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  1. We just had some stuff come in today via DPD to Streamline.
  2. Collect Plus. Print your labels online and then take the parcel to Tagon Stores Voe. They are the only local agents. Half the price of Royal Mail and reliable too.
  3. Unbelievable. As you say Frances Words fail !!
  4. Just dug these details out. Its a cottage we stayed at for a week a few years ago. If memory serves its owned by a Shetland Doctor who now lives in Scotland somewhere 01343860227 www.facebook.com/northboothunst themcphersons@tiscali.co.uk Its also on the Shetlandvisitor.com website You may be able to get a short break at a reasonable price
  5. Saxa Vord Self catering cottages, the old RAF station take dogs.
  6. We just recently bought a stove from Jewsons. Really good value and they have a few to choose from. Staff in there are really helpful and the member we dealt with used to fit them so knows what he`s talking about and can give you some really useful advice.
  7. Couldn`t agree more Davie P. Paints a wonderful picture
  8. To be fair, not just this Council but typical of any Council throughout the land.
  9. Very welcoming attitude.....Not. We take 4 dogs on the beach and like all responsible dog owners we NEVER leave any "doggie doos" behind. There are some fantastic beaches for walking your dogs up here Scootersprocket. Just be responsible. And don`t take any notice of unwelcoming remarks on here, you will find that people in the real Shetland are the nicest most welcoming people you could wish to meet. ( When not hiding behind an avatar)
  10. We moved up to Shetland and bought a house on Whalsay, just over a year ago now. I work in lerwick and even with the ferry trip across I am in lerwick an hour after leaving home. ( 30 min ferry crossing, during which I relax and read, and then a 20 min car drive ) It used to take me over an hour to drive 8 miles with holiday traffic where we lived before. We moved with the attitude of " would rather regret doing it than regret not doing it" Its worked for us. People up here are so nice and have made us so welcome. As for the weather. To be honest,certainly this year its been better than it was in our home town on the East coast. Go for it. It doesn`t have to be forever.
  11. Cheers. Yeah already tried that one, but they say although they share masts they are still seperate companies! I spoke to a very abrupt American lady who said that because my contract finished more than 3 months ago they could`nt provide a code. And if they could they would charge £15 + vat. Thanks for the reply anyway.
  12. Hi, Does anybody know where I can get my T-Mobile pulse unlocked so I can use an Orange Sim card. Many Thanks
  13. Hi, Anybody know what the best Mobile Phone coverage is on Whalsay.
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