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  1. "If it bleeds we can kill it" Arnold Schwarzenegger
  2. Haven't seen any footage of them arriving at the Palladium but have read the tabloid reports of that old boot getting stuck with sticks, a windows on the limo smashed with a brick, a tin of paint that someone had for some reason taken along, kicks landed and a report of the motor arriving at the Palladium looking "bashed up". Made for television but with little actually shown, while the red tops colour it in. The poll tax riots were a scale up on what happened here. (real politics in action) This was just a group of people squished in until a few get pissed off enough to pan in a couple of windows while a dozen reporters get the story from two feet away. Charlie boy was never under much threat. These were only students after all; putting up with bongos in his big ears is all he would have to endure. Like the police van abandoned in the heart of the last protest with every camera on it, this was an easy enough shot to set up. You could be correct that the authorities never try to manage public opinion on matters but you are of course wrong.
  3. Strange that royal security managed to drive straight into a small breakaway group of (non-kettled) protesters; park up for two minutes in the middle of it and then get the story rushed onto our screens. Perhaps a little too strange. http://www.express.co.uk/posts/view/216776/They-hit-her-Rioters-struck-Camilla-with-a-stick Made for television; the whole bloody thing.
  4. How do you encourage those silly rape victims that breeding the future space children is more important than getting their life back to some kind of normality without the rapists family planning methods growing inside them? So is it that some people do not follow the exact same vision of how the Universe operates as you do that makes them more likely to be baby killers? If so, I think we're getting to the crux of your
  5. By authority; I take it you mean whatever passes as a governing body at the time and not any intellectual authority. ArabiaTerra covered the confusion with the terminology; this piece may help clear up the confusion in the rest of that sentence: If it's the idea that the law is always right; then try these insiders: http://www.leap.cc/cms/index.php http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ONh_Puj8Ccs&feature=player_embedded
  6. Yes I hear what you're saying but before I crawl round on my hands and knees to scrub your carpet; I'd just like to check if your genuine, real science is settled and that it's not just you trying to manufacture a consensus with something you found on the internet, just because it tastes right to you and goes nicely along with the chips on your shoulder. http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2010/01/100121155220.htm http://www.mdcbowen.org/p2/rm/sciam1.htm Hopefully this will be able to help your understanding further, on how to get over yourself. PS. Charlemagne is as far back as I've traced my ancestry but whatever he was doing with cow poop, he must have kept it to himself, for I can find no written record about it.
  7. As long as poverty and lack of education rule Gaza, there is no chance for a lasting peace in the Middle East. (And for balance) relief for them from either, is not in Israel's game plan.
  8. LoL, I Dunno ! Don't you of all people, bring me no jibba jabba about balance and bias on this thread. I'll post as I want to. Request lines are closed.
  9. I'd missed it this summer but found it a curious piece, in how a president was set in a very dangerous manner and yes this is not just an Israel thing or an Arab/Jew thing, in these days of interfaith and such like I like to keep an eye on these things and how they play out in the wider world. When I here of laws being abused in this manner, with a well spoken lady on the telly sitting as some sort of Israel representative, giving it, in civilized tones, that this is right and proper, without anybody pulling her up, as the lying, twisted faced git that she is, talking outright, plain to see sh1te, right at us. "Well you should see what them lot are doing over there" is no mitigation for this sort of abuse, while claiming the moral high ground. I don't feel the need to get drawn into debate, say, about someone standing waving a banner with "ISLAM WILL RULE THE WORLD AND WE MIGHT WELL NEED TO CHOP YOUR HEAD OFF WHEN WE DO" because there is a kind of brutal honesty with it; in that they are clearly telling any reasonable thinking person that they are an absolute f'kin nutjob with only the slightest grasp of reality. What caught me with this, is the absolute conviction a reasonable and well educated person will relate to others about a totally unacceptable verdict and by using an angle as poisonous as this. If any bloke didn't make it through their teenage years without the odd porky pie being used to shorten travel time to the desired destination with the girl of their weekend dreams; then the fact that a lawyer could use it to secure a conviction of rape, is something that is well needed to be looked at.
  10. I can just see the local cops faces, if I turned up at the station with that story, demanding that they bring the deviant to justice. Yeah, that Sharia law can be a tricky one. I'm not a fan as I'm sure I've stated in the past. Anyone who believes that having a justice system based around religion, is the way to go is sadly misguided or as I like to call them, morons. I understand that a great many Israelis will be offended by the verdict and see it for what it is but the point remains that the official viewpoint on this being given out to the world is one belonging to a racist idiot; as Mr Gibber very astutely observed. If he found a camp full of dilapidated, dead and dying prisoners; the victims of abuse and severe mistreatment, then I would in no way dispute it. That he went in there and had already heard all of the circulating tales about gassings, I don't doubt but surely you're not saying there were ongoing gassings while the camps were being liberated and if not then any information he may have passed on, that directed his opinion that mass gassings were carried out; I would consider valuable and interesting to hear.
  11. I don't know; lets ask the director of resource development at the association of rape crisis centres in Israel Why no; she seems to just repeat the sentiment, that this man is a filthy rapist because he lied about the nature of his genetic make up. Does this make the official Israel response to this incident, one of idiotic racism?
