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  1. Is that right? Did they not take up the SIC's offer of £100,000 for marketing? What about the Shetland Development Trust's £300,000 stake? Does that not count as council money? The clue was in the word 'received', yes money has been offered/allocated (see below) but only if they can raise the majority of the cash themselves privately. Like I said, if there's something to worry about with all this I suggest you have a good look at what's happening at Saxa Vord.
  2. Unlike the knitwear industry, everywhere you go there's 'Shetland' wool jumpers that've never seen Shetland I think folk should look to Frank Strang to see why Blackwoods have gone back to their original plans for Nesting. It was his plans to turn Unst into a haven for rich tourists that tempted Blackwoods to Unst - pipe dreams for the community of Unst and I think Blackwoods were drawn into the dream. As for no tangible link, Shetland water and Botanicals in the Gin and Shetland Cream in the Jago. Both products have huge markets and have done wonders for the whole image of Shetland by putting it on the map for lots of folk. Wtf are locals so determined to see outsiders fail? p.s. Blackwoods have never received a single penny of support from the council - what about all the local entrepreneurs that have milked the charitable trust and gone bust #cough# salmon #cough#
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