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  1. Biggest Thing in Universe Found—Defies Scientific Theory http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2013/01/130111-quasar-biggest-thing-universe-science-space-evolution/ No surprise!
  2. Nanoo Nanoo, tae dee too. http://oi49.tinypic.com/oh8dfs.jpg (can't sit here spaekin shazbot all night.)
  3. I went round for a peek in their window, to check the claim... There were girls in the front There were girls in the back And there were girls pettin' squirrels And there were squirrels smokin' crack With an old Navy Seal and the DEA And a loaded automatic just to blow me all away The place looks clean to me.
  4. Redshift is induced by plasma and there's a lot of it about. http://vixra.org/pdf/1105.0010v1.pdf
  5. ^Didn't read, lol. Anyway; No!!! Now can anyone explain why laser induced plasma redshift, is not relevent data when considering the expansion model against an electrical explanation? Here's some youtube, while you think about it.
  6. http://oi47.tinypic.com/al2how.jpg http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0030402608000089 Observations of plasma redshift in the lab, tend to be ignored.
  7. Oh yeah; this was your only other and also main line...Anyone who is not as academically advanced as you are, with ideas outside of textbook cosmology, is a snot nosed punk just wanting to be different. This has been repeated throughout your time here and it's why I don't give a s*it about anything you say. It's none of your business if I'm 12, with an IQ to match. I don't care what you think you know and will describe my universe as I see fit. Arguing semantics, but if you insist; the main ideas are there, with a growing consensus involving some of these. They offer no description of a beginning or end in time or space. It can and does sound crazy to many (unlike dark energy which can expand from nothing to keep up with the imagined expanding universe and lose no power while doing so) who have been brought up on a theory, where until recently, almost every info source said...the science is settled and relativity is proven true many times over. It's not! Electric universe is not considered in any university class and Brian bloody Cox sure as hell wont tell you that it's a viable hypothesis. Yes people involved have a range of theories. Although it's been around a lot longer in one form or another than relativity; it has been much suppressed since and only now are people reclaiming it in numbers. It's coming along a bundle and yes just like any mainstream science there are differing theories. It's like I always say...(ahem)...Understanding this mysterious world of plasma is not easy. With its complex rules of motion, the study of plasmas is rife with minute details to be teased out. Understanding the mechanics behind all these events requires collating and categorizing an entire zoo of waves and processes. Anyones work may be but one piece of a larger puzzle, but together, teasing out the motions of plasmas will help scientists describe the laws of motion that govern the entire universe. Well I'm learning more, as fast as I can. I only figured out Einstein was wrong myself; the whole electric universe thing thing just kinda shined out there and soon became the most viable alternative. Reposting stuff is a great way to inform others, who may not otherwise see such things; a first glimpse if you will. Even youtube Brian. Of course, many will laugh at the idea that any true facts can be presented on an open, visual and audio media channel. Some however, may give it some attention or interest and some may find something to take with them. Well; check em! I don't have to know how to change a light bulb, to know a description that makes much clearer sense over your mad spinning star idea and this was one of now countless better descriptions being offered. Your black holes are no more than distant radio sources but your descriptions suck more than jesus walking on the water. I just like to share and I'm just here to share this new information and the idea of our electric Universe. How about that ball lightning Brian? do I get at least 1 point for saying it was likely some kinda plasma; instead of the hallucination theory, proposed by physicists?
