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  1. This means they still pay the same cooperation tax! Wherever they're from!
  2. Why do I have so little memory left (17%) in my old (8 years) computer when I never download anything and I regularly use my clean up and defragment facilities?
  3. Yep, Doglover, that's the one I'm having trouble with but thanks for replying. And Sol, I'll go back and try site again, see if it is of any use yet. Cheers for that folks.
  4. I'm having trouble booking a theory test both online and by phone. Online I end up with a message that "Service is unavailable" at various points in my attempts. Phone eventually directs me to book online. Anybody else experiencing any difficulties with this or any advice about how to book!!!!
  5. Just heard about the stance taken by the locksmiths in Pamplona regarding the repossession of homes. How is that for an example of good social and moral behaviour by a commercial company. Haven't seen a business come anywhere near behaving so responsibly for a very very long time. Well done, Pamplona locksmiths.
  6. Satisfy my curiousity. Are you all on a paid holiday today or at least received a day in lieu? Two companies on SVT, Serco and Sodexo, have decided that patriotic fervour was going a bit too far when it came to giving their staff a holiday. Are there any other companies out there who have put up a bit of bunting, maybe even attended the "garden party" but failed to distribute any largesse amongst their workers? Would be interesting to know.
  7. Neither of these replies really addresses or answers my original question. Poseidon, you were given a council house but admit to being in a position to buy a private one, in fact, not just to buy one house, but able to consider buying two. You obviously can afford to take the high moral ground and refuse to make a profit on buying your council one. I'm not sure what you are saying Shetlandpeat. The sale of council houses is not in itself a cheap buy since any discount afforded to the council tenant reflects the number of years they have paid rent on the property. And are you suggesting that only people living in coucil houses are the ones who go on strike and what strike are you talking about - The miners' strike?
  8. If you have been a council tenant for thirty years do you have an ethical "right" to buy your house? I know you have a legal one but I was just wondering how people felt about this these days.
  9. Thank goodness, I finally managed to get back on Shetlink Following Ghostrider's talk about cookies and what not I started rootling around in my AVG program only to loose my Google toolbar and all my browsing history and I couldn't get signed on because I'd no popups. How I got back to something resembling the computer I used know I have no idea but here I am and what is the first post I read? perriebryan's I love when somebody gives me a superb argument that opens up my opinions to a completly different point of view. No more complaints from me about the related adverts.
  10. Found your original thread Ghostrider, thanks. (***Mod Edit - I have merged the threads now***)
  11. In what sense is the advertising panel on the left of the shetlink screen linked to members' browsing history or am I was again fooled by life's coincidences
  12. To all of you, a very happy New Year. Let the debates roll on, the help asked for amply given, the lost tempers if not forgiven then eventually forgotten, and all of us slowly but surely enlightened by considering opposing views. All the best to each and everyone.
  13. Thanks people for all your replies. There were quite a few remedies suggested that I had not come across before but hopefully I'll meet with success before having to try them out!! Shetlandpeat and Njugle - site references were most informative - thanks for that. For the moment, I'm going with GypsyScy's Nelsons Cream since it is a bit more accessible than neem leaves, garra rufa fish, or sunbathing. Cheers everybody.
  14. Need tips, stories, myths, anything but damn know nothing doctors
  15. Thanks to MuckleJoannie & Spinner72. I have taken your advice & reinstalled program from AVG website & all seems to be working well. Incidently, I have no idea what a linkscanner is, nor for that matter, what Java actually does! - I should really stick to peeling tatties and walking the dogs. Nevertheless, I am fascinated by the debates that can occur on this site (eg. Israel vs Middle Eastern Arab states was a stotter) and by the many links to other sites that I never would have discovered by myself. Keep it up folks, I hate housework anyway! Thanks again for help.
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