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  1. I would agree about the landing fees 100%, maybe wont need council funding afterall?? Although the winds were accross the runway (very light) flying multiple jets with no more than 1/3 loads (with some less than that), does allow them to land, as they have less payload, does it not?? Any right sort of weights, or decent crosswinds and we all know where they end up !! Lets all hope its the same weather tomorrow eh?
  2. Exactly, you just said it - 'a great start' !! SLAP throwing in money, with a start of £8M.. Dont get me wrong, i think its great for the northern area to have scatsta again, and it is just as great news for the southern half 2, for not having to work with them !! Hopefully no more 146's banging down one after the other 2-3 times a fortnight (with the exception of atlantic airways) !! You would almost think, that after a review, they might reduce the size of the jets to something like a dash 8 - afterall, the 146's are never full (lucky if they are half full most of the time) due to the lack of payloads, are they not?? Regardless of any money being spent to house new S92s, and accomodate more folk, the jets still have t land, and too much wind , as well as not enough wind will still hamper them, which means what?? hmm..
  3. Ok, point taken, so its a Consortium - of 4 Main Companies is it not ?? !! I would of thought that, even they could of worked out that, something costing £8M Divided 4 ways would equal hmm, lets say £2 Million each?? - Nothing to any of them A waste of public money at the other end you say?? Well,lets await and see just how much they plough into the northern airport.. When has the councils financial costings EVER been right? I would estimate personally, at nothing less than 20M, however, i could well be wrong !! Time will tell, and lets hope there are no more 'bombin' bread up nort !! Or any 'crackin' times we ur water eh??
  4. Ha Ha , Yea, a LOAN to an Oil Consortium Dont try and make us laugh.. This will be another 'Smiryl Line' Carry on.. Honestly, do you think that these companies need a LOAN for £8Million?? The IAC's operators turn that and more over in seconds !! The coucil has just thrown away this money !! When asked on the radio tonight if the council money had in any way swung the decision, the answer was no - so why must our council throw in £8M of our money ?? Correct me if im wrong - there will always be helicopters at scatsta, but there may not always be crews to fly them !!
  5. £8 Million Pound To Keep Scatsta Open - Is it worth it?? Just heard on Radio Shetland, that SLAP is to invest upto £8M on improving and keeping scatsta open !! I must congradulate them on this !! All is well in improving the place, afterall, im sure it will make good council offices eventually !! We all know that judging council figures (such as the high school saga) that the £8M price tag will probably turn out nearer £20Million !! One wonders where this will financially place them - will this mean yet more increases in council tax ?? As for this factor not affecting their decision , i also wonder why the decisions have been deferred so many times, as if the councils investment has not prevented them moving why spend £8Million ?? (which could have been more wisely spent).. One last point on this thread, its all fine and well improving the runway and extending it, but come any sort of decent cross wind or lack of wind, they are still knackered.. And we will still constantly see 146's having more seats spare than actuall travellers Lets ALL HAIL to DREW on his final involvement for the Northern Area Of Shetland !!
  6. Puffin - Yip you read right, surely a delicassy in iceland - and to say it tasted awful was an understatement !! Rubbery Chicken Galore !!
  7. Im new to this shetlink thing, and was wondering 'Whats Happening' with everyone? I seem to ask this question alot - so im told, so thought id ask all you here 2 !!
  8. Another Over-Reaction by the local constabulary?? 8O NEVER !! Do the people employed to police the isles actually ever get anything right?? One law for them, and another for us - though thats not for discussion on this topic !! I suppose one thing can be taken out of this, the police actually managed an alomst complete attendance, without causing any accidents themselves, and without writing off any more police cars - now that they have demolished the old ones to get spanking new shinny ones With regards to the extent of the evacuation and dealing with the problem in hand etc, im surprised how well it was handled, and must of taken a fair bit of 'organisation' - afterall, its a first of its kind i would of thought for up here? Its the most ammount of emergency vehicles ive seen anywhere in such a small place !! Almost a job getting them all parked !! I would think, should the same incident have taken place anywhere such as Glasgow, London etc, the person causing the disturbence would of been shot at
  9. As alot of you will probably know, or have heard, there has been some strange activitys going on at the ness today - involving police, ambulances, fire engines and police armed and fully suited in armour and riot gear !! Does anyone have any idea what shetland is turning in to? 8O From what i heard, the road is also closed ?? Da ness is almost as bad as mossbank and brae now - are they full up there?? As per usual in shetland, there are 100 (well not quite yet) different stories flying about !!
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