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  1. An environmentalist is out doing a seal survey in East Linga of an afternoon when he perchance stumbles over a cluster of seal cubs with their brains mashed to a pulp. The enviromentalist sees a bloke in the distance and goes over to quiz the man. "Have you any idea what happened here" asked the environmentalist? "aye" responds the bloke, "I killed them with a club" "Fuxache, you must have some size of a club" says the seal lover. "no really, there's just the two of us",
  2. When you type French foot-sucked into google you'll get a a link to a top class bandhttp:// www.peom.co.uk/the%20jam%206.html
  3. I believe is totally outdated and sounds sharn whoever belts it out of their lungs at Hampden. Donnie Munro, Ricky Ross or the numpty that was hired for todays gig. Bin it, or let the punters that chuck egg shaped balls balls and like to grab each others balls, have it. Lets have proper football songs
  4. Well done to Scotland for a victory that puts us where we should be, amongst Europes elite
  5. After watching the Tims dismantle the currant buns this dinner time I would give the league title to Sellic right now. Hearts and Hibs may push the Rangers for 2nd place but I'm not really bothered. The battle at the bottom of the league is far more interesting with Dundee Utd, Muthawell, Caley, F*lkirk and Saint Murn all fighting for survival. I'll put my 2 bob on Muthawell getting relegated
  6. You could be right http://www.edwardtbabinski.us/babinski/w_goes_ape/
  7. Expect the handover within the year http://www.congressionalgoldmedal.com/TonyBlairSpeechCongress.jpg
  8. Folk will always drift towards the more populated areas that is why they became more populated in the first place. A bridge, tunnel, ferry or the invent of molecular transportation will make no odds to the folk that don't want to be in a place that can't employ them it just means it won't take them so long to go back to visit.
  9. Likewise "drew", from near Glasgow. Shetland is a better place by being largely free from the narrow minded sectarianism that is found in some of the people in the west of Scotland. The answer is clear - support Partick Thistle! Are you appearing in Panto this Christmas
  10. I took up golf but I lost my ball
  11. thats quiet, good! Your lucky, I made the mistake of leaving my speakers switched on
  12. Just watch, Conochies'll have the decorations for sale by end of month. been out for a few think i had a bad pints so wher edo we ogo fir chirtmas then/ If you can hack the good weather then http://www.christmas.net.au/introduction.html
  13. Just watch, Conochies'll have the decorations for sale by end of month. been out for a few think i had a bad pints so wher edo we ogo fir chirtmas then/ Anderson High School for spelling lessons
  14. I'm a bit steamboats, cargoed, Waltered and nearly comatosed myself
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