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  1. Not only the Kurgon is biggest and best but the voice of Mr Krabs in SpongeBob to boot. mind=blown
  2. Lets not forget its real meaning... http://oi43.tinypic.com/2yzlkyb.jpg There is no escape so you might as well enjoy it.
  3. If we could just get something faster than the dial up speed we seem to have been reduced to up north for over a month now, it would be something.
  4. uninteresting thread gets interesting ^http://oi40.tinypic.com/2lmufs2.jpg Heard it all before... Stroll on.
  5. Dey dunna trade dem, bit gie dim awiy is early christmas presints, oh twa ton novelty ashtrays tae incomin soothmoothers. Hit geis dim a guid starter fur stuff tae whine aboot.
  6. Most likely been dumped off for an Amenity Trust pick up.(cough)
  7. It's hard to say which magic spot got hit first really... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EfJ0EopZ2zk
  8. A nice pair of crowd pleasers: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lm6gkpSC9bQ&feature=related
  9. The old man used to have this guy on tape and when I was about six he was the funniest thing I'd ever heard. I never got his jokes or understood the songs but loved them anyhow. I'm still not sure what the hell the pontypool front row is, apart from something to do with Welsh rugby but here's Max anyway.
  10. I remember first having a couple of those on tape, in the early nineties. I recall, they would mostly end up being ejected from the tape deck, by my so called mates of the time, only to be replaced (to my ever increasing horror) by the bloody Shamen, or some such like. Haven't caught up with most the others there yet. Assimilation now in progress... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kQlFDGqxl_M&feature=related Feels good man.
  11. In the perhaps naive hope of a slower moving pace and to avoid all the,...well, you know I'm skipping over here to drop one or two. One poptastic, skid mark from the vaults... Velvet Acid Christ; a recent addition to my pile, that is already nudging ahead of the aggrotech of Combichrist on mePod playcounts listing... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BrC1ZPy7jaM And this because just because... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GqyIlsP-7YU&feature=related
  12. Full of win! Fat Mike has a mouth made of angel farts.
  13. When I get tired of listening to the same old crap...: I like to go looking for the same old crap, sunged by other people...: It's not quite the original but I thunk it quite original nonetheless.
  14. Some people can't handle this kinda thing but if you want some real ghastly horror rolled out...
  15. I think I already did... But if you need more... http://www.physicsmyths.org.uk/gps.htm Could it be, that once again the mainstream are pointing to itty-bitty intervals as proof of their theories but dismissing gigantic discrepancies against them as being inconclusive? When it comes to dark matter; the emperor has no clothes but you still want me to explain why I think his socks aren't blue. Blatant misrepresentation and underrepresentation. A complete and utter, outright, total lie. I found some stuff relating, on page 4 of this one: http://plasmauniverse.info/downloads/CosmologyPeratt.pdf More about Anthony L. Peratt's Galaxy formation here: http://www.plasma-universe.com/Galaxy_formation a few more of Anthony L. Peratt's papers/articles that pinpoints what Plasma Cosmology is about here: http://plasmauniverse.info/downloads/PerattPlasmaCosmology1W&I.pdf http://plasmauniverse.info/downloads/PerattPlasmaCosmology2W&I.pdf Here are a list of papers by Anthony Peratt related to Plasma Cosmology: http://plasmauniverse.info/papers.html Central papers by Hannes Alfven, related to Plasma Cosmology: http://plasmauniverse.info/downloads/CosmologyAlfven.pdf http://www.plasmauniverse.info/downloads/ModelOfTPU_Alfven.pdf And a couple from Donald E Scott relating to an Electric Sun: http://members.cox.net/dascott3/IEEE-TransPlasmaSci-Scott-Aug2007.pdf http://members.cox.net/dascott3/SDLIEEE.pdf All that is well and good but why don't we deal with some of the Elephants in the room that seem to be in your blind spots... Comet Holmes is a personal favorite of mine. Just how does an Elephant with a diameter half that of the Sun even fit in the room... http://www.thunderbolts.info/thunderblogs/archives/guests08/032908_guest_swall.htm How Brian; just bloody HOW? I know what some experts will say... Now to say time dilation is a bizarre concept is one thing but to say that Comet Holmes was just gassing out some ice on its way away from the Sun; is (imho) just plain retarded. Then there's Wallace Thornhill. Ranked by your home team as the king of the cranks. Just how does he get so many predictions right? You're good with sums so just what the hell does this add up to in your big book of facts? And there's more... And there's more... Then more, then even more still... http://www.thunderbolts.info/thunderblogs/archives/goodspeed08/011008another_thornhill_prediction_confirmed.htm Maybe you're right, in that I have brushed some things relating to relativity aside but if you can't even consider the electric alternative when it comes to Comet Holmes and Thornhills predictions; then you and the high priests of cosmology are driving King Kongs bulldozer into a pit of unending ignorance.
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