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  1. So, this is going to upset a few people (hahahahaha)... 'Sexist or traditional'? Who says it's not both? I think your highly representative poll is missing a box.
  2. Jeezo. What a bunch of (a) grumpy old buggers and ( conspiracy theorists. I assume none of you have actually thought about standing for the Council and talking to a bigger audience, i.e. one which extends beyond yourselves?
  3. The point isn't whether or not women want to take part in the Lerwick UHA or not - I've been in squads in the country in the past and had a great time, but it's probably a case of 'been there, done that' for me. It's about the simple fact that I don't have the CHOICE, simply because I don't have the right internal plumbing. In this day and age, that simple fact is ridiculous, it's shameful, it's embarrassing, and frankly it's all a bit Trumpy.
  4. http://www.shetland.gov.uk/news-advice/Mareel.asp I don't see the word 'loan' anywhere....
  5. This is a personal gripe of mine. The idea of having to spend money to spend money is appalling. AND if it cost so much to make the transaction - why do some shops do it and some not?? I make sure I only shop where there's no charge, and if for some reason I can't, I make it quite plain I'm not happy with the situation. It's ridiculous.
  6. Hah! Cooda been worse. (Or better, depending on how you feel about it.)
  7. My suggestion is:- a much smaller project, designed to provide cheap energy for Shetland, rather than supplying the central belt of Scotland. Talk about a carbon footprint - displacing three quarters of a million tonnes of peat might be a difficult one to offset. My evidence has been gathered by keeping a close eye on this project since it was first mooted, and reflecting on other multi-million pound projects which have been invested in by this Council/Charitable Trust, none of which have amounted to much and many of which have been out and out stinkers. And these people who the 'PEOPLE' like me (presumably you don't vote) elected are just as equipped as the rest of us to make decisions like this; winning a popularity contest is sadly no guarantee of intelligence. The Council SHOULD be quality assured and, by definition, so should Viking Energy, as a Council/CT project. I think I'm not the only one who's asking questions of my councillors. Originalusername - glad to hear there's a graduate placement there; I wasn't thinking of the 'young man' you speak of. Would still be nice to see a staff list, though, from what I hear. And I might point out I have actually spent some time looking at the submission online (have you?); as homework, I wouldn't recommend it - scared the crap out of me.
  8. Don't you think it might be better if our feckless political representatives got down to the business of properly looking after the pot of gold we've managed to accumulate from the oil industry? Instead of staking it all on a half-witted foray into the sharkpit, to make a cack-handed investment in a dubious industry for questionable profit? By the way - who exactly is working for Viking Energy? There seems to be a fair representation in their office now from the Burradale contingent - shame no one got a fair crack at a graduate placement this year.
  9. Indeed. Its always been my view that constructing what amounts to a massive power station in the centre of Shetland is sheer insanity. Not in my backyard? Too right. This is in everybody's backyard. (And by the way, our esteemed Vice Convenor himself isn't averse to a little nimbyism - in reference to the abattoir plans for Scalloway, he said 'yun folk didna want it next tae dem, I widna edder, and I don't tink we can mak dem hiv it', or words to that effect.) Of course, he's managed to sidestep that one quite nicely by avoiding the whole issue of having to award planning permission personally. It'll be handy for councillors/charitable trustees to be able to say 'a big boy did it and ran away'. Here we are, quarter of a billion pounds plus in the bank, and we're flaughtering around in a panic because we're told this is the only way forward economically for Shetland. Bull. Of course, selling the project off to the highest bidder when the consent's in might make a few bob. Then - whoopee!! there goes your 'local control'. If our esteemed leaders can't figure out a less destructive way to keep the coffers filled, perhaps its time for a change.
  10. No on really. We soodna be spaekin aboot dis. Dir's a thousand wys ta look at dis situation.
  11. As I remember (and Google reminds me), da Mara was a Scandinavian/Faroese demon who sat on your chest in the middle of the night and either (a) pulled out your teeth - Faroese version; or ( sucked the breath from you. Sounds about right. Since I was small I've regularly woken up sitting in front of black TVs, or eating a bag of crisps at the kitchen table in the dark etc. etc. Rarely anything unpleasant, but disturbing all the same. It runs in my family, it appears.
  12. Guy Lombardo - 'Enjoy Yourself, It's Later Than You Think'. Or 'Problem Child', AC/DC
  13. sassermaet, just noticed your quote - 'a kiss with a fist etc.' Don't mean to spoil a good lyric (if thats what it is), but I think it might be time to change it...... not too good to read if you know anyone who's been beaten up by their partner.
  14. tlady - orange peel appears to have worked - well done!! JAS - thanks, but rather defeats the purpose of small-scale decorative floral project. Have passed on your suggestion to Capt. Hill - he may need it to keep the SAS from creeping up on him in the middle of the night. Muckle - fantastic idea! Oh how I wish the stuff actually existed - I long for the sound of twanging elastic in the middle of the night. Or maybe that's just me.. On a serious note - any idea where better half got it from?
  15. Perhaps the Fisheries Protection guys are planning to lie off and play Guns&Roses at him for days on end. It worked with Norriega. I hope he got his tatties in early; hit'll be a poor hairst idderwise.
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