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  1. I enjoyed Looper, messes with your mind a bit
  2. Stilldellin - fame at last...presume that was your piccie above on the Grampian weather forecast?
  3. Some good discussion in the latter pages of this thread, consensus seems to focus on a design change to the original gearbox design. http://www.pprune.org/rotorheads/498649-north-sea-heli-ditching-oct-2012-a.html
  4. http://www.eveningexpress.co.uk/Article.aspx/2981394 Possibly?
  5. I suspect the problem with the restaurant is that it´s being run as a council funded operation and not as a real business - it´ll end up being franchised, seperated from the Museum budgets, and probably serving modern traditional Shetland food - Chinese it would seem 3 years ago all the council run cafe´s were running at a loss (being subsidised) but the projection at the same time from the Mareel project was that the cafe there would make a reasonable profit, time will tell.
  6. You're right, whatever happened to the Wednesday night disco's in St Clements attending largely by schoolbairns where drinking was pretty common - Thursday 1st period hanovers So let's get this straight.. You're suggesting that the junior highs should remain open to save rural children from having to live through the week in an unsafe(?) town and attend a school where underage sex and drinking is commonplace. I hope you've brought this up as part of the consultation process.
  7. Sorry, I don't understand your comments. Your original reply suggested employees have an annual allowance of sick days
  8. Really? how many days before they deduct from your annual leave? I'm surprised they can legally do this.
  9. Well lets just hope Gary (& others) has the balls to do what's right for Shetlands future rather than trying to save his own seat on the council. The previous council was littered with folk who just deferred difficult decisions.
  10. This attitude actually really annoys me. I think what Shoogler was meaning was that the cuts are coming regardless, the council have made this very clear, and in some areas they'll be hard hitting. Picking holes in the proposals won't mean they'll abandon the proposals - they no longer have the money to dither for another few years. It's therefore better to be part of the solution and to have some say in the future shape of local education. But I think if people would like to retain all the existing schools, the solutions will need to be quite radical.
  11. Inky, not being funny, but I don't see the word corruption in the article you've pasted, is it in the main article ? I accept the story doesn't look good but suggest it would be wise at this stage to stick to the facts .
  12. Detail aside (presumably Inky has a good lawyer ), it's also worth bearing in mind that the comments on here are usually a pretty good representation of what's being said in pubs and corner shops.
  13. It's the tail end of Hurricane Kirk - time to raise the shields Sulu http://www.stornowaygazette.co.uk/news/local-headlines/ex-hurricane-on-its-way-1-2503031
  14. This is a question that crops up on a regular basis, a good starting point would be to browse some of the previous discussions. Here's a few I found using the search function. http://www.shetlink.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=9735 http://www.shetlink.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=6302 http://www.shetlink.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=4101
  15. No, watched 'the watch' yesterday in cineworld, ridiculous plot but the combination of Ben stiller and moss from the IT crowd was priceless. And yes we booked our seats.
  16. Not recent!! not even this Century I'd guess these are the cinema equivalent of SIBC's free tracks Maybe the arts trust are hoping to profit from people watching films that are really cheap to hire
  17. ^If I remember correctly, the 2009 Shetland figure was before 400+ new jobs were created, mostly in social care - so after the job cuts, they're back where they started.. When I posted the figures in 2010 on here, 18% of the Orkney working population were employed directly by the council versus 28% for Shetland (closer to 33% after the 400+ jobs in 2009/2010). I think the Scottish average was about 10%. Yes there are lots of reasons why the figure is much higher - but the money has to be found from somewhere. So all these folk who work for the council who might be unlucky enough to find themselves out of a well paid job with an island allowance - where do they find work? move South maybe? And what about all the big wages that disappear from the local economy? I've long since thought the council have created an unsustainable monster, largely to try to maintain a bouyant local economy and maintain a steady population - without the revenue from the windmills, things will get worse before it settles down again.
  18. shocking maybe, but the council have made it very clear that the cuts will be dramatic and unpopular, previous councils have avoided these unpopular cuts and the current council have little choice.
  19. Cold baked beans eaten on salt and vinegar crisps - still like this Globe sassermaet - doesn't taste quite as nice nowadays Steamed syrup sponge and carnation milk. I'm hungry now
  20. How about something that celebrates Shetland past links to the industrial fishing era, maybe something like a big grey faceless warehouse on the waterfront somewhere.......hang on a minute.... I do like the original idea though.
  21. HDMI is HDMI, the size is the length of the cable - try a tape measure.
  22. Can't believe you started a poll thread for this, yes it's appalling, yes racism probably exists in every corner of the UK to some extent, is Shetland any better or worse that any other part of the UK? probably not. There's a hint of 'told you so' in your original post - exactly what are you hoping to achieve with this Daily Mail'esque headline and poll?
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