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  1. Wrong Calderwood. Aberdeen are going to get dumped out of Europe and with no funds being promised at Pittodrie Jimmy will jump at the chance to go elsewhere and where better at the moment than Scotland?
  2. In Whalsays case we've always had a large squad as there are a large number of that squad who are at the fishing or are shift workers on the ferries etc. Also we're in a fortunate position where most local boys just want to play for Whalsay (maybe thats down to the travelling if they decided to play elsewhere). To be honest if you're running 2 teams then 37 players isn't as big a squad as you may think - some people have quoted on this forum that you should have a maximum of 25 signed players in a stand alone team as per other leagues down South. I can't see us changing unless the SFA were to get rid of b teams which is highly unlikely. There's even a rumour that a 3rd Whalsay team may try and seek entry into the Works League next year! - just a rumour though.
  3. Critiscism accepted, it was really an idea to allow some form of footbal to take place during the break as this year it probably led to a bit of fixture congestion, well that and the rather pathetic summer weather we've had. I do reckon that some teams would be happy enough with that format though, it would give fringe players and "nearly" teams a chance of a Cup and a Cup is a Cup for all that?!?! I've won a few cups (not many leagues admittedly) but they all felt good no matter what one it was! For all Whalsay have the largest squad (probably) in senior fitba i doubt if there would be many of our players that would want to go out on loan for the following reasons. - Every match becomes an away match but you travel alone. - Who pays for your travel - Young players more likely to be in the loan category might not drive Not an exhaustive list by any means and maybe not insurmountable problems but enough to put a few off right away.
  4. Would there be much wrong with this?: "A" league of 8 teams (play each other twice) Delting Whalsay Celtic Whitedale Scalloway Thistle Spurs Ness Madrid Cup - League Cup format for A league teams (2 groups of 4) Manson Cup - Straight K.O cup for A league teams + independent B league teams Fraser Cup as above Manson with the added twist of playing it during the fortnight where the County break/highland tour or island games occur. This could serve 2 purposes (1) give the county players time out with their set-up whilst the "mere mortals" can continue to play. I've always thought that the season is too short for a break anyway. (2) Gives the "lesser" teams a realistic chance of winning something. (I wouldn't want to "devalue" any cup and i'm only using the Fraser Cup as an example because i know it exists and therefore i can put a name to the competition!) County Shield as-is, open to everyone straight K.O. "B" League of 10/11 teams (Play each other twice) All the above B's Unst Yell Burra? Bloomfield Cup open to B's only and straight K.O Another Cup for B's too? Works league (left alone) I know it's a step back possibly to the late 90's/ early 00's but was there much wrong with that set-up? The Works league doesn't want to play at the big table as they like what they've got but on the plus side there looks to be 8 strong(ish) squads that can put out A and B's. Unst and Yell look like they may struggle to compete at all times next year so why not let them drop down but play in the A Cups when the students are home and their squads can cope and compete better and if and when they feel that they want to step back up a division in the future - even better!
  5. As you stated wheesht, players want to play and score and when presented with numerous chances it would be very hard to not take them especially with the goal at your mercy. As a Whalsay rep on this forum i would apologise for the 2 instances that Wheesht has pointed out if the opposition felt we've taken advantage of them and continued hammering in goals for fun and generally taken the p**s! (In our defence i'm struggling to think who the opposition was as i don't think we've hit double figures against anyone this year.) But what makes you feel worse (a) getting hammered 15-0 or ( getting hammered 10-0 but then have the opposition "play around" by passing around you, getting to the goal line and deliberately missing etc etc. I don't think too much blame can be attached to the big clubs for running up the score if the chances are presented, you can only make 3 subs and if 3 non-county players are injured and want to come off then thats what happens. Your subs that you may be using will probably still be better than their opposite numbers and these subs will have a point to prove so the obsessive goal scoring may not neccesarily stop! In the case of Delting, their squad is packed full of County players and they could be subbing county players for county players! I'm not condoning 17 or 15 goal victories but what are you supposed to do against vastly inferior opposition who may not even have 11 players on the pitch? Abandon at HT and play a 2nd half friendly, mixing the teams? It's hopefully not going to be too much of a problem next year, however in the unlikely event of a status quo maybe we should take a leaf out of the amateur boxing set-up, don't they stop a fight if one guy gets 20 points ahead of the other? 10 goals up = game over!!
  6. Now we're nearing the end of the 2007 season and everyone has seen the pros and cons of the current set-up, what are everyones thoughts on the way forward for next year? Will Yell and Burra continue with A's or seek to re-join B's? Will Northern Rovers ever happen? etc, etc?
  7. As we can see the "gentlemans" agreement has been interpreted in 2 different ways on this forum after only a handfull of posts, which should obviously highlight a need for the SFA to clarify it, although i believe they did send out emails after the said man of the match was spotted playing b's stating that it was this years County squad who shouldn't play in the b league. It's a bit of a daft ruling when a county player coming back from injury or in Whalsays case the boy returning from a stint at the fishing can't play a b team match in order to help return to fitness, instead they're having to go straight into the a's when maybe not fit. It wouldn't happen at any other level. I don't believe that Whalsay are in "desperate need for silverware" as stated in the heading of this topic having already won the Manson Cup this season and several Cups previously.
  8. Weren't humped by the present Highland League champs anyway - Drew 1-1 with Keith last night!! Maybe no need for excuses (yet)?
