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    KOYAANISQATSI reacted to NullVoid in black lives matter   
    Which point?
    African Diaspora in the west moving to some of the relatively stable countries south of the Sahara
    Prominent BLM figures like Shaun king and how they seek to inject partisan politics into the situation.
    I also mentioned Transracial Rachel Dolezal who was the president of a chapter of National Association for the Advancement of Colored People
    she was white btw
    Its such a nightmare being a minority in the first world that people are starting to go to extreme lengths to become one
    I thought the "Return" to Africa movement was relevant to BLM and recommended 2 YT channels
    1 covering Africa exclusively and another covering the various groups of peoples around the world.
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    KOYAANISQATSI reacted to Ghostrider in Brexit (merged threads)   
    Keeping on doing the same thing repeatedly hoping for a different result is a sign of something else though.
    I'm all for democracy, but if you re-run the same vote too close together that process begins to work against democracy by blocking progress.
    As a safeguard against preventing progress, voting again on the same subject IMHO should only happen on one or more of three grounds, the result was in dispute, significant material and/or circumstantial changes have occurred that could reasonably be expected to have altered the opinions of a notable percentage of those eligible to vote, or a period of time has elapsed that natural wastage/maturity has caused a turnover in those eligible to vote adequate to potentially produce a significantly different outcome.
    None of the above apply to calls to re-run the Brexit referendum, the only excuses put forth to support it is that a few are claiming they were too stupid/ignorant/lazy to know what they were voting for last time, and a few politicians patronisingly trying to tell the rest of us that we 'couldn't possibly understand' what was involved.
    To the former, all I can say is, your shortcomings aren't my f**king problem, you made your bed, so lie in it, and to the latter, all I can say is, do you understand either? As the monkey house antics in Holyrood, Westminster and Brussels on the subject ever since the vote, convinced me long ago you don't.
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    KOYAANISQATSI reacted to Shetland_boys in Donald Trump (poll)   
    let get rid of theresa may and get trump here in charge, this brexit thing is a joke
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    KOYAANISQATSI got a reaction from Davie P in Donald Trump (poll)   
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    KOYAANISQATSI reacted to redrobbie in Donald Trump (poll)   
    Here is the ''unbiased '' US media reaction to Trumps victory . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XnTnpN2H34A&fbclid=IwAR0FhJZ7ake73TnTQMOi-NQsD-99XCT6kHN70yJDmi107YrkirW4wuwwumc
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    KOYAANISQATSI reacted to redrobbie in Tommy Robinson stitched-up   
    Good article from Douglas Murray about this case https://www.nationalreview.com/2018/05/tommy-robinson-grooming-gangs-britain-persecutes-journalist/
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    KOYAANISQATSI reacted to rgibson in Tommy Robinson stitched-up   
    His talk/interview in Oxford University shows what kind of character he is. That is a precursor to the video in my previous post. Where he is actually allowed to discuss what the state was doing with all the illegal arrests and blackmail. He and his whole family were threatened by Scotland Yard multiple times then he was threatened with further jail time if he spoke about it during his license conditions.
    I know I'm going on about it but it wasn't until a month or so ago I thought he was a neo nazi thug. I like to think I'm a good judge of character and immune to media bias but in this case I was wrong.
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    KOYAANISQATSI reacted to Ghostrider in Tommy Robinson stitched-up   
    Which is how it should be, and its all turds and giggles until someone or group arbitarily redraws that line at a different place for themselves than everybody else, or some other group does it for them, and insists everybody else adheres to it, or they set on with all the wailing and gnashing of teeth about 'discrimination' when anybody politely and quite rightly tries to point out that by redrawing that line they're discriminating against everybody else, which is the place we seem to be at in the present.
    It gained ground in the 80's when looney leftie London Councils insisted their payrolls contained the decided percentage of one legged lesbians of colour and every other 'minority' going, despite the fact as often as not there were others from across the board better qualified for the position, and no one legged lesbians of colour interested in it, and were allowed to get away with it. That now has grown in to a monster where individuals and groups are abusing the principle of anti-discrimination by doing things that may be acceptable in some country or society, or maybe not, but are very definitely not acceptable in ours, and then play the 'culture', 'race', 'religion' card to try and get off with it, or at least minimise it, and jump up and down about 'discrimination' if they don't.
    If a Brit moves to most Middle Eastern countries and is seen drinking alcohol, or in the case of a woman, walks down the street in a mini skirt and low cut top, they'll have there ass thrown in jail for a long time. Yet if someone from the Middle East moves here some of them at least appear to expect to be vrtually immune from the things we prohibit that are 'normal' where they come from - that's a 'heads I win, tails you lose' situation, for them, and discriminatory against the rest of us.
    Multi-culturalism is not working out quite as the plan said it would, as a society we need to openly, politely and respectfully discuss the problem areas. Shouting down anybody with accusations of one 'ism' or 'phobe' or another if they so much dare as raise a point that falls even slightly short of praise of how things are, and a Government and justiciary who seem more interested in pandering to whoever shouts loudest and makes most fuss to gloss over it, and quietly sweeping as much under the carpet as they can, can only make things go from bad to worse.
    A neglected wound will only grow - If multi-culturism and mimimal discrimination is to work, equality needs to be seen to be coming down from the top, and issues need to be thrashed out at ground level and mutual respect established. Favouritism, actual or perceived coming down from the top, and attempted to be enforced with a big stick, can only feed resentment, deepen divides and reinforce a them and us climate on the ground.
    Equality needs to be seen to be applied, when one group regardless whether they are identifiable by race, culture, gender, sexual orientation or whatever behaves in a certain way towards others and nobody bats an eyelid, yet when others return the compliment they are accused of 'stirring hatred', you have the untenable situation we have right now.
    You needn't look further than that Robinson video, the old Bill lifted Robinson for breach of the peace, fine, but did they lift the dude who hurled abuse at Robinson, not as far as anyone knows. I fail to see how they weren't at least as bad as each other in what they said and did, so why the different, and apparent preferential/discriminatory treatment?
    As long as we all see daily examples of that kind of thing going on, the situation can only deterioriate.
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    KOYAANISQATSI got a reaction from Colin in Tommy Robinson stitched-up   
    All mainstream party politicians are bound by PC guidelines and terrified of speaking out against the far left narrative that now rules our establishments.
    The courts, media, police, regressive leftists and the uninformed television viewers, simply follow suit.
    A sorry state of affairs indeed.

