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  1. If I found one grenade with the pin out; I'd run for it but two with both pins out, would make it a pretty safe bet that both were duds. [DISCLAIMER]: (Don't blame me if you get blown up betting on it though)
  2. COD-MW2 online Turns out you can get into heaven with an AK47 Boosters beware, you subhuman scum; I'll find you, I'll find you.
  3. They wont be giving up on oil; more likely they keep pumping while using there considerable influence, money and power to gain as much of a foothold in the new scheme of things as possible. If every car was taken off the roads and every streetlight was turned off; we're still going to need oil. The oil won't be running out anytime soon... http://business.timesonline.co.uk/tol/business/industry_sectors/natural_resources/article3207311.ece and since it's abiotic and not really a fossil fuel; perhaps never.
  4. Diversified oil companies will stand to profit from dipping into alternative forms of pies.
  5. Who shot J.R ? Nobody! that's just Television. Why would they need to manufacture anything against man made climate change? They just pump out less oil at an ever higher price. Big companies swallow up smaller ones, workers get payed off and we pick up the tab. The real J.R wont be clearing his desk anytime soon; he'll just up your bill and jet around, looking for more pies to stick his greasy fingers in. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/14733060/ Claims by climate change alarmists that “deniers†are all funded by oil companies is yet another crudely contrived hoax. In reality, oil companies are the most vocal proponents of man-made climate change and the most aggressive in pushing to tax CO2 emissions.
  6. You start with the money men and work your way down from there. Manufactured consensus will promote what it is created for. I'm still wondering why the Bilderberg boys were talking about "Global Cooling", at their little get together. Any ideas?
  7. I think he uses it, not so much to mark every individual environmentalist as a zealot but more to give his opinion of the general feel of the whole thing and the way it has evolved. There is no quarter given to anyone who may be interested in how, why and when climates shift and the measures put in place to cope; unless they are on there knees bowing to the theory of AGW and chanting that the only way forward is to strip the people of the world of more cash and more rights, You can't say your own faith in it being manmade, has not come across as seeming to be unshakable.
  8. David Talbott from the thunderbolts project, brings down some truths that are out there and everywhere...
  9. Well maybe you haven't been speaking to the right rainbows...
  10. http://forum.thescubasite.com/confused/confused0077.gif
  11. Does it not seem the way, that Mr C is saying just about much the same kind of things that you have been screaming bloody murder at me for throughout our time together? Except he even states that bloodshed and death are the only cure against the powerful people. How does Mr Cs statement relate to your "realist" outlook, when it comes to "powerful people, who might have a plan"? because it seems to me from your posts, that you yourself label people "conspiracy theorists" with as much a mocking sneer as you can muster, just for entertaining an idea and what do you see as the difference in what you and your label gun have tagged as "extremist" in me? Your opening statement, was to say you conduct yourself "very very poorly" in discussions of this type and I can see that now. You went on to promise me, I would be treated to every ounce of contempt you thought I deserved; with which, among other things like false assumptions, outright lies and petty name calling; came an offer for me to take my own life. You initiated and deliberately provoked the situation you are now bawwing about and blaming me for.
  12. Really? I would have thought Carlins line of thinking would have you see him marched with every ounce of contempt into a "conspiracy theorist" camp.
  13. I believe in not believing. I try not to believe anything, which is not the same as believing nothing. Even though nothing is not something, believing in nothing is still believing, and I try not to do that.
  14. Don't make me have to come over there and change your opinions manually. http://serve.mysmiley.net/evilgrin/evilgrin0036.gif
  15. It's gettin a bit primary school playground in here. If you just came to throw insults at me instead of discussing the topic then feel free to PM me, where you can spit and rant at me all you want and I can explain at length to you, just how much of a little idiot you are.
  16. "The breadth of images will, in fact, appear quite meaningless until we find a new vantage point, one permitting us to discern the archetype, the original form that preceded the symbols and gave them their mythological context."
  17. Well exactly but until the majority, who think that all there is to see is water vapour; pull their collective heads out of their asses and look up, this is unlikely to change.
  18. lolwut! If you check your history, you will find that this was written a considerable time before either Wilbur or Orville Wright were born; making any link between a Hopi interpretation or foreknowledge of future events and the topic at hand, highly unlikely. Perhaps you've failed to interpret the data correctly.
  19. Why have there been no "transatlantic rushes" of late? or any planes or trails of any kind? The skies are back to their natural puff ball shapes, when without fail when the trails have been left and spread out, the clouds assume an inevitable ploughed out ripple effect before moving into a thick haze; losing all edges and form. I'm old enough to remember when you could hear when a plane went past with a trail, that was always gone within seconds or minutes at the very most and nothing like the mess seen now. Most people who refuse to accept any posible connection, will not be putting in any study time to look for one. The brain can be quite useful at seeing patterns but the eyes must be engaged before any data can be received. There is now a constant media position pushed, that if anyone does ask the question, that they are to be dealt out the most vile abuse for bothering to entertain the idea and be treated with; as troll boy NorthernXposure, badly spelt out "every ounce of contempt you diserve" which when repeated enough, helps keep the herd in line and encourage others not to leave their fairytale comfort zone, where the powers that be don't just see them as something in the way, of a wider operation.
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