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  1. i didn't add that because there is no garuntee that a post UK Scotland would have in place a Crown Dependancy system, whereas this is already an option in the UK
  2. i am aware that shetland would have no choice but to import much of its goods as we we have no natural resources to self manufacture them. however, consider that, should investment be made in tree planting in the isles (which doesn't sound that farfetched as the isles were once upon a time covered in trees), then thinking long term, we would not need to rely as heavily on wood imports (although i accept that we would perhaps never produce enough to be selfsufficient). we already have quaries in the isles (although, again we could never be selfsufficient). as for technologies, such as computers, much of the raw materials needed for these are imported into the UK anyway, so that is not like something that Shetland would have to import that the UK doesn't. investments in the isles could mean that such materials were bought in and then the products were made in the isles. Many of the goods Shetland would need to import is purely because we dont currently have the facilities to make them ourselves. Other small countries face the same obsticals and they still manage.
  3. i agree that much more information is needed on this subject, and hopefully as people consider and debate that matter, some of that information may become to light; as well as new information be sought after. as these issues are discussed and answered, then a greater knowledge of the issue will hopefully help people make a more enriched judgement on Shetland's constitutional future. to put my opinion forward, here are some of my suggestions to your dilemma's 1. while we do depend on the UK for most of our goods, there is no reason why shetland can not produce a greater quantity of her own needs for herself. large portions of the isles remain unproductive, and could be utilised more efficiently to produce most of our food needs. 2. im sure that an independant postal service would not cost a great deal more than is does currently. 3. whether or not a shetland gov decided to subsidise travel links to the rest of the UK is a debate that we shetlanders would need to consider, and where we would take resources from elsewhere in the public sector to pay for that. 4. Yes, our nearest UK port would likely be Newcastle, but i am sure a Scottish link would be maintained with Shetland, as Scottish buisnesses would still wish to benefit from trade with us, it would just mean that Scotland would not subsidise the ferry link.
  4. If Scotland becomes independant following the 2014 referendum, what position does this leave Shetland in. Would Shetlander's wish to become part of a newly independant Scotland, remain part of the UK, or wish to themselves become independant?
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