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  1. Why do some people think they have a right to cross into on coming traffic while overtaking cyclists? I only ask as a dark gold Range Rover seemed to think it OK to force me onto hard shoulder while they passed a cyclist at the top road of golf course. It's pretty dangerous to every one..
  2. Friend called from his mobile to say he had no phone or broadband.. He is a post office customer. Thanks to Shetlink i could tell him he was not alone. Me? I would never have known.. http://www.speedtest.net/my-result/3521858819]http://www.speedtest.net/result/3521858819.png[/url]
  3. Hello, On 07-Jan-13, we’ll be upgrading your local phone exchange. That means you’ll get a stronger, more reliable broadband connection. (It might make it a bit faster, too.) What will happen on the day? At some point before 6pm, we’ll switch off your broadband and phone for a few minutes. They should restart again automatically when we’ve finished the upgrade. But if they don’t, just turn your BT Home Hub off and on again. If you’re not using your BT Home Hub or BT supplied hub-router at the moment, we recommend you reconnect it to get the best out of your broadband. It’ll a
  4. DAB works great here in Lerwick. I can even see what tune is playing and who plays it. Unfortunately I still need Analogue FM to get radio Scotland and radio Shetland. So much for DAB.
  5. It was a slightly off the cuff question as normaly I just use my phone to connect to SIC guest for emails... Unfortunately, yesterday I forgot to buy an item from amazon at lunch time. I have a small net-book at work running MINT so logged in to SIC Guest. I was at the login to Amazon when i thought. Am i safe to use my details to do this on the open access. Can other users see my computer on the open access point. And if i do have a SSL conection to my Amazon account. is it like going through some ones modem or are the SIC serving up the security certificates. Needless to say.. Stupid is
  6. Good choice.. I think that channel 5 will be entering the freesat package this comming week. Good luck.
  7. Bressay needs a wide band aerial for free view multiplexes as the channel bouquets are spread over the whole band, 21--69 A standard group A aerial which was sold for Lerwick in years gone by tunes out the higher end and would be stronger reception of analogue channels but no use for other transmitters in Shetland, or Free view.
  8. Is any one else having problems logging into their shetlink accounts, Sat 8 March. I cannot login with Internet Explorer but can with Mozila FireFox.
  9. I wounder if anyone has seen our local traffic warden lately.
  10. Who was that man with the silver van and a red satellite meter.
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