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  1. I have had 2 three seater sofas delivered from very.co for a charge of £6.95, the charge might be £8.95 per order now .I have also had fridge freezers and washing machines and cookers delivered for the same charges. I priced all items locally before ordering online just don't take there credit as I think it's about 26%.
  2. Try very.co £6.95 per order delivery some good prices.
  3. On the odd occasion I buy furniture locally ,the Bargain Centre is the cheapest. If the greenhouses belonged to any of our other local business people it wouldn't be any cheaper.
  4. Try some of the local butchers Scalloway ,whiteness or mainlands and grill it at home for better quality and value than any restaurant .
  5. Shetland Transport reasonable? Not my experience. I had an item delivered by them £367 pound , I thought it was way over the top and phoned streamline for a quote for the same item £150 pound , learn from my stupidity get a quote first. Pallet rate it's a joke , this is slightly longer that will be double the price.
  6. I was driving my car one dark rainy night when it broke down, I had to join the runners that night no torch or hi vis jacket .
  7. I have just bought a stove from Hutt Imports £195 plus £28 delivery to Shetland . I thought the delivery and stove was quite a bargain and might be of help someone.
  8. Yes painting woodwork and taping and filling. I know they also painted the outside of J G Rae shop on the street.
  9. The best guys I have had working in my house have been Brian and Wayne tel 696853 or 693575 brilliant job and no mess.
  10. Get a quote from Shetland transport first! I have had a cheaper price sometimes for cash.
  11. Try grants of buckie great prices and ask Hamish at Shetland Transport for a cash price for delivery. www.grantofbuckie.co.uk
  12. B.nW painters did my house tiling, taping and filling and painting good value and quality job. tel 07765979854/ 07551230578.
  13. I was told tingwall garage now does bike mots.
  14. If they could get a 2 am license for the weekends that would double the profits.
  15. I bought some wood from there because ditt was closed, it was 30% more expensive. It's very strange how a big builders merchant is more expensive than a local builder.
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