  9. 35 degrees in the shade at 1930 tonight (Phil Goodlad - Radio Shetland), well done guys, your decision to stay at home is probably right. As for the managements decision not to travel with a weakened team, if thats so then it's completely understandable given the conditions and the expense of participating too. These guys don't get their fares paid for by any means and if their forking out £800 - £1000 of their own money (ok i'm guessing that part but for Guernsey in 2003 it was £400) to go away then i'm not surprised at their decision. Guernsey, isle of Wight and Isle of Man (all good footballing sides) haven't gone either for one reason or another but my guess is the conditions may have been a major factor in their decisions. At the end of the day the Shetland football management have decided not to go, it's a shame they can't defend their title but i think that with the reasons given it's a totally understandable decision they've made. If the report on Radio Shetland is anything to go by then it certainly sounds as though they've done the right thing!!
  10. Or maybe it's because one of the member islands ran their own tournament at which some of the other sides entered instead of coming to Shetland. (*** mod edit - quoting tidied ***)
  11. Dear oh dear oh dear, i like the way that you are trying to make our footballers out to be a bunch of prima donnas who simply don't want to travel for fear of losing their title in Rhodes You cannot match the efforts required to play 5 games in 6 days against a one-off athletics event. I'm not saying that the half or full marathon is easier to complete than a game of football but the athletes will not be asked to participate in a half-marathon in the heat of the day on the Sunday then again on the Monday, then again on the Tuesday, maybe a rest day on the Wednesday and finish off the week with another on the Thursday and Friday! These guys (footballers) have taken advice from experts and decided against it, and as Wheesht has pointed out they aren't the only ones to have taken this choice. Whilst going to an Island games may be looked on as a bit of a holiday by some on this forum i can assure you that as a competitor it is anything but. I say we lay off the footballers and hope that their tour to the North of Scotland is a success and a good building platform for the next Island Games in 2009!
  12. It's a bit early to be writing anyone off but i do agree they (Whalsay) have made a disastrous start to their league challenge and will find it difficult to make up the ground that they are giving away this early. Delting have sometimes been a bit shaky to start with and Whalsay really now need to hope that Celtic can at least match Newcastles performance yesterday!! But will it matter, whats to say that Whalsay won't drop more points between now and their game with Delting - they play a Thistle team tonight that everyone seems to have written off, in the same way everyone wrote off Spurs! You've really got to fear for Yell though - take it easy on them everyone, you know it makes sense.
  13. Would be good to play on later in the year but even for another month we would all need floodlight facilities on our parks! As for the wind, is it any better in October than it is in April?
  14. I would imagine next seasons Highland Fuels Cup will be better thought out! Maybe a competition running from early February till beginning of April with small groups (max 5 teams) giving all who wish to be involved the chance of 3 or 4 organised games, fitting them in over an 8 week period (maybe it's easier said than done?) before the semi's/final. Mind you, I think some of the teams deserve a bit of credit for managing to play their games given the notice and travelling involved, especially Yell (who have taken a bit of a pasting on this forum page) for travelling to Whalsay at a couple of days notice to play Delting! Roll on the season, i think it'll be one of the most exciting for years
  15. Phew, glad thats all cleared up then!! Anybody ever heard the draw for the Madrid Cup?
  16. Just a bit of fun, but there are similarities i.e. boys wanting to play at higher level but limited or no opportunities where their at who would go and play for someone else but with the intent of coming back to their home team when needed. In any case didn't nutsfa say that the boys had signed for Unst? If thats the case then it looks like the Delting Representative (whoever he is) may be able to exercise his obvious god-given right to ban them.
  17. If you say so, i'm sure others would disagree!
  18. Its a pity that the un-named Delting rep feels that way as if you cast your mind back 20 years Delting gladly accepted the help of a couple of young Unst players when they were starting to mix it with the big boys in Shetlands top league! These two young Unst boys went on to become Unst legends In fact one of them was even a Delting player of the year winner!!! So there was the benefit to both teams - common sense maybe will prevail?
  19. 2000 i think. Last years Parish Cup semi between Whalsay and Delting was pretty good, there were scorching free kicks, injury time goal, missed penalties galore then 2 extra time goals sealed a 4-2 win for Whalsay, i was knackered just watching it!
  20. Parish Cup has served up a few belters over the years but there can be few better than the 1996 final where Delting came from 3-1 down against Unst to take the game to extra time then went 4-3 down only to come back with 2 goals in the 2nd half of extra time to win 5-4. Absolute classic, made even better by the huge crowd at the game.
  21. Didn't realise there was any bad blood between Delting and Unst!! Seriously though, i think that people have a pre-concieved idea that Delting have a massive squad of players when in reality they are like many other teams in that they too sometimes struggle to get 11 players on the pitch at times - it's not long ago that their manager was pulling on his boots to make up the 11th man! So it's probably no surprise that a few Delts will feel that there's a bit of "poaching" going on. It's a pity because it would be a good chance for the two boys to get a bit of valuable experience and playing for a "physical" team like Unst they would get that protection that they might need at such tender ages
  22. If there are young Delts on the transfer market then surely they would be better off playing for Yell as: 1 - they are closer and 2 - their need is greater!?!?!? Can't see Delting letting anyone go that's going to be of use to them this season but probably no harm in letting a couple of 16 yr olds go and get a years experience then take them (or ask them) back.
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