  12. Then you imagine wrong. I was and am, well willing and able to debate the nature of the "Holocaust" on the thread provided but this was not at all tolerable to you; to have the actual FACTS of the matter debated. No. Instead it became a non stop campaign of Partisan Guerrilla attacks and outright lies against my reasons for wanting openness and understanding of an event that still echos loudly throughout our world and which is very clearly, not at all what many have thought it was for a long time. I can understand why the odd newbie coming across the thread may be offended at the very idea of going against such a "given truth" with such "overwhelming" proof", as they so do like to think. I was more than a little shocked myself when I started to really look at the questions, so called proofs and hard data available. blind, prejudiced, and unreasoning allegiance to the given story by the majority makes a tiresome wall to bang ones head against, no matter what is offered it will be rejected outright, not because of what is said but just because it is said at all. If you wish to open the thread, then I'm there dude but I'm only interested in the facts of the case and not at all in the debate over the much misinterpreted reasons of why I hold such an opinion. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pF7Y7pAMtFk&feature=related
  13. "Arab guilty of rape after consensual sex with Jew" http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2010/jul/21/arab-guilty-rape-consensual-sex-jew Jesus wept!
  14. wut? http://translated.by/you/illuminati-the-game-of-conspiracy-rules/original/
  15. It sometimes seems amazing, how much profit that "stupid" turns over for some folk... http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-4430543376785758889#01h22m45s
  16. I understand why the stand point of absolute denial when seeing one part of the puzzle and if you only have a lifetime of old media to form your opinions, with no critical thinking needed; It must be a bit of a stretch to attempt to understand the extent of the thing, as you try to fit it into the context of 'the world according to what is already a fully written down and accepted history of how things work and interact'. Gorbachev has Bilderberg fingerprints all over him. Communism, like capitalism, is just an idea and it will be altered to suit the needs of whatever powerbase is using it on the day. Communism and capitalism can be shifted to big societyism or New World orderism with the same ease they plopped us over from Brown to Cameron or Bush to Obama, without ever having to worry what any pre election poll says. This is their power and this is their game. A few involved on the lower levels of need to know, may only have good intensions... but the road to hell is well paved with twin tower bricks and the lines painted for us in terror alert red; as old Osama lies, still rotting in the hole they buried him in before the big 9/11 show. This much is true. It is not at all really Communism and what it is, is not for the people and not by the people. False flags, terror alerts, economic crashes, wars and AGbloodyW are just a means to an end, to the man behind the curtain of police, at another informal meeting of those who think they are better than you, just because their bank statement tells them so. Almost had a little lol to myself today as I read your post, while watching the news, with the low income families in America, queuing up for emergency food hand outs; yet still managing to stick up for Obama as they're getting shafted.
  17. I don't know if that goes under strawman or association fallacy but whatever; the report on what Catherine Casey found, sounded exactly that; believable and not just an outright, extreme, vicious and very strange lie, as you seem to suggest. I'm not a cop but it sounded like a serious charge Dodd was making. Could this not be checked by releasing the report that sent Catherine insane, after she had got her first glimpse of the fangs of the beast? Or by checking the foundations vaults for the record itself. Surely if the claims are false then these good people deserve to have their names cleared. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Norman_Dodd The American Historical Association’s Report on the Commission on Social Studies supports these claims. That's only dug out of Wikpedia mind you, so if you're also going for that being an outright lie or a typo; then go find and check the original report but don't be surprised if it says just what was said it says.
  18. I'll just leave this here: If you start at 14 minutes in, you get to the gist of what's here but you may find it worth your time sitting through the lot. Of course, there will be those who can not and will not ever entertain evidence that in any way goes against what they have been taught; because as Mr Dodd says... "It's a very rough experience to encounter proof of these kinds" but some of you may find what he has to say rather interesting. Weigh it up as you see fit.
  19. You may find they are not alone in that. So the Guardian has learned that the Koch brothers laid the tables for the Tea Party or that BP and several other big European companies are funding the midterm election campaigns of Tea Party favourites who deny the existence of global warming or oppose Barack Obama's energy agenda. They're not the first to connect the dots and debunk the Tea Party movement’s “grassroots†front funded by the pile of money the Koch family made working for the Bolsheviks in the late 1920s and early 1930s, building refineries, training Communist engineers and laying down the foundation of Soviet oil infrastructure. lol. This is just business. Show business really and the floor show is in full swing. The Koch bros may have only been given a bit part and not the full script and may not be aware they were to be swallowed by a larger body before climate change is given lead role as the engine for the new economy in the New World Order, once the world reserve currency has bogged off to a stage somewhere in China. Anyway, the Koch brothers, like BP and the rest likely have investors confidence to consider and must be seen to put up some kind of fight against the imposed public consensus of AGW. I don't attend many board meetings myself but I imagine there is the odd bit of bluff an bs used now and then and perhaps a situation demands that tact is preferable to truth. Bring me something worthwhile. Lets hear a report on, say, Peter Sutherland the ex chairman of British Petroleum, buying cakes for the teaparty; or is he prevented from taking on the part because of other roles? such as being credited as being "the father of globalization", European Chairman of the Trilateral Commission. He is on the steering committee of the Bilderberg Group and non-executive Chairman of Goldman Sachs International (yes them), vice chairman of the European Round Table of Industrialists, a member of the advisory council of Business for New Europe who was a director of the Royal Bank of Scotland Group. Many fingers, many pies. I was right to take a rain check on the Tea Party then. A wash out before it ever began, which strengthens the manufactured consensus by infusing public indignation. Nope, no surprise.
  20. http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/greenspace/2010/09/prop-23-big-oil-chevron.html
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