  8. You don't know the first thing about the Electric Universe idea; that much is crystal clear. Try your hand calling it insane on the thunderbolts project boards; where they will politely show you for the ignorant numpty you are. You have not been exposed to it because you are not supposed to be. God help you if you ever think you can attempt to decode this universe by trying to understand how we are electrically connected to it. They trained you stupid and they did an excellent job. Have you seen all the intergalactic filaments of dark matter? Did you never wonder if anything else could be filamentary? Filamentation is a normal behavior for currents in a plasma but dark matter? Oh come on!!! What about this ball lightning thing that Brian seems so keen to avoid? Lets check out your schools ideas first: http://www.tgdaily.com/general-sciences-features/49822-ball-lightning-could-be-hallucination-say-physicists or Me; I've been here a few years now saying, ball lightning, UFO's crop circles and whatnot are plasma phenomena but well done to the mainstream; even if it took them till this month to get closer to the truth with this little gem... Could you please point out, how when I said it; which part was insane? compared to this new published claim about this crazy electric field idea? Patronizing in the extreme are you, with your "There are no absolutes in a scientific theory" Read the boards before you attempt any more obfuscation. Note... I was the one that pointed out that "all models are wrong" What is terribly important, is that the Electric Universe ideas are just better at explaining what can be seen on a cosmic scale. Oh! and they can clearly show the relationships between plasma formations in space and plasma formations drawn on ancient stone and plasma formations in the lab. Plus, it just makes a lot more sense. While you had your head stuck up your black holes; thinking..."nobody seems to have come up with anything yet". Perhaps you have missed the growth of the electric universe on all boards and every comments page on every other latest NASA news release; as more and more eyes open to the obvious truth denied to them so long about our electromagnetic universe. Scientists, electrical engineers, mathematicians and many more, join in ever greater numbers to the multi disciplinary movement. You can twiddle with your hypercubes until you make Graham's number bleed but you cant hide the plasma interactions out there, for much longer. Brian's one claim throughout; has been that you must believe what they calculate is out there, using only their maths based theory. That the universe is impossible to understand, if you don't understand the higher maths and the Plasma out there has frig all effect on the larger scales, as it only makes up 99.99% of the universe. People on the whole are gutless and stupid and would rather go with the flow than ever question, let alone challenge what television given truths are out there. It's not my problem.
  9. http://news.discovery.com/earth/ball-lightning-121012.html MYSTERY OF BALL LIGHTNING SOLVED? Silly me and here's me been calling it a plasmoid; a word which means plasma-magnetic entity. tsk! And this solves the plasma ball killing bugs inside a cockpit window problem how..?
  10. Not really useful if the theory the maths is used to reinforce; was wrong to begin with. The maths now only seem to evolve ever more insane ideas, in order to fit observations that would otherwise falsify the ruling paradigm. Big bang, expansion, dark energy, dark matter, strange matter, neutron stars, black holes, dark flow, and many, many more, never observed entities. Blowing warp bubbles, down wormholes. Did you think the dark matter describe what you "observed" or did the mathematics lead you to believe this was the only solution to such a hugh galactic, gravitational, anomaly between the sums and the Suns... the actual observation. It's twisting facts to suit theories; not theories to suit facts. Do you really believe that if they already had radio telescopes and plasma physics and knew that the Universe was 99.99% plasma; on the day Einstein turned in his relativity paper; that it would ever have passed muster?
  11. Same old story. Math man speak with forked tongue! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Plasma_cosmology http://phys.org/news/2012-07-heliophysics-nugget-plasma.html
  12. http://www.sjcrothers.plasmaresources.com/bridgman.pdf http://www.sjcrothers.plasmaresources.com/REPLY.pdf /thread
  13. This is how you define conspiracy theory here? Any view point outside of published academia. Tsk! Shetlink!...Always ready to take a step backward into the future; one small mind at a time. I get your point though. There are less constrained sites with some remaining moral authority and interest in interesting things available on the net.
  14. In this case, where such ideas are never before heard of; it gives a quick, broad, overview. I assure you there is much more meat in the pudding, than the youtube shorts from the thunderbolts project. You think Brian Cox on BBC1 is any different?
  15. http://dealingwithcreationisminastronomy.blogspot.co.uk/2012/09/death-by-electric-universe-ii-solar.html Kinda ironic that Tom Bridgman calls his blog "Dealing with Creationism in Astronomy" when there is nothing more creationist than the Big Bang myth in science. Believers are the ultimate cosmic creationists. The electric universe model is inherently non creationist. http://www.mikamar.biz/sc-sk/scientism-1.htm Don't be daft; the ball lightning is more pointing to the truth of the matter. It is your Sun that sucks. “Today, nothing is more important to the future and credibility of science than liberation from the gravity-driven universe of prior theory. A mistaken supposition has not only prevented intelligent and sincere investigators from seeing what would otherwise be obvious, it has bred indifference to possibilities that could have inspired the sciences for decades.†-Wallace Thornhill- I get the theory. I said I wasn't guessing the composition of the material that makes up the Sun's crust, until I have data. Misinterpretation and outright lies is a poor approach and besides we have Gibber here to supply that already. Back to Mars... Lol bloody wut? They don't just want to draw a magic picture full of half assed assumptions, built atop other half assed assumptions; like your much loved lot do. They want this proven using provable methods and yes it is still a work very much in progress.
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