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  1. Simple matter of supply and demand. You may have failed to notice that prisons are gender segregated institutions. Still does not mean that going to prison means you will have that type of sex. The most important points are worth discussing. The folk I have met who have been to prison did not experience it at all, nor propositioned. Too ugly perhaps? I think you'll find it was influenced by 'a sense of humour' - try googling it
  2. The words 'tip' and 'iceberg' spring to mind, these consultants have been beavering away for months, god only knows what the final cost is likely to be.
  3. Where he's headed he'd be wise to make sure his back door isn't left exposed
  4. Have a look through some old episodes of Father Ted - folk outside Shetland probably think it's a bit like that regardless of location Sheriff Hill wouldn't look out of place on Craggy island
  5. ^As above, plus the 99 tall ships fast food was supplied 100% by a south firm - think it was Buchan foods, they went into liquidation a few years later. The prices being charged were consistent with festivals and similar events on the mainland. The German sausages are sold at the International markets (Aberdeen 4 times a year) and they're about the same price - I'll check next time. From memory all the prices were clearly advertised? Maybe next time there should be no fast food, bar tents, craft stalls or fairground rides, then all that folk can whinge about is the weather and the ships.
  6. Maybe with some clever press manipulation around this major news story, we could embarrass BT into sorting the broadband links to the isles
  7. Confirmed charged with driving with no insurance - unforgiveable, in my view this is as serious as drinking and driving. Once again he shows no concern for anyone other than himself. What would've happened if his faulty uninsured vehicle caused a serious accident - would he still be refusing to recognise the scottish court?
  8. Pete Stack were amazing once again, fitting end to an excellent weekend of live music (club tent was good as well)
  9. Since installing after arriving in Shetland a week ago, my results are 3G - 12% 2G - 65% No coverage - 23% Where's the 3G - presume Lerwick? And I'd also assume that the app isn't network specific and the 3G could be O2 even though I'm Vodafone?
  10. As a p.s. to the above - I've had android phones for three years now, unlocked, rooted and installed custom roms on probably 20 phones. I've downloaded dozens, possibly hundreds, of excellent apps, never had anything malicious or anything with a virus. I've also never paid for an android app, all the 'must have's' are free. As for Nokia's symbian - after our 5530's and X6's, although they were decent phones, the apps were very, very limited and Nokia's PC sync software was a nightmare, I'd never touch another Nokia. Excellent helpful and modding communities for Android on the Modaco and XDA forums.
  11. If you're looking for the desire S or the galaxy s on a vodafone contract look at the talkmobile deal. 24 months, 300 mins, unlimited texts, 1gb data for 18 pounds a month, free phone and no redemptions. Talkmobile use the vodafone network. Or do what I did, use the talkmobile deal as a lever with vodafone to get a better upgrade deal - I ended up with the galaxy s and am very happy with it - the gingerbread update seems to have sorted the couple of niggles that plagued the early phones. Yes I'd like the galaxy s2, but I won't pay any more than 20 pounds a month for the contract including the phone and data. And as above, latest Swype beta is excellent, much better than the original version. We've also got a Sony Ericsson Experia X10, only thing that's saving it from Ebay is a decent custom 2.2 rom, 2.3 available shortly but the poor touchscreen really relegates the X10 to the 'what were they thinking of' group.
  12. Tried Flames for the first time on Friday tea time, 10 out of 10 for the food, service and value. We had the chicken kebab grills, lots of chicken, rice, salad and a nan bread for 7.95. Interesting to watch the kitchen in full flow, very well organised. The fresh pizza base making and the pizza conveyor oven was impressive and very quick. Would go again will recommend to others.
  13. I can read, the quote from the paper said he was apprehended after parking on one of the busiest streets, I merely pointed out that the offence that had him apprehended was that he must have driven on one of the busiest streets to get to JB's forecourt.
