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  1. Here's my take on the Northlink service. P&O ran a lifeline service and it's priority was to serve the isles needs. They did this and they did it pretty well - maybe question some of the weather they sailed in and the facilities weren't the best (blocked toilets is summit I always remember) but it was fit for purpose. When the service went to tender, it's clear to me that Northlink (Scottish government) hoped to subsidise the core service by making the sailing and vessels more attractive to tourists - people who spend lots of money. This is why we have the vessels/prices/timetable we now have. Other related change we now have is the 'compensation culture' where should anyone hurt themselves due to falling in rough weather, they could possibly argue that it was Northlinks fault for sailing in unsuitable conditions. Hence the reluctance to sail in conditions where the previous operator may have sailed - times have moved on though. I'd like to think that the Scottish government now realise there isn't a huge untapped year round tourism market and that the service can return to what it's there to do in the first place. All that said, you still wouldn't get me on any damn boat between Aberdeen and Shetland in anything over a force 4 or 5
  2. Is it just me or is this all starting to seem like the Bobby Ewing shower scene from Dallas? Maybe tomorrow we'll have Morgan Goodlad back at the helm then.. This whole sorry tale has also led me to question just how capable Sandy Cluness is to continue in the roll of convenor?
  3. Just keep telling yourself this.... http://www.shetland-news.co.uk/2009/October/news/Hrossey%20in%20bad%20weather.jpg
  4. Resident in Lerwick for 5 years, unless you can qualify as a musician - not supposed to carry a torch and supposed to play an instrument as part of the act.
  5. There's a public car park next to the ferry terminal, been in it once during the day but not sure I'd leave a car there for a few days. Bit dark and not much passing traffic. There is good secure long term parking just up from the airport - not the expensive short term car park opposite the terminal building. If you leave the car at the airport, allow yourselves plenty time to get to the docks as rush hour traffic through Aberdeen is a nightmare. Taxi is probably about £20 nowadays I'd guess.
  6. Yep, on the plus side for you it's closer to Germany than Aberdeen is. The circumstances were pretty exceptional, combination of high wind, swell and low tides at Aberdeen. It must've been the St Clair, the previos ferry, operated by P&O, pretty sure it wasn't one of the Northlinks. Northlink are quite sensible about cancelling or delaying sailings due to bad weather.
  7. Shhhh.....no-one mention the 36 hour trip that ended up in Leith
  8. ^St Clair 5 perhaps? I can't remember where the kennels were on the last Clair. http://www.simplonpc.co.uk/NorthCo.html
  9. ^So how would you get them off the isle then? The previous ferry had the kennels outside open to the elements on the upper deck - the kennels on the Northlink boats are luxurious in comparison. Maybe I've used the kennels on the same ferry on my last 6 trips but I had no concerns about their conditions. There's probably thousands of dogs that have been brought to Shetland over the years on the ferry and as far as I'm aware there haven't been any problems. On the old Clair (3 I think), you could take the pets into the cabin
  10. The kennels are actually really good Our dogs have travelled up and back each summer for the last 3 years without any problem. I've yet to see (smell) a dog pee in their kennel. Plus the kennels are washed and cleaned after every journey. Usually we book a large kennel for the pair to share but could only get 2 small kennels this year on the way up - they managed fine. The kennels have heavy duty rubber flooring, it's easy to clean so it's hygenic, but we take a big blanket for them to sleep on. And yes you can check on them if you want/need (accompanied by steward), but we've come to the conclusion that they're better off being left undisturbed. Our dogs are pampered pooches and we did wonder how they'd get on but never had any problems - sometimes we forget how that dogs are actually quite hardy animals
  11. You do realise that the the sinking has been accelerated by the sheer mass of 150 enormous wind turbines coupled with the coriolis effect of the spinning blades. This is all part of VE's plan to increase profits by turning Shetland into a true offshore windfarm which then attracts better tax incentives than a land based windfarm
  12. This may be the case, but 110 against, is still 110 against, regardless if they have a valid reason or not - and it's the community support either way that's key to a decision.
  13. So if the windfarm is about reducing global carbon dioxide, how about depopulating Shetland and moving everyone to an area that will produce much less emissions - mainland Scotland for example? According to the study this could save 150,000 tonnes carbon dioxide a year - without building a single wind turbine. Surely this would be a better global solution than the huge windfarm yet still producing double the Scottish average of co2 http://www.shetlandtimes.co.uk/2009/09/25/islanders-carbon-footprint-among-the-biggest-in-britain-says-new-study Surely insisting to live in an area that produces double the tonnes of carbon dioxide than the Scottish average, but then supporting the wind farm is as bad as NIMBYism - is it IMBYALAICCOPMTMFSOCD (in my back yard as long as I can carry on producing more than my fair share of carbon dioxide)
  14. Oddtablet, if you don't know then ask your neighbour or down the local shop. I live south and heard about this side of events at least a couple of weeks ago.
  15. Trout, you seem to have posted the 5 stages of marriage from a male perspective by mistake. New brooms are fine as long as the person on the operating end knows what they're doing - surely this is the concern?
  16. Wills be may a lot of thing but I don't believe he'a a liar, he sticks firmly to his beliefs and isn't afraid to speak his mind. He also not stupid, why after all these years would he risk his place on the council by putting himself in a position where it's his word against someone else's? I'm sure he thought long and hard about whether to report the incident knowing the possible consequences.
  17. ^Not sure which line of business you're in Mainlander but certainly the companies I've worked closely with have a very strict 'no alcohol' policy. In fact, if you turn up in the morning stinking of drink after a heavy night you're likely to be refused entry to the premises and face a verbal or written warning. Given Shetland's serious problems with alcohol, I really don't think dismissing the chief exec's blatant disregard to council policy on alcohol on council premises just because 'other businesses do it' is the way to treat this. Okay, I let you have the benefit of doubt when you were defending the claims that have been made against him, but given that you're now defending his behaviour despite him admitting he's broken council policy - are you sure you're initials aren't DC?
  18. So the chief exec has admitted to drinking on council premises and according to the Shetland News this is against council policy. What would happen if someone in the county garage was caught drinking a glass of whisky in their tea room? Rules are rules and if they can be broken by the chief exec then what message does this send to the rest of the public workforce?
  19. Axol, I think your frustration is shared by lots of folks, glad you've taken the time to share your opinions. After the goings on over the last few years, folk were hoping that this new appointment was to be the start of the council getting the wagon back on the tracks. Regardless of the outcome of the enquiry, a lot of damage has already been done, and once again Shetlands name is being dragged through the national media for all the wrong reasons. This needs to be nipped in the bud quickly one way or another, the longer it goes on the more damage will be done.
  20. Mainlander, I find it odd that someone who's only just thinking of moving to Shetland should register today and only post on the thread about the Chief Exec - you also seem to be almost defensive of the some claims being made about DC's behaviour. You're not trying to pull the wool over our eyes are you? It's just that if I was moving to somewhere new I'd probably be posting on other threads (housing, cost of living, weather, etc) rather than getting embroiled in local politics - just seems odd to me.
  21. The story now on the BBC website as well, who was it that said there's no such thing as bad publicity http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/scotland/north_east/8249583.stm
  22. I'll bet the Up Helly Aa committee are fed up getting squad ideas based on the new execs exploits
  23. And now he's taking a break... http://www.shetland-news.co.uk/2009/September/news/Clarks%20takes%20a%20break%20pending%20inquiry.htm
  24. The Shetland Times said it was to do with his private life - you need to get out more, I think I know what it is and I don't even live there anymore..
  25. More controvesy, he's a media circus this chap. http://www.shetland-news.co.uk/2009/September/news/Pressure%20mounts%20on%20SIC%20chief%20executive.htm
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