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  1. B league Whalsay 7 Spurs 1
  2. It would be great to have a few clubs included in the Highland Amateur Cup. The fixtures this season have thrown a good few free weekends for some clubs into the programme and possibly with a little bit more tweaking Highland Cup weekends could be kept free? As for qualifying for it, why not use our "Highland Fuels" pre-season competition? It would give teams a chance to plan ahead for it - if we used the Manson Cup (or Madrid) then it may not give teams enough time to make plans for the trips they will have to undertake. Maybe a top 3 or 4 from the previous years league could qualify - not sure how the SAFA would view that as they may want to see a "Cup" take place during the same season, but it would make league games interesting right up till the end of the season for mid table teams. The only down sides i see are that the Shetland FA may see it as taking something away from their own interests. In Orkney there ceratinly used to be a feeling that the competition was more important than the inter-county. I may be wrong with exact details but a few years ago one of their clubs (Thorfinn i think) was getting to the latter stages of the competition and the semi-final fell on the same date as the Orkney v Shetland game. The club were refused permission to alter the date - all their county players chose to play for their club such was the feeling that it was more important that the county fixture. The other downsides are the obvious ones - cost and commitment!!
  3. Parish Cup Quarter Final Yell 1 Whalsay 9
  4. We had to win 3 regional games (Burra, Yell and Thistle were good enough to provide the opposition) and were put into the competition at the last 32 stage where we had to travel to Halkirk and we beat them 2-0. It was the next round we went out - to Pentland United 3-1, playing the game at Dunnets Head ground. Excellent competition to play in it's just the commitment required to play in it is the problem - once you get your dates to play there's no room for maneouvre. A few of the Shetland teams could do very well in it, the team that put us out that year had a very good history in the competition, having won it several times and although they beat us we did have a few "very dodgy" decisions go against us at very crucial points (no sour grapes honest)!!
  5. I think that Yell asked for a postponement, we agreed to their request and the game will be played in a couple of weeks - not sure when but i'm led to believe it may have to be a midweek game? When are the deadlines for the rounds?
  6. Reserve League Delting B 3 Whalsay B 4
  7. Premier League 23/06/08 Whalsay 6 Yell 0 Unst 5 Whitedale 5
  8. I believe that Whalsay v Yell is being played on Monday too. It's a rearranged league match.
  9. Manson Cup Semi Finals Unst 0 Celtic 3 Whalsay 3 Spurs 1
  10. Premier League 6/6/08 Yell 1 Thistle 4 Manson Cup 9/6/08 Thistle 3 Whalsay 4 (aet) Delting 1 Spurs 2 No heard Scalloway v Celtic score?
  11. Premier League Scalloway 2 Whalsay 6 Celtic 0 Delting 3
  12. B League Whalsay B 4 Celtic B 3
  13. Premier League 30/05/08 Delting 6 Unst 3 Crackin game at Brae last night, Unst were 3-2 up with 15 mins left!
  14. Premier League Whalsay 6 Thistle 1
  15. Bogle

    UEFA Cup Final

    I can guarantee it'll be on in the Whalsay Boating Club, mind you if you're catching the 9:15pm ferry then you'll miss most of the second half anyway! There's always the option of booking the late ferry (10:35pm) which will allow for the viewing of Rangers customary extra time and penalties!!
  16. Any word on the Manson or Fraser Cup draws?
  17. Reserve League Thistle B 0 Whalsay B 6
  18. Any word from the forum?
  19. Premier League 03/05/08 Unst 1 Whalsay 6 Works League Chernobyl 2 West Linga Ramblers 1
  20. Another result fae last night: Whalsay B 3 Delting B 0
  21. Yep, if you can't beat em.......join em!!
  22. Are you saying it might be an idea for all Association Clubs to seek entry to the Works League next year? Could be an interesting proposition!!
  23. Tells wis da goss in da isle and dan we'll tell d wirs Ok. Not much to tell really - squad the same. As for the Highland Amateur Cup, we've thought (and still are thinking) about it but not made a decision yet. It is a great competition to play in - gives us mere mortals a taste of "European Action" and i would recommend it to any club to try. I would say that it is a big commitment and shouldn't be taken lightly though - once you get the date for your next game you've got to get it played or you're out! Pre-season plans wil depend on whether we enter that Comp or not. As for halting the Delts.......we've been the closest lately and will keep trying. Easier said than done though!!
  24. Anyway - back to club fitba!! Any good transfer news (fact or fiction) doing the rounds just now? Is there any hope of someone halting Deltings seemingly inevitable charge to their 7th straight title? What about the Highland Amateur Cup - any clubs thought about entering this year? Any good pre-season trips planned by anyone? etc etc!!
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