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  1. I was only trying to work out where you were coming from with your comment, you said you could think of several angles how the Sun could make very colourful stories on him. I've cast my mind back over the last 6 months or so and I can't think of anything in the press relating to JW that the Sun would consider newsworthy. Maybe you should become a Sun journalist
  2. Pray tell then, you've said a few times all your info comes from the public domain like the Shetland News and the Shetland Times so there's clearly nothing you can't share. I can't think of anything that JW has done that's been publically reported that would make good reading to Sun readers. I'm all ears, but let me grab a cup of tea and a biscuit first to sit and ponder your thoughts.
  3. The Up Helly Aa squads and acts on Tuesday night are traditionally based on taking the mickey out of the well known local folks and events. The acts can work well but some of the more local themes depend on the audience having some knowledge of the story and the characters being portrayed. I also know the UHA committe can be uncomfortable about some of the subjects given they give the nod to the ideas. Of the 50 squads, I'd guess at least half a dozen (at least) will feature some element of this whole affair. To date, the 'romantic' element of the story hasn't been available in the public domain, yet this is likely to be a key feature in any of the acts as it's been local gossip for months now. Now the story is in the public domain, it's had the widest coverage possible and the committee don't have to worry about getting involved in any legal battles. Not the first time a squad have deliberately leaked a story to the press (albiet local) to give their act/suit a big boost on the night.
  4. I doubt the Sun are interested in anyone else. How long has this story been around, why publish it now, why have they ony focussed on certain aspects of the whole story, what happens on Tuesday?
  5. That story from the Sun really does take professional journalism to a new low.................there's no mention of the drinking in the office incident, the whole Shannon affair, or his business partners £60k contract windfall If you're going to do a character assassination, at least put in some real effort and investigate it properly - no wonder the Sun has a bad name As for the timing, anyone would think this was deliberately planned for an Up Helly Aa skit... or two...or more like half a dozen..
  6. We're getting soft in our old age, 30 yrs ago the Marts was open as a hall and now we need a £12 million state of the art building The Masonic should get their finger out, good hall and well placed between AHS @ Town Hall. The Grand was always rubbish as a hall, access nightmare and not big enough, no reflection on the hosts efforts at all but they really had their work cut out to try to make it work.
  7. Not this year. No Grand/Posers so only eleven. No great loss, it was crap anyway
  8. If you're keen you'll get tickets. There's always a few tickets come available in the days leading up to Up Helly Aa There's a dozen halls open - you really should go to one of the halls if you can or you're missing the most social part of the whole event. Best bet would be to contact Radio Shetland and explain you're travelling from Germany - they'll put out a request for anyone with spare tickets to get in touch. Also suggest you put a classified ad on the Shetland News website looking for tickets. You need to do this asap though. p.s. you are aware that the halls are open from after the procession ends @ 9pm till 8am the next day and it's partytime and dancing all night?
  9. Jan 93 - I remember it well for the prolonged storms, from memory I thought it was 29 days of the 31 were force 9 or above, the below link says 25 days so my memory isn't far from the truth. http://www.fettes.com/shetland/wind%20extremes.htm Also remember on the day the Braer ran aground (might have been the next day?) one of the BA ATP's landing at Sumburgh in very strong winds, they had to shutdown one engine (early bearing faults) and everyone had to adopt the brace position to land
  10. Have you looked at Jonathon Wills declaration? Better to declare everything just in case.
  11. I remember (just..) playing in the gasworks - didn't half stink. The other memory this thread has triggered was the huge poster just inside the door at the hairdressers - but I can't remember if it was aircraft or ships
  12. I'm a bit baffled by Caroline Millers action against Gary Robinson? 'Lawyers acting on behalf of Mrs Miller have written to the two parties indicating that they are intending to seek an interim interdict at the Court of Session in Edinburgh to prevent them from making defamatory statements about Mrs Miller and the knitwear firm' Surely if someone is making defamatory statements, that in itself is breaking the law - why go to court to get a court action to tell them not to break the law? Seems a bit pointless - maybe it's a PR tactic to divert attention?
  13. Given the debt sits with the CT which is effectively public money, maybe someone should ask to borrow the motor cruiser for a weekend or have a discounted holiday in the Tenerife appartment (or is there two?) The whole sorry tale stinks and how she has the brass neck to sit as a councillor beats me
  14. And these infrastructure and services would include the swimming pools/leisure facilities that are closing over the hols and also reducing services next year to save money. Bit like spending all your money on a flash car and having none left to insure it or run it. The Councils long term strategy must have assumed that - a) decent income from Sullom would continue charitable trust would remain healthy (succesful investment + no write offs) c) population would remain/poss increase I personally think the pool closing down over the hols is the tip of the iceberg. The wind farm may slow the economic downturn but it wont create the spin off jobs that Shetland has had from oil since the early 70's.
  15. LOL @ JeemsieJ, must be the mods Christmas party tonight. Jeemsie - I think you'll find your not even allowed to think such things in Shetland any more let alone stick them on a public forum - regardless how much truth there may be in it If there's a knock on your door tonight you'd best not answer it
  16. Serious question, Is Shetlink the 1st forum you've participated in? Personally I find it to be the most tightly moderated forum I visit - winds me up at times but it keeps the mods of the streets. The anonymity of the posters means that attacks aren't actually personal. Nothing I've ever read on here I haven't heard word of mouth first - and I don't live in Shetland any more. Shetland gossip is legendary, the internet is just trying to catch up.
  17. Latest twist, missing the point somewhat. The local bush telegraph is light years ahead of this internet thing. http://www.shetland-news.co.uk/2009/December/news/SIC%20blocks%20Shetlink.htm
  18. What temp is the water coming out of the heat pump? You've no other source of heating the c/h water other than the heat pump?
  19. That is probably one of the silliest posts I've encountered on Shetlink. Where to start to explain the difference?..., nah not worth the effort. I started to type a response and gave up - likewise, don't know where to start. I think Shetlandlady is just winding us up. I know the Shetlink timings are a bit iffy after the the clock change but it looks like some folk are posting from the 1970's
  20. From what I've heard they're adopting the system used in the US 'Triage' triage, French, sorting Emergency medicine A method of ranking sick or injured people according to the severity of their sickness or injury in order to ensure that medical and nursing staff facilities are used most efficiently; assessment of injury intensity and the immediacy or urgency for medical attention. See Streamlined review. Triage priorities Highest priority Respiratory, facial, neck, chest, cardiovascular, hemorrhage, neck injuries Very high priority Shock, retroperitoneal or intraperitoneal hemorrhage High priority Cranial, cerebral, spinal cord, burns Low priority Lower genitourinary tract, peripheral nerves and vessels, splinted fractures, soft tissue lesions
  21. I posted this earlier in the year - are we suggesting that none of the trust jobs are included in this figure? http://www.shetlink.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=7525
  22. Forecast looks fine? http://www.metoffice.gov.uk/weather/uk/os/lerwick_forecast_weather.html Given you've transport, even if the hotels around the centre of Aberdeen are busy you'll get something on the outskirts - the hotel in Westhill is always a good bet when Aberdeen is fogbound and all the hotels get busy.
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