    Tommy Robinson is neither far right or racist but this is their only weapon against him... slander, lies and manipulation of our laws, in order to silence him and many others now waking up and speaking out on the facts about "the religion of peace"

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    KOYAANISQATSI got a reaction from Felix in Windhouse - Yell   
    Never heard more about the refurb.
    Hope the new owners didn'a get grabbed by the ghoulies.
    Beside the myth and legend of the place, it does seem to have a colourful history around it:
    ^(overkeen Shetlink pottymouth guard made a nungawump of ye olde spelling)
    The crest is a main feature on the building but there seems little out there to say who it belongs to:
    Buggrd if I could find it's origin onyway.
    Maybe someone who knows more than diddly-squat, could enlighten.
    More lore here:
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    KOYAANISQATSI reacted to Ghostrider in EU   
    Embarrassed to be a Shetlander this morning.
    I dunno what 6907 of us figures comprises the local economy, as they just stabbed the main indigenous industries in the back.
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    KOYAANISQATSI reacted to George. in EU   
    Britain has never been a democracy and as long as there is a House of Lords and a royal family it never will be.
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    KOYAANISQATSI reacted to George. in EU   
    Leave. Look what they've done to Shetlands fishing industry - with no good reason.
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    KOYAANISQATSI got a reaction from Da Burra Shop in Climate Change & Global Warming   
    Cheers MJ
    Here's the rest of it...
    " He certainly didn't give any indications otherwise. I also assume he understood the inherent inaccuracies of these types of models. There are no exact values for the coefficients in models such as these. There are only ranges of potential values. By moving a bunch of these parameters to one side or the other you can usually get very different results, often (surprise) in line with your initial beliefs.
    I realized that my work for the EPA wasn't that of a scientist, at least in the popular imagination of what a scientist does. It was more like that of a lawyer. My job, as a modeler, was to build the best case for my client's position. The opposition will build its best case for the counter argument and ultimately the truth should prevail.

    If opponents don't like what I did with the coefficients, then they should challenge them. And during my decade as an environmental consultant, I was often hired to do just that to someone else's model. But there is no denying that anyone who makes a living building computer models likely does so for the cause of advocacy, not the search for truth.

    Surely the scientific community wouldn't succumb to these pressures like us money-grabbing consultants. Aren't they laboring for knowledge instead of profit? If you believe that, boy do I have a computer model to sell you.

    The academic community competes for grants, tenure and recognition; consultants compete for clients. And you should understand that the lines between academia and consultancy are very blurry as many professors moonlight as consultants, authors, talking heads, etc.

    Let's be clear: I am not saying this is a bad thing. The legal system is adversarial and for the most part functions well. The same is true for science. So here is my advice: Those who are convinced that humans are drastically changing the climate for the worse and those who aren't should accept and welcome a vibrant, robust back-and-forth. Let each side make its best case and trust that the truth will emerge.

    Those who do believe that humans are driving climate change retort that the science is "settled" and those who don't agree are "deniers" and "flat-earthers." Even the president mocks anyone who disagrees. But I have been doing this for a long time, and the one thing I have learned is how hard it is to convince people with a computer model. The vast majority of your audience will never, ever understand the math behind it. This does not mean people are dumb. They usually have great BS detectors, and when they see one side of a debate trying to shut down the other side, they will most likely assume it has something to hide, has the weaker argument, or both.

    Eventually I got out of the environmental consulting business. In the 1990s I went into a completely different industry, one that was also data intensive and I thought couldn't be nearly as controversial: health care. But that's another story."
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    KOYAANISQATSI got a reaction from Suffererof1crankymofo in consumer rights in Shetland ?   
    Thanks for the replies.
    The matter has now been resolved.
    Upon third attempt, the head honcho was at last spoken to and full refund has been promised.
    No harm no foul (although a little staff extra training in customer rights could have made this faster)... faith in toonie traders now fully restored.
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    KOYAANISQATSI got a reaction from Scorrie in consumer rights in Shetland ?   
    Thanks for the replies.
    The matter has now been resolved.
    Upon third attempt, the head honcho was at last spoken to and full refund has been promised.
    No harm no foul (although a little staff extra training in customer rights could have made this faster)... faith in toonie traders now fully restored.
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    KOYAANISQATSI reacted to Scorrie in Nice girl   
    I know a single young lady who loves going for walks on deserted beaches, I'l give her a shout for you if that's OK.
    Just bring a ball for her to chase and you'll get on fine.....
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    KOYAANISQATSI got a reaction from ArabiaTerra in Favourite YouTube, Google...etc. Videos   
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    KOYAANISQATSI got a reaction from Hector's House in Favourite YouTube, Google...etc. Videos   
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    KOYAANISQATSI got a reaction from newuser in Syria   
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