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  1. Same initials as you SP maybe some connection? are you saying he was abused as a bairn and tyhis is the reason he would rather sell smack than get a job to earn a living. what a load of bol**x you do write. Is it not possible that the offender may just be an assho*e or does that not fit with your cosy view on the world. Stop inventing excuses for every smack dealer that sells their sh*t, or I may start to form the opinion that you are sympathetic out of a common cause.
  2. So lets put this statement into context, she came here illegaly , we paid for her education (waste of bloody money that was). how long did she work and how much tax did she pay before deciding to go fetch a turd load of smack from a copuntry that executes smack dealers. I am pretty sure that whatever miniscule amount of tax she may have paid and I have yet to see any evidence of any that it did not cover even a few months of her education. So since she arrived on these shores she has been a burden on the taxpayer and will continue to be so for the rest of her life.
  3. Turns out she is not British after all but Nigerian so what the f**k are our government doing getting involved. She is from Nigeria and lived in london for a short while before going of to buy drugs in Laos, her mam bless her soul is in Ireland studying Yet Dublin have not seen fit to get involved maybe the Irish are not as dumb as all the jokes make them out to be.
  4. And how exactly would you propose to rehabilitate this piece of work
  5. http://www.shetlandtimes.co.uk/1008453/man-facing-heroin-charges-makes-private-appearance-in-court wonder how soon he'll be out this time
  6. get cat to aproach you with the usuall "here kitty kitty" then while tickling it under the chin smear some good old colemans english mustard on its ar*e, that mostly works and if it doesn't then at least you'll have a good laugh as it runs round your garden going ape and when it finaly stops to lick its ar*e well it runs around going ape sh*t again.
  7. you missed out Oz. I say this scum bucket knew exactly what she was doing and did it willingly for the free holiday. And for your information drugs are a hell of a lot dearer in Oz than Shetland so ghosty's estimate of £90 grand is a tad light
  8. lets just hope there's no smacked up wasters drivin by you as your laying oot cones today SP
  9. But JAS she was carrying 1.5lb of smack hardly personal usage, so the authorities in Laos are trying to protect kids from evil bitches like her
  10. I bought a van fae station garage under waranty, after 2 days I went back to tell them there was a problem their young mechanic agreed but the foreman did not I was stonewalled every time I went back with it. Low and behold when I went for an MOT at Jims Garage, the very problem I had been complaining about was what failed it on its MOT, by this time of course the waranty had run out. If your car was bought new I think the price of the service for the first few years is set by Vauxhall
  11. So SP and michael you seem to think we should only obey the laws we agree with and the legal systems of other countries are ours to ignore as we wish. And you folks think I'm a racist bigot
  12. so let me get this straight your the guy that puts out the traffic cones then
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