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  1. Can you get it done at Bixter or does it have to be Aberdeen?
  2. I am with plusnet and my broadband has been slow but the main problem is the broadband works for a few minutes then stops for a while, I don't have too reset anything too get it working again, it just starts working by its self. I am fairly confident there is nothing wrong with any off my wiring and equipment, has anyone been experiencing the same problems?
  3. I am with plus net and for the past week it has been very slow or unusable. Is there a problem affecting parts off Shetland?
  4. does anyone know where i can buy a few ton of top soil?
  5. thanks got it at universal stores
  6. Is there anybody in LK who sells orkney fudge?
  7. what was the advert on sibc saying about vans. Something about someone coming up to sell vans?
  8. I was at Kirkwood Fyfe and got my eyes done. I did try Optimax first and they said my eyes wasnt compatable, but as i needed it done for my work i went to Kirkwood Fyfe for a second opinion and they said my eyes were fine. Went ahead with it the next day, eyes are fine more than a year later. You pay a bit more with them but you only have two eyes and they are very nice to deal with and very professional at Kirkwood Fyfe, i would recommend them.
  9. Fed up wi my vodafone mobile. Have it on a contract, wast o time. Get next ta no covarage at my house so i never have my mobile wi me about da house. So i never mind ta take or charge up the thing when i go out. Contract phones in shetland are a waist o time unless u live in Lerwick,going to get rid o my contract.
  10. yea i mind dee saying dat, somebody else said dat it was dat bike. Going ta go oot ta Tingwall an ramraid his shed ta find oot. Was a peerie cracker o a bike, i was just a bit too big an heavy for it.
  11. Colin5524, is doo sure dats my old VFR doo has?
  12. the car i have always wanted is a BMW 325 coupe E30 in black.
  13. ^^^ is that a hole for a starting handle below the grill or am i being silly?
  14. This is the 4 wheeled monster. Had me a Suzuki TS 50 when i was 16. Every one o my pals made fun o it for being slow, but every one o them got lifts on da back o it or had to resort ta lifts fae there mams. Every 16 year old should get a fizzy 50.
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