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  1. My "Blue Cheater" favs were when they got their garden smashed up, when John Noakes blubed for a good ten minutes on TV when shep died oh yeah and when they dug up their time time capsules to find they were water laden soggy old ruined sh*te. I was quite lucky to see these gems as I remember the show was the king crap of kids TV when I was young, any misfortune they suffer is their own karmatic fault for the pain they caused so many by sacking the eternally sexy sultry Janit Ellis just for getting preggars unmarried. her likes were never seen again on kids TV until Sarah Jane honeywell got the job on Tinkerbella. So stuff them if they dont lose the contract I wish never ending dysentery on every pet they take on air. The Elephant is still a hero of mine, he got to do what I could only dream of.
  2. I sure cant justify the money I spent at the last one, but here's hoping the hangover I had after the last one will have cleared up before they return.
  3. Well that seemed to cap this debate, pity I was kinda enjoying it up till that one came up. no offence like but I hope you dont pull it out at partys. the speech I mean of course, it is a bit of a mood killer. P.S. Do you have a team, how would you know if say a transexual infiltrated it I'm a bit hazy on the subject. In fact never mind hazys good I like hazy. oh well is that the time, I'll just get me coat.
  4. weel family joowels tae dee too, bit maybe doos right I wiz being a bit tough on da dug and me choice of name wiz innapropriate being that it's female the correct term I guess would be that she really is a "BITCH". Funnily enough me neighbours female too but being that I have an irony deficiency I better sit and ponder on it.
  5. But it's a wittle bear, a itty bitty wittle bear, so cute give it here I'll bring it up proper like it can have the cat food, {'f' it was funny in Father Ted 'eck'} it it can have the cats, I'll hug it and pet it and teach it to fight let it practice on me (** MOD EDIT **) neigbours (** MOD EDIT **) dug, in a few month I could make one cute wittle slavering death machine, stick it in a pit where it could fight whatever you throw at it and help my itty bitty bank account. (** MOD EDIT ** - mind noo me peerie joowel dat dis is a family site!)
  6. Lets just get it all over and done with in a oner I'm really sorry to the neanderthal people for stealing your land and relegating you to papa westry, sorry to the slaves, sorry to the girls over the voting thing, sorry for the witch burnings as well,and the sheep clearences, sorry to the animals for keeping eating you, sorry to my cat over the litter tray inncident it wasn't your fault I know I should have cleaned it earlier. I am just really really sorry and I'm sorry to all of you for the time I stole from your life reading bad taste posts, I am I'm sorry I mean it. There all friends now can we get on.
  7. seems the poxy runners of this site have little room for any real discussing thanks for another black out guys you leave a lot of room for debate really ok you made your sides clear I'm surprised your puritanical church lets you on the web at all thought you'd all be in bed cuddling your bibles by now free speech my a*@e
  8. can anyone come up with a way for me to impersonally slag off tirval without it being deleted by nazi site overseers, yeh yeh we all know of his genius but I fear for his head getting big and popping if noone can balance it out I darent email him he knows bigger nastier words than me and might reply.
  9. sorry about typing on last entry was a bit drunk at time, ran out of blo and fell through that damn gateway theory again.
  10. tlady wrote: <---snip---> 4 of them were barred on separate occasions for repeatedly smoking cannabis, they couldnt do without it! even after being warned that even out the back of the pub was still "on the premises"..... 3 of that 4 are now DEAD --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Erm, christ, were to start with this one. Right first of sorry again FJOOL love ya really can we just call our first meet a missfire. (**mod edit**) who the do you find that still believes booze is the healthy option when alcohol and tobacco kill more than all illegal drugs combind times 1000. Marihuana a drug that kills noone and lets put it in a time frame EVER. It's a better drug here I'll prove it, your on a night out someones really aggresive and violent are they drunk or are they stoned yeh you know it and we all know the truth too (**mod edit**)
  11. a'right maybe that last bit got fired from the hip a bit, hadn't read all previous pages nothing personal there what I meant to growl aboot was that what people get up to in concern to others is the business of society where as what they do to themselves is their own, with perhaps the exeption of friends and family not the state. Drink driving, smoking in pubs, or murdering people may be desirable options but if the greater whole frowns on such action it is the duty of a citizen to comply. If you want to live in mossbank, stab your eye out and cut a ball off and blame it on the mushrooms then thats your own perogative, though perhaps some counciling could be made available but no matter what the choice it belongs to the person concerned unless their sectioned under the mentel health whatsit, but policing and criminilising those who dabble is a broken pencil. sorry bout the nose thing I'm sure it's level and lovley. P.S. nice pussy by the way.
  12. Fjool wrote: I maintain that some measure of control is necessary. Should it be legal to 'spike' people, for example? ---------------------------------------------------------- your argument is irrelevent. To drink drive, spike people, or perform open heart surgery while smoking is putting another at risk against their will and has nothing to do with this debate. where as what you do with your own body in your own time hurting noone, is your own business, and has nothing to do with pigs or politics."whosoever lays hands on me to govern is an usurper and a tyrant and I declare them my enemy". where do you control freaks draw the line, perhaps make everyone jog ten mile a day by law as a health incentive, or lock up and starve the fatties till they comply with surgeon genereral weight specifications. perhaps you just need someone to look down your nose at to take your mind of your own failings.[/u]
  13. when a law becomes unworkable and ridiculous it is the duty of every citizen to break it.
  14. In the absence of any convincing evidence that cannabis is an especially dangerous drug, another justification for preventing people from using it is that although it may not be dangerous in itself, it can lead to harder drugs. The gateway theory is riddled with errors-both of logic and of fact. Many people continue to believe the escalation theory because they would like it to be true. There is one vestige of truth in the escalation theory, but this has much more to do with the reasons why people want to take drugs and the social circumstances in which they take them than with any property of cannabis itself. many people who use cannabis have a general intrest in the use of drugs to change their consciousness. Because they must obtain it illegally they are likely to come into contact with members of the drug subculture who have access to other drugs. It is not entirely surprising that some cannabis users should experiment with these drugs, a few may go on to become dependent upun these, but under the circumstances, it is remarkable that so few cannabis users progress to other drugs. REMEMBER a wise man once said, "It is a capital mistake to theorise before one has data.
  15. There are few points of general agreement with respect to the control of drugs. But one thing which should no longer be in doubt is that laws do not stop the use of drugs. The earliest record of prohibitionist thought can probably be credited to an Egyptian priest who in 200 BC wrote:'I, thy superior, forbid thee to go to the taverns. Thou art degraded like the beasts.' By the 16th century,a German prince was offering financial rewards to anyone who gave information leading to the conviction of coffee drinkers; and a century later the Czar of Russia executed anyone found in possession of tobacco. The only purpose for which power can be rightfully exercised over any member of a civilised community, against his will, is to prevent harm to others. His own good, either physical or moral, is not a sufficient warrant.
  16. Ha ha ha, offer Tirval a job. Like it, ha ha ha ha ha haaaaaa.
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