relevant page. http://www.dalzell.org.uk/page2.html
  19. Think you'll find the mods have been watching 'Dancing on Ice', normal service will be resumed shortly
  20. I'm sure it'll be mod edited, but interesting all the same if the facts are genuine.
  21. Options being considered are disciplinary action voluntary severance resignation negotiated settlement http://www.shetland-news.co.uk/2010/February/news/COSLA%20to%20help%20SIC%20remove%20Clark.htm Given he's got lawyers involved so I'd guess this'll cost ££ unless the disciplinary case is watertight.
  22. Just remember, this man has a bar in his garden - according to Jonathon Wills. Best cut losses if he's not up to the role, just hope the council have the guts to make the right decision and stick by it.
  23. Broadcast it in 3D and HD, have you seen some of the guizers Pretty good for an experiment, just shows what can be achieved despite the comms restricions caused by 200 miles of string and 2 beans cans... I'm guessing it would need serious investment to get a camera that can cope with filming 1,000 flickering torches on a pitch black night from a distance. I hope Shetland Tourism recognise the benefits of promoting the islands by streaming live events like this p.s. and if anyone was disappointed by the sound quality - it doesn't sound much better when you're in the heart of the action. As for the wind noise - remind me again why I generally don't miss the isles in the midst of winter..
  24. Webcam is pretty good, with sound as well Worthy of an email to the chaps involved to let them know their work is appreciated. Just watched the peerie procession and burning - beer in the fridge for the main event Had a call at 5 o'clock to let me know there was a spare suit if I wanted to catch the last plane up Do I wish I was there?, probably, but there's always next year
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