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  1. scotto


    Sent you a pm
  2. Not got any classes going at the moment as been living abroad but may start again next year. Anyone interested in mma and bjj you should google Team Jigoku Shetland and get in touch with Samuel Scott who runs classes from Clickimin (I think Tuesday and Thursday nights)
  3. Hi overdahill, from the interest I have had it looks like it will be a week night, most likely monday nights but will confirm later. Hi Jadek, does your partner have any martial arts experience already? What age is he and would he be able to make it on monday evenings?
  4. If you are interested in learning Brazilian jiu jitsu send me a pm as thinking to start a beginners class for anyone looking to learn the basics and train up to blue belt level. Will be looking to have a class once a week in lerwick to begin with. This will be an adults only class and most likely male unless we get enough interest from women.
  5. That depends on the car and the fault really. What is the problem you are having?
  6. I was wondering who was running the Quarff Garage? Is it a one man band or does he have a couple of guys working for him? What experience does he have and what kind of work does he do? (services, mot, diagnostics?)
  7. Do you know if they are using it at the moment?
  8. Just wondering if anyone knows who owns the building at Gremista Industrial Estate next to Shetland Office Supplies right on the corner? Think it was a company called ecoheat but not sure if its still used or is it been empty for a while?
  9. Just wondering if anyone has any recommendations on who to get to prepare a house site and carry out the foundation works and run a concrete floor? Have arranged someone to put up the kit but need someone else to do the founds.
  10. scotto


    Anyone interested in playing baseball? Send me a pm if you are.
  11. scotto


    The ramp at the old pipe yard cannot be described as a skate park because it was only one ramp which was not designed very well. Only one person could use it at a time so it was no use if a large group of skaters went as you would have to wait until whoever was on the ramp had finished. Also if it had rained a puddle would form and in was unskateable because it was too slippy. I am a founding member of the original Shetland Skate group which was formed around 12 or 13 years ago. I no longer skate but i would definately take it up again if a well designed park is built.
  12. quite alot of wheel bearings now come as sealed hub units which are bolt in. This saves on labour time as no press is needed but normally the bearings themselves can be expensive.Some even have abs sensors built in which will make them even more expensive. £649 seems like a very high price to me unless for an Audi or bmw. Also curious to know what kind of car you have?
  13. scotto


    What was the outcome of the meeting?
  14. scotto


    we have a bit of a club going now which has quite a bit of equipment and a few experienced members. We train at Gilbertson hall and i am just organising new bookings for this year. Do you have experience in any martial art?
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