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  1. Inter County Parish Cup result St Ola 1 - 4 Whalsay Whalsay scorers Stuart Shearer 2, David Arthur and Ross Irvine.
  2. Think Whalsay play Delting in da quarters (maybe)?
  3. What's their circuit? Where have they been? When were they there?
  4. Madrid Cup Final Result Spurs 3 - 4 Whalsay (aet) Spurs scorers: James Johnson (pen) and Connel Gresham 2 Whalsay: 1 own goal, Stuart Shearer, Laurence Pearson and Gary Jamieson Some game, Spurs 3-0 up with 25 mins left.
  5. Any word fae the Parish Cup meeting last night?
  6. Is dat right!?!?!? I don't want to sound like "sour grapes" as Delting beat us fair and square and for the second half were obviously much the better team and therefore i have no gripes about the scoreline..... but to say we were aided in any way by the referee is unbelievable. I think for the first half both sides got away with murder but thats what happens when the ref doesn't get a grip early on (which he needed to do). As for saying he favoured us, well i could point out a fair few instances for us where we feel we received a raw deal. What i will say is the referee was put in an awakward situation given that his son was playing in the match, maybe the association might want to look at that one for future reference.
  7. Highland Fuels 1st Round Whalsay 5 - 0 Scalloway (Scorers: Laurence Pearson 2, Geordie Irvine 3)
  8. Does anyone know of any good team challenge (sporting) events out there? Kind of thing i'm looking for is teams taking part in running/cycling/swimming/climbing etc. The Loch Ness Monster Challenge event looks like the kind of thing i'm after but just wondered if there are any more that you know of? Thoughts please.....
  9. Laurence Pearson has allegedly scored 23 goals for Whalsay
  10. Why don't we all join the works league.............
  11. To play the Western Isles on the Friday and then insist that the County Shield ginal goes ahead on the Saturday is surely one of the most rediculous decisions i've heard for a while. When you look at the players from both teams who will be involved clearly it will be a bigger disadvantage to Delting. Maybe we could see a list of call-offs coming up for this friendly as per international friendlies which maybe wouldn't be a bad thing as then a Shetland team without Delting and Celtic players whilst it would be significantly weaker could also lull Western Isles into a false sense of how "poor" Shetlands team is ahead of next years island games where we could take them by surprise!! Just an idea (surprised nobody else thought of that)?!?!?
  12. That's a lot of odd players!!! Wonder who the other teams are who like us have 70+ players?
  13. County Shield QF's Thistle 0 Whalsay 3 Scalloway 1 Delting 4 Spurs 4 Whitedale 0 Celtic v Ness ??
  14. There wasna much time to do a build up as it was only decided on Tuesday night to play it last night! The game itself was quite scrappy and more of a battle than a spectacle. Fairly even match but Delting created the better chances in the 1st half, Leighton Flaws scored the goal after about 25 mins and they could've been a couple more ahead by half time but the second half saw more chances for us, hitting the post with a free kick, header cleared off the line and a very good claim for a penalty turned down. Delting also had an effort cleared off the line in the second half. Not much in it at all and neither keeper could claim to have been busy but once again Delting have set the standard and once again we've fallen short. Still the Parish Cup to play for though (and County Shield) i think the date for the final is the 6th September - anyone heard any different?
  15. Premier League Whalsay 0 Delting 1 League over!
  16. I heard last night that the Whalsay v Delting league match has been brought forward to tommorrow night (Thursday).
  17. Anybody have any ideas what the fixtures are this weekend (or for the coming weeks)?
  18. We certainly seem to have had a lot of free weeks - more so than in previous (and even island games) years and i think we'll end up with having a fair few games in August and September that we weren't expecting but hopefully the weather will hold up and September won't be a problem. What i would like to see (and i think i mentioned it in a forum post previously) is one of the Cups made playable for the non-county players. This year has seen our fixtures taking week long breaks due to County fixtures which is fine for them thats involved but for the rest of us it's a bit of a pain in the ass - a one off v's Orkney is fine we're used to that but if our association are going to organise trips to play Highland opposition every Summer then let's cater for the mere mortals while the elites are doing their own thing. Have a cup competition that runs on a friday night whilst the county are away?
  19. Thank you for your optimism regarding Whalsays future Mr Gervais! Seriously though, i don't believe anyone will be the "New Delts" or at least not in the immediate future. In any case I don't think anyone should be writing off the Delts yet as their league form shows that they are still strong favourites for the league this year and although a few of their better players are the wrong side of 30 they have a good few years left in them yet. If they're not winning the league over the next few years you can rest assured they will still be there or thereabouts. What i see happening is a far more competitive league and local scene over the next few years. Spurs have beaten both Delting and Whalsay this year, Thistle have also had their moment against Delting (Madrid Cup) and took us to extra time in the Manson Cup. Celtic too have obviously cemented their progress with silverware this season. The gap between the rest and Delting appears to be closing (this year at least) and maybe now the majority of teams feel that on their day they are capable of getting a result off them rather than feel as if they're turkeys lining up to be shot at? For the record though - i can't see past ourselves being Deltings biggest challenger over the next couple of seasons but from what i've seen so far this year Spurs (and not Celtic) have been the team who have impressed me most!
  20. Premier League Spurs 2 Celtic 2 (Think it was Thistle 3 Delting 4) Parish Cup Whalsay 7 West Side 2
  21. Premier League 19/07/08 Unst 2 Delting 7
  22. Game was postponed due to a funeral.
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