  14. Wasn't he parked on JBs forecourt? The Scotsman/Scotland on Sunday are no better than the Sun, Daily mail et al. Unless Stuart is claiming his consular vehicle travels through space and time like Dr Who's Tardis, I'd say there's a fair bet the van had to travel on 'one of the town's busiest roads' to get to JBs forecourt in the first place - given the current hacking headlines, it's hardly a case of major journalistic misreporting.
  15. And therein lies the quandary; 1) human nature dictates that we always want something other than what we have - grass is always greener. 2) no-one knows what this 'other' actually is - everyone assumes it's better on the basis it can't be any worse.
  16. Here's another self styled revolutionary who thought he could just ignore the judge and the law. http://www.heraldscotland.com/sport/spl/aberdeen/robbie-the-pict-is-jailed-1.748778
  17. My objections are/were; 1) that the business case was partly justified on what I believe were unrealistic earning projections from the cafe/bar given the losses seen across the local council run cafe's plus an optimistic bar earnings given the limited local market - if the earnings were optimistically 'massaged', public funding will be required to cover any shorfalls. 2) after many years of a North Ness industrial wasteland, much effort went into the planning and redesign for the area. Arriving in Lerwick on the Northlink the North Ness was really starting to give a good impression to arriving visitors - Mareel looks so out of place, and in my view has ruined the look that was trying to be achieved for the North Ness waterfront. 3) I did also object in the beginning to the capital funding from the council in the face of the growing local economic crisis, however, given the seeming enthusiasm for the project and the potential educational benefits, I'm probably sat on the fence on this now. I'd like to think my objections aren't irrational or insane? And if it does fail spectacularly, the Malakoff could always do with another covered slipway
  18. http://www.shetnews.co.uk/news/1223-trust-in-disarray-over-viking.html Blimey, brewery, piss-up, left hand, right hand, etc. Good job none of these folk are in charge of anything important....hang on a minute.....
  19. I agree - but there's nothing to suggest that is the case. Vehicles can also be impounded now for not having road tax.
  20. ^"Miss the point" You are kidding aren't you? How does a someone who has a blatant disregard for the safety of others become some sort of hero in your eyes? I'm talking about his marine antics when the RNLI and coastguard had to rescue him (was it 3 or 4 times I forget) because of his sheer selfish stupidity. From memory, I think the Landrover saga also had some public safety issues - I'd need to look back. We'll not dwell on the possibility that driving without insurance might be one of his motoring offences as we've no idea at the moment - if that proves to be the case I'd like to hear your view on that. I've no problem with someone having a peaceful protest to get a point across as long as other folk aren't inconvenienced or put in some sort of danger but Stuarts disregard for others safety and increasing cost to the taxpayers isn't something I support at all. Would you be willing to fund his legal costs? as maybe it's about time his 'followers' started to pick up the costs of his antics. After all, he's not likely to get legal aid not being a UK citizen, is he? We've all got views when it comes to closing schools to cut public spending, and yet it's okay to spend public funds and resources on this folly.
  21. Another waste of taxpayers money - if he wants to do some good why doesn't he just do some charity work - for the RNLI perhaps. Isn't it about time he found another 'cause' on some other distant island.
  22. www.shetnews.co.uk/news/1174-sic-breaches-financial-policy.html Another nail in shetlands economy's coffin - the proposed cuts are years too late meanwhile the council have buried their heads in the sand.
  23. It's about 41p per litre to buy the crude feedstock and at current prices petrol is being sold for 48p per litre ex vat and duty. The 'profit' is 7p per litre before any refining costs - plus ignoring that only a part of your crude feedstock can be refined into petrol. You need serious amounts of refining to make any money in that industry, I'd suggest a micro refinery would actually lose significant amounts of money. So maybe you're right, the council should build one - seems in line with their usual business strategies
  24. Why should they be (assume you must know more than is in the news story?) - and what do you mean by not understanding joined up writing? Burravoe and Uyeasound decisions have been called in by the government basically because the pupils at these schools will get a lower standard of education by moving schools. The majority of our councillors were unable to interpret the report and work it out for themselves. I do hope this helps Infiltrator... Thanks, makes sense now - is the report available online anywhere?
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