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  1. I agree that the source is very relevant, and there's a vast difference between good quality investigative journalism and opinion masquerading as news.


    Also, it's a little tiresome when folk are just posting links to articles and videos and don't bother engaging in conversation or have the courtesy to reply to the responses to their posts. 

    Project veritas has a way better record than the bloody BBC or CNN.

    Did you see the one on the illegal ballot harvesting for the democrats? interesting stuff!

    What do you say about google making sure that their search engines manipulate data to play partisan politics and interfere in elections by giving a false picture of reality?... like the fake news does.

    They've all done a very good job at lying to the masses, dividing the nation, fostering hatred by promoting identity politics and generating unending Trump Derangement Syndrome in the low info folks.

    No wonder all the democrat cities are on fire and rioting for about 130 odd days now.

  2. The source is entirely relevant i.e. if you don't see the relevance of using a discredited, right-wing, white supremacist linked imma-not-even-using-the-word-news source to try and make a point about left-wing bias then I'll continue with my face-palming, thanks.

    Discredited by whom? Your favourite leftwing fact checker perchance?

    How about you address the video evidence presented and the fact of the google employees admitting that they rig search results?...

    I'll preempt your response and reply with a 'Didn't think so!' to save time later.

    Bad faith actors using bad faith arguments, running on the well 'established truth' of Orange man bad!, as described by an entirely corrupt and partisan media establishment.

    Where's the next link coming from?... The Southern Poverty Law Center? The ACLU? Snopes maybe?...

    Do me a flavour!


    "Orthodox reality on a plethora of subjects is  supposedly settled and anyone who disagrees with it is labeled with a wide variety of negative and slanderous identity badges. The current favourite is conspiracy theorist."


    (Cue the flat earth strawman deflection)



  3. ^You do know how to pick your sources - The Post Millennial  :ponders:


    D- must try harder.

    The source is irrelevant, as it just links to the project Veritas video evidence of the google employees, admitting that their search engines are rigged algorithms and corrupted by leftwing political bias. As is Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, almost all mainstream media and the entire liberal media complex.

    What sources do you suggest are worthy Roach?... CNN, BBC, the Guardian, the independent?...

    Yeah right!

  4. "centralist 'mainstream' media"... lolwut?

    'You go to search and you type in "Donald Trump" and it's like all negative and when you type in "Joe Biden", it's all positive.
    Because it's skewed by the owners of the drivers of the algorithm.'


  5. Joe Biden brags about getting Ukrainian prosecutor fired

    "In 2016 Ukrainian Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin, in his investigation of corruption involving Burisma Holdings, a natural gas company, identified Hunter Biden as the recipient of over $3,000,000 from the company. Not wanting this corruption exposed, Joe Biden swung into action, using US loan guarantees as hostage while demanding Skokin be fired."

  6. "This article from the Independent makes grim reading apparently in Italy the death rate is 7% of those who caught the virus thats 70 times more than the flu"

    The reported mortality rate will be skewed by the testing focusing on the more severe cases now.
    There could be ten times the amount of active cases there or those just carrying unknown.
    Early days still but it's the pressure on health services of the severe case numbers that is the major issue and the higher the peak in numbers, the more severe cases unable to get treatment, thus increasing the mortality among them all the more.
    Unstoppable now so flattening the curve and decreasing the number of severe cases at any one time is the best option.


  7. "I don't "look at the world through the cultural Marxist lens of victim and oppressor" or "[live] in the mainstream media's, leftist bubble echo chambers", and I don't believe I have a "regressive narrative""

    I didn't mean to appear to be ascribing this directly to you. Apologies for making it look as such. These things do seem to have a habit of feeding down the line through culture though. It's a matter of degree I suppose.
    ​I understand how the tweet got taken as a wolf whistle to ethno nationalism by the left and I can understand that the subsequent rally chants would only be seen as an escalation but it's really more just Trump supporters winding up the left to clutch their pearls ever tighter and flock to their fainting couches, than any real demand to see 'the squad' sent to some foreign land. These people have been watching the feigned outrage of lefties for the last two years and the liberal media, feeding them every and any 'gotcha' moment they can lay their ratings grabbing, greasy hands on.
    You can bet good money that there were plenty of black and brown Trump supporters chanting along with the 'Send them back' cries, with tears of laughter to boot.
    ​Things are so polarised now that people down with the Trump could give less a s**t what contrived narrative the left hits the Hitler panic button over and have got to the point that instead of throwing stones at every barking dog from the left, they will as easy throw them the juicy steaks they yelp for and sit back to see what happens.
    Trump himself is aware he was damned in the eyes of the far left, before he walked up to the throne and they sure as hell have gone out of their way to attempt to prove he is the orange spawn of Satan.
    Trump derangement syndrome has now reached such fevered pitch, that he barely has to try to prove 'This Is MAGA Country', when there's going to be another Jussie Smollett, with every news cycle to prove his case.

    As an example in case; a minor quibble at a supermarket, becomes worldwide news and proof of rising tyranny and the overt proof of Trump supporters white racism; even if it is a nothing burger served by a Democrat, Trump hater from Cuba... Facts be damned!


  8. "The question put was: "So, is Trump racist?". Nobody but you is bringing anything up regarding racism outside of trump's own personal documented actions."

    Beg to differ.
    This is the standard that all Trump voters and any who defend him in any way are judged on by the left.

    From this week:

    The daily beast:
    'Trump is a racist. If you support him, so are you'
    His “Make America Great Again” campaign was always about catering to our lowest common denominator—a hateful sector of the electorate that believes themselves culturally superior by skin color and religion."

    The Root:
    'If you helped a racist become the most powerful person in America, then you're a racist too'
    every person who sides with Donald Trump, regardless of their reasoning, is complicit in his hate.
    Yes, Trump is, without question, a racist. And so are his supporters. Not some of them. All of them."

    This has been viral since before his inauguration, with even top Hollywood stars chiming in with... "Yes, we will punch Nazis"
    This doesn't end with just calling Ben Shapiro (an orthodox Jew) a white supremacist Nazi, or 
    Milo Yiannopoulos (gay Jew, married to a black manbut gets riots, Trump voters battered with bike locks, gay, asian journalists like Andy Ngo, beaten till his brain bleeds and bombing immigration centres in armed conflicts with police; or just multiple milk shake attacks or getting sacked from Azda, for sharing Billy Connolly clips about religion on social media because 'Hope not Hate'... or something.

    These are far from isolated events now.
    Where the hell do they think this will lead us?

    It's not the drum beat of 'love, peace and freedom' that these children of the lie march towards, despite what their Utopian vision may tell them.


  9. ^Under the same circumstances, I see no reason why Trump wouldn't say exactly the same thing to 4 white blokes.
    Not everyone looks at the world and every issue through the lens of race or believe that black people are the relentless victims of relentless white racism, which explains everything, all of the time.
    ​Democrats have been employing this strategy for a long time though and to the somewhat severe determent of black communities.
    To be black and say otherwise gets you unpersoned by the likes of 
    Ayanna Pressley who says:
    "We don’t need black faces that don’t want to be a black voice," she said. "We don’t need Muslims that don’t want to be a Muslim voice. We don’t need queers that don’t want to be a queer voice. If you’re worried about being marginalized and stereotyped, please don’t even show up because we need you to represent that voice."
    How many ordinary black conservatives do you suppose get 
    marginalized and stereotyped as 'uncle Toms' or 'bed wenches' as a direct result of that type rhetoric?

    Trump has no time for such blatant race baiting tripe. He has a country to run.

    "Lorna M. Mahlock is the first African American woman to be nominated as a Brigadier general (one star) in the United States Marine Corps, which occurred in 2018. The signoff of the nomination, by President Donald Trump, was announced in a press release by U.S. Secretary of Defense General James Mattis. As of March 2019"


  10. Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson
    "I have an advantage of knowing the president very well, and he’s not a racist and his comments are not racist. But he loves the country very much and, you know, he has a feeling that those that represent the country should love it as well.

    I think you can see what the president means by look at his accomplishment. Look at his policies, you know, under this president you see the rising tide lifting all boats. You see low unemployment, you know, record-low for blacks, hispanics, you know, for all the the demographics for our nation.

    What’s happening in some of these places is just as astonishing and talking to some of those people there I go around and listen to what they have to say. And they are astonished. They say I didn’t think this could ever happen. This could never happen for me.”


    Carson said the president signed an Executive Order to establish a council to eliminate borders to affordable housing. “Who’s going to benefit for that? So when you have someone who’s spending much time and effort, trying to elevate those who are vulnerable and who are suffering in our society.”

    He then said that we need to pay more attention to what the president is doing rather than what anybody is saying.


  11. If you equate 'right wing' with racism, or you only look at the world through the cultural Marxist lens of victim and oppressor or if you're still living in the mainstream media's, leftist bubble echo chambers, then you will tend to land only on conclusions that suit your regressive narrative.
    You'd be wrong though... again.

    There are multiple articles and videos from black conservatives debunking this already but even Democrats like Tim Pool will do for picking off this low hanging fruit.

    Trump didn't need to justify this to those who will already be voting for him but what he has done, has been remarkably successful in forcing many moderate leftist Democrats to side with the radical leftists, that has overtaken the Democrat party and of course, dragging the leftist mainstream media with them, down yet another 'fake news' pot hole.
    It wont do CNN's badly failing ratings much good though; any more than it will the collapsing Democrats chances at a 2020 win.


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