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  1. "Sure, these "low info folks" you make mention of exist." You ain't just whistlin dixie!
  2. Project veritas has a way better record than the bloody BBC or CNN. Did you see the one on the illegal ballot harvesting for the democrats? interesting stuff! What do you say about google making sure that their search engines manipulate data to play partisan politics and interfere in elections by giving a false picture of reality?... like the fake news does. They've all done a very good job at lying to the masses, dividing the nation, fostering hatred by promoting identity politics and generating unending Trump Derangement Syndrome in the low info folks. No wonder all the democrat cities are on fire and rioting for about 130 odd days now.
  3. Discredited by whom? Your favourite leftwing fact checker perchance? How about you address the video evidence presented and the fact of the google employees admitting that they rig search results?... I'll preempt your response and reply with a 'Didn't think so!' to save time later. Bad faith actors using bad faith arguments, running on the well 'established truth' of Orange man bad!, as described by an entirely corrupt and partisan media establishment. Where's the next link coming from?... The Southern Poverty Law Center? The ACLU? Snopes maybe?... Do me a flavour! "Orthodox reality on a plethora of subjects is supposedly settled and anyone who disagrees with it is labeled with a wide variety of negative and slanderous identity badges. The current favourite is conspiracy theorist." (Cue the flat earth strawman deflection)
  4. The source is irrelevant, as it just links to the project Veritas video evidence of the google employees, admitting that their search engines are rigged algorithms and corrupted by leftwing political bias. As is Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, almost all mainstream media and the entire liberal media complex. What sources do you suggest are worthy Roach?... CNN, BBC, the Guardian, the independent?... Yeah right!
  5. "centralist 'mainstream' media"... lolwut? 'You go to search and you type in "Donald Trump" and it's like all negative and when you type in "Joe Biden", it's all positive. Because it's skewed by the owners of the drivers of the algorithm.' https://thepostmillennial.com/breaking-project-veritas-exposes-google-executive-discussing-censorship-and-election-interference?fbclid=IwAR3AfawEN6WZATdWgPzIT3PGedKv5rYENScObjEndS4nDXCU4mro2He7l1Q
  6. Joe Biden brags about getting Ukrainian prosecutor fired "In 2016 Ukrainian Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin, in his investigation of corruption involving Burisma Holdings, a natural gas company, identified Hunter Biden as the recipient of over $3,000,000 from the company. Not wanting this corruption exposed, Joe Biden swung into action, using US loan guarantees as hostage while demanding Skokin be fired."
  7. 'More people shot by Blm activists' They're nothing if not predictable. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sGjKiWNOeRw&t=2s
  8. https://www.durham.police.uk/news-and-events/Pages/News%20Articles/Durham-Constabulary-press-statement--.aspx
  9. Trump invents hydroxychloroquine, instantly cures kung flu https://www.freep.com/story/news/local/michigan/detroit/2020/04/06/democrat-karen-whitsett-coronavirus-hydroxychloroquine-trump/2955430001/
  10. Apparently it is now alright to go wherever you please during lock down, as long as you claim that you have "reason" to and say you're sorry if anyone objects. https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/news/5460581/coronavirus-scotland-catherine-calderwood-chief-medic-covid-19/
  11. "This article from the Independent makes grim reading apparently in Italy the death rate is 7% of those who caught the virus thats 70 times more than the flu" The reported mortality rate will be skewed by the testing focusing on the more severe cases now. There could be ten times the amount of active cases there or those just carrying unknown. Early days still but it's the pressure on health services of the severe case numbers that is the major issue and the higher the peak in numbers, the more severe cases unable to get treatment, thus increasing the mortality among them all the more. Unstoppable now so flattening the curve and decreasing the number of severe cases at any one time is the best option. https://www.facebook.com/informationisbeautiful/photos/a.10152797399508418/10157875144803418/?type=3&theater
  12. Case, case, case, cluster, cluster, BOOM! Flatten the curve. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JWEakkc_xxs
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