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  1. i shopped we him fae he furst opened accross fae da queens and i still would today if it wasn't for the reason discussed His first shop was up Burns Lane.
  2. Under £30/hour for a painter/decorator on a Fri or Sat night, I think you'll find that's very good value
  3. What does something this size cost? A quick google suggests £25,000 installed - is that about right? I've seen costs for a 2kw that are about £1,500 to buy, seems a big jump between this and £25k for a 5kw. Accepted installation could be expensive if you're getting someone in to do everything.
  4. By 'we' I hope you're only referring to those who were blinded by his apocalyptic prophecies
  5. Yep, a 12 million pound webpage....
  6. ^ How deluded is this man - he lost the case against the RBS collection agency because of his inexperience, maybe he just lost cause he was wrong
  7. For the last 50 years the North Ness was an industrial wasteland cluttered with huge grey characterless warehouses and sheds, millions were spent redeveloping the area into something that looked quite spectacular, especially for visitors arriving through the harbour. And then.....words fail me. The whole North Ness waterfront is again dominated by a huge grey characterless warehouse - maybe they could use it to store coal again...mind you, coal needs to be kept dry
  8. http://www.shetlandtimes.co.uk/2011/09/15/mareel-delays-bring-extra-costs-but-budget-will-not-be-breached 'The building itself is still not fully wind and watertight and there is no firm opening date for early next year' Not wind or watertight - good thing we're not headed into the wet and windy season yet... Before they get too far with the interior, lets go the whole hog and install a brewery and see if anyone can organise a piss up
  9. LOL, reminds me of the true story of the health worker who hired a taxi from the North of England to relocate to Lerwick - because he thought the ferry trip was 2 hours (it's 14 hours). The taxi driver got stuck in lerwick for 3 days due to bad weather cancelling the ferry. He was away from home for 5 days and the health board wouldn't pay his expenses for his extended stay
  10. Ground anchors http://www.landforms.eu/shetland/wind%20extremes.htm I remember Jan 93 very well.
  11. The below current news story paints an honest picture of the state of the local council finances. http://www.shetnews.co.uk/news/1814-at-the-edge-of-a-precipice.html The wider related issue for the whole of Shetland is that a very large percentage of the local economy is driven by council funding, 1 in 3 people in employment in Shetland are employed by the council. And a sizeable percentage of the remaining folk probably rely on council funded projects, or work from council employed staff for much of their incomes. Cuts in public spending, and ultimately staff, will have a wide ranging impact on the local economy.
  12. There's been a few similar threads - might be worth searching the forum and doing some reading, here's one for a start.. http://www.shetlink.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=4101&highlight=moving Might also be worth you trying to explain why you want to move to Shetland, that might help with the responses. Word of warning though, not everyone on Shetlink is as positive and upbeat as Kavi...
  13. Now's probably not a good time to mention the 7 weeks summer holidays On a more serious note - perhaps aimed towards Wastafirths post above. I'd be a be cautious about admitting your profession and then responding to phil.k, I get the impression that there may be a particular case behind the original post. Phil.k at no point has shared what his interest in this particular subject might be. I have seen posts on other forums being referenced on the BBC 6 O'clock news - not suggesting that's the case here, but Shetland is a relatively small place.
  14. It says investigations ongoing, no-one arrested as yet.
  15. What a ridiculous poll. You give us the outline of a story and then ask us to be specific about our responses. Why shouldn't a teacher be dismissed, why do you think it should be considered any different to any other job?
  16. 3 grand for a shower is criminal, I'd like to see a breakdown of the costs. Suggest someone gets in touch with the local trading standards and the citizens advice.
  17. Questions we still need answers for; Is Stuart Hill just a front man for Brian Smith? Do EM and the other 11 disciples also wear wizards gowns in court?
  18. They probably spend too much time on the internet and lose touch with reality. Top Gear or Fifth Gear (can't remember) did a near head on collision between a car with a modern crumple zone and one without - the results were dramatic. The experts stated that the older car would likely have had fatalities, whereas the newer car the driver might have had minor injuries.
  19. So do something about it that'll make a difference rather than taking it out on your keyboard.
  20. Scoots, I'm not disagreeing with you, everyone's entitled to their opinion. I'm just not sure what you think you're achieving on here though. If you want him to apologise properly - ask him, rather than jumping up and down and shouting in this dark lonely corner of cyberspace.
  21. ^^Gibber's summed it up well, it's all about the intent of the gesture, in this case it was intended as a light hearted dig at the convenor. Ok the timing wasn't great given the minutes silence. It's about time everyone moved on, if you feel that strongly about it, write to your local councillor as continuing to bleat about on here does no-one any good. Given the major changes the council are undertaking I'd rather there were some councillors in place who are not afraid to speak up or just follow the herd, JW is certainly one of those - whether you like him or not.
  22. It has a left and a right control stick, one per track, which way would the tank go? Careful, thinking like that can lead to your right arm spontaneously extending upwards at 45 degrees at most inopportune times
  23. ^So why didn't the US extradite Abdelbaset al-Megrahi? Or why didn't the English court convict him? He was convicted by a Scottish court - albeit one that sat in the Netherlands. I've always assumed it was a Scottish Court as the crime was committed in Scottish airspace.
  24. Travelled on the Hrossey from Lerwick on Saturday night. Captain informed on departure that we'd be steaming out the North entrance, going around the back of Bressay, and passing the cliffs of Noss. First time I've been around the back of Bressay for many years and the ferry slowed right down when passing the Noss cliffs. The spectacle was excellent, thousands of nesting birds, and every outside space on the ferry was packed with passengers. Hats off to Northlink, turned a nice crossing into a very memorable one - have emailed them to let them know that it was much appreciated by the many passengers onboard. http://i12.photobucket.com/albums/a220/scoobydoo99/2011-07-30193305.jpg
  25. LOL, this thread is turning into a script from a Carry